This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 266

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 266

“That’s correct!” Toby nodded. “I inherited my heart disease from my mother. Since our blood types and physiques are quite special, it is difficult to find the right match. My mother did not find a suitable one, so she died.

Thus, my grandmother also began to find a suitable heart for me when I was at a young age. She had been looking for more than 20 years, yet she did not find one. However, just when I was dying, a suitable heart appeared. It’s definitely fishy.”

At first, he honestly thought that he was lucky to have received the heart.

Now that he heard Tina saying that it was Quentin’s heart, Toby realized that something was wrong, which was why he specifically asked for the date of Quentin’s accident—September 10. As he had undergone the heart transplant on the 14th, there was a difference of 3 days in which Quentin had not died yet.

Toby was suspicious as to why Quentin was involved in an accident at the exact time when he needed a heart. Not to mention, it was too coincidental that the man’s heart was a suitable match with his. There must be something wrong here!

When Tom thought of it, he took a cold breath and added, “President Fuller, could it be that Tina did something to Quentin?”

“I don’t know, so the next task for you is to investigate his death and find out whether it was an accident or murder.” Toby rubbed his temples. “In addition, ask Miles whether he knows that I have received his brother’s heart.

“Alright!” Tom nodded in response.

Soon, they arrived at Paradigm Co., afterwhich Toby got out of the car and walked into the lobby.

On the top floor, Daphne knocked on Sonia’s office door.

Sonia was in the midst of her discussion with Charles about the next quarter’s shipments when she heard the knock. Then, she responded, “Come in!”

The moment Daphne pushed the door and she saw him there, her eyes brightened for a split second before she returned to her usual business-like approach and walked to Sonia’s desk. “President Reed, President Fuller wants to see you.”

“Who?!” Before Sonia could say anything, Charles exploded in a fit of rage and asked with a furious expression, “Who did you just say wants to see my baby?”

“President Fuller of the Fuller Group,” Daphne replied.

He slammed the table. “Crap, what is he doing here?”

Sonia also looked at Daphne, but Daphne shook her head. “I don’t know the exact reason either. The answer from the receptionist is that President Fuller has something to say to President Reed.”

“Hmph, it’s definitely not anything good. Baby, you mustn’t fall for it,” Charles hurriedly advised.

Sonia smiled. “Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

Upon saying that, she turned her gaze back to Daphne. “Tell him that I won’t see him!”

“Okay.” Daphne nodded.

As he was elated with Sonia’s response, he gave her a thumbs up. “Baby, well done! Come, let me give you a kiss!” He puckered his lips and attempted to kiss her on the cheeks.”

Sonia rolled her eyes and slapped him. “Behave yourself!”

However, Charles simply touched his face and laughed.

Daphne, who was still in the room, saw the interaction between Charles and Sonia, which caused her expression to darken. She smiled bitterly as she pushed the door and walked out, not wanting to look anymore. Since she could not have what she wanted, she would only feel worse by watching them.

On the first floor, the receptionist returned the handset to the phone and gave Toby an embarrassed smile. “Sorry, President Fuller, President Reed said she doesn’t want to see you.”

“President Fuller, I have really guessed it,” Tom said to Toby with a grin. When Toby coldly glanced at him, his grin immediately disappeared before he made a zipping motion to his mouth, indicating that he would not say anything. It was only then when Toby turned his head around and walked toward the elevator.

When the receptionist saw this, she froze for a moment before she gave chase. “President Fuller, without an appointment, you can’t head up!”

Toby ignored her and continued to walk forward. When she saw that he could not be stopped, she was ready to call security when Tom suddenly stopped her and asked, “Miss, even if you dare to call security, would those security guards have the courage to drive President Fuller away?”

“I—” The receptionist did not know what to say for a moment.

Yes, even if she dared to call the security guards, they would lack the courage to drive him out. After all, this was President Fuller from the Fuller Group. If anyone had offended him, they would be doomed. Besides, they were simply not confident that President Reed would go against President Fuller for their sake.

As he seemed to know what the receptionist was worried about, Tom pushed his glasses up his nose bridge before he smiled. “Don’t worry, we’re the ones who forced our way up and it’s not like you didn’t try to stop us. Miss Reed will not blame you.”

After saying that, he hurried toward Toby and they arrived at Sonia’s office a minute later. Since the door was ajar, Toby knocked on the door and because she thought that it was Daphne, she asked for the person to come in.

When Toby heard her voice, his eyebrows eased and he pushed the door open.

At that moment, Sonia was handing a document to Charles. Then, she raised her head, ready to ask Daphne what had happened again.

However, she was shocked to see Toby standing there. Her eyebrows knitted as she asked, “Why did you come?”

“Who is it?” Charles also lifted his head from the file and took a look. When he saw Toby, his expression instantly sank. “Fuller, why are you here?”

He kept the file aside and pointed at Toby. “Didn’t she say that she doesn’t want to see you? Why did those people at the front desk still allow you to come up?”

“Mr. Lane, it’s not their fault. We came up on our own and the front desk couldn’t stop us,” Tom explained with an embarrassed smile.

“Tom!” Toby stared at Sonia and instructed Tom, “Take Charles out.”

“Yes.” Tom nodded.

Charles was exasperated that he laughed. “Toby, who do you think you are? You are still asking people to drag me out? Why don’t you just shove it up your—”

Before he could even finish his sentence, Tom had clamped his hands from behind. Then, Tom began to drag Charles toward the door with a smile as he coaxed, “Stop making a scene, Mr. Lane. Why don’t we head out first?”

“F*ck, who’s making a scene? Let go of me!” Charles’s face was red with anger as he roared. He had never been treated like this all his life and it not only tarnished his image in front of his girlfriend, but also made him lose his manliness.

Tom pretended not to hear Charles’ words and continued to drag the man toward the door.

A furious Charles kicked and stomped. “Brown, you idiot! You better hurry up and let go of me, or I’ll deal with you myself!”

Deal with me? Tom looked down at Charles’ skinny figure and disdainfully pursed his mouth. Forget it! Considering how skinny he is, I can fight ten of him! He is not a threat, so I’ll just continue to drag him away!

“Baby…” Upon seeing that he was almost at the door, Charles finally realized that he could not break free. As Tom would not release him, he shot Sonia a pleading look and begged her to save him.

Now that she had finally returned to her senses, she hurriedly rose to her feet and walked around the desk, ready to head out to save him. However, before she could even take more steps, Toby had grabbed hold of her.

She glared angrily at him since he had forced her to stop.

“What are you doing?”

Toby’s thin lips slightly opened, and he spat out two words. “Don’t go!”

However, Sonia didn’t listen at all and flung her arms hard as she tried to shake him off. Sadly, his grip was so tight that she couldn’t break free, which left her with no choice but to pry his hand again.

His other large hand grabbed her paw with such force around it the moment she touched him. When she saw that nothing worked, she was exasperated and it took her a while to take a deep breath to calm down. “Okay, I won’t leave. Then, you have to tell Tom to let Charles go.”

Toby looked at her and spoke, “No. If he’s here, he will interfere with our conversation.”.

“You!” Sonia bit her lip in anger; she had no choice but to simply watch as Charles was taken out by Tom.

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