This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 265

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 265

Do I owe her my life? Toby lowered his eyelids to hide the complicated look in his eyes and asked, “On which day 6 years ago did your ex-boyfriend meet with a car accident?”

Although Tina was confused, she did not think much about it and answered honestly, “September 10th.”

His eyes were cold as he replied, “Got it.”

With those enigmatic words, he turned around and entered the car. “Drive!”

Tom, who had been waiting in the driver’s seat for a long time, hurriedly nodded and started the car. Then, she watched the Maybach leave, not understanding what Toby meant. Is he not going to cancel the engagement with me? It seems that the possibility is exceptionally high.

Thus, the weight in Tina’s heart finally lifted.

Next, she needed to deal with Miles. She took out her phone and found the phone number that she had never dialed in 6 years. After a moment of hesitation, she resisted her fear and called the number.

The call was soon connected and his voice came without a trace of emotion. “What do you want?”

She took a deep breath to further suppress her fear and spoke timidly. “Miles, c-can you help me to hypnotize Toby once more? I want him to completely forget about Sonia this time and only have me in his heart!”

6 years ago, she had seen this man hypnotizing a person to become a soulless walking corpse with her own eyes. At that moment, he had left her with a deep fear and she was still frightened of him—even after that period of time. Moreover, she was petrified that he would also hypnotize her into a zombie after he knew about that incident.

“I can’t help you!” He refused outright without any mercy.

Tina’s eyes widened incredulously as her voice rose. “Why?!”

“6 years ago, when my brother asked me to assist you in charming Toby to fall in love with you so that you will be happy, I have already helped you once. This time, I will not help you again and he can no longer be hypnotized again. Otherwise, he will turn into a fool,” Miles coldly replied.

Speechlessness greeted her throat when she heard that. Turn into a fool? How can this happen?

She bit on her thumbnail and reflected on his words. Initially, she fell in love with Toby because he was handsome and he could give her a lifetime of glory and prosperity. If he became a fool, his present status as the head of the family and the company’s chairman would all fall on Tyler’s shoulders. Then, what use was there for her to marry Toby?

It seemed that they really could not hypnotize him again; otherwise, she would gain nothing except a stupid husband.

As she thought about it, Tina forgot her fear and shouted angrily, “Miles, when you hypnotized Toby the first time, I asked how long the hypnosis would last. You told me it is for life, but now, he already knows that he loves Sonia and not me. What does this mean? It means that his hypnosis is removed. Miles, how do you explain this?”

Miles looked at a photo on his desk; it was a picture of a young man with similar features as him and was none other than Quentin.

As he stroked Quentin’s photo, his voice was still icy and flat as he replied, “I did tell you that it is for life, but I also told you that hypnosis is not a spell. There are weaknesses as well. I hypnotized him to make him firmly believe that you are Maple, but once someone tells him otherwise, or he stumbles upon something that reveals the truth, the hypnosis will weaken. He will gradually return to his original self.”

Tina’s mouth opened, but there were no more words that came out because he had indeed warned her on this. So, even if Toby had hypnosis conducted on him, she had always been afraid that he would find out that she was a fake.

“Miles, haven’t you been watching Toby in the dark these 6 years? Do you know how he found out that I’m not Maple? Did someone tell him?” She squeezed her phone tightly and asked through clenched teeth.

If it was someone who told Toby, she would deal with that person!

“No, no one told him. It was the car accident that weakened the hypnosis on him, so he realized the truth on his own,” Miles stoically answered.

Tina only felt that this answer was rather absurd. She never thought that the source was actually the car accident! If she had known, she would not have followed her father back and would instead wait for Toby outside the hotel on the night of the banquet. Maybe Toby wouldn’t have been involved in a car accident and they wouldn’t have arrived at this stage either!

When silence greeted Miles at the other end of the line, he merely cut the call.

After Tina came back to her senses and wanted to ask something more, she found that the call had been hung up. She was furious, but she did not dare to call him again and could only stomp her feet in anger.

At this time, the phone in her hand rang again.

She looked down and saw that it was Tim. “Hello,” she answered.

His voice came through. “Who were you talking to for so long just now?”

“This is my business; it has nothing to do with you,” Tina snapped.

A trace of darkness flashed in Tim’s eyes, but it soon disappeared. He pushed his glasses up his nose bridge while he replied, “Sonia has left for Bay Street. Don’t you want to witness her downfall? Come over at once.”

Upon hearing these words, Tina’s anger suddenly dissipated and it was replaced by excitement. So what if Toby realizes that he loves Sonia? So what if he wants to win her over? As long as Sonia is defiled and the video is watched by billions of people all over the world, I don’t believe that he will be unconcerned about it.

“I’ll be right over.” With that, she kept her phone away and walked toward her car.

On the other side, in the Maybach, Tom had already glanced at the man seated at the back several times through the rearview mirror. The man’s face was gloomy and combined with his aura, it made the atmosphere of the entire car incomparably depressing.

Tom pulled his tie as he could not endure it anymore. He coughed lightly and asked, “President Fuller, you really don’t intend to call off the engagement with Tina?”

Toby raised his eyes. “When did I say I’m not going to break off the engagement?”

“You said it yourself earlier when you replied that you got it. Is this not what it means?” Tom asked.

Toby sneered, “It’s just to pacify her. And you’re taking it seriously?”

“Huh?” Tom was surprised. “Is that so? I really thought you agreed, but seriously, what she said really stunned me. I didn’t expect that the heart you have now is actually Quentin’s.”

Toby raised his hand to touch his chest, his eyes obscure.

Even he himself did not expect it, but it was normal to be in the dark because the receiver usually would not know the donor’s identity.

Tom sighed. “President Fuller, Tina said that you owe her a life because of this heart. She will definitely hold on to this afterward and make you—”

“Who said I owe her a life?” Toby placed his hand down, his eyes filled with sarcasm. “This heart is Quentin’s, so I owe Quentin and Miles my life, not Tina. Even if she provided me with Quentin’s heart, I’m at most owing her a favor for the introduction. What I gave her and the Gray Family in these 6 years is enough to compensate her. Moreover, don’t you think Quentin’s heart had appeared too coincidentally?”

At that, Tom’s expression changed slightly. “President Fuller, are you suspecting that Quentin’s death was not an accident?”

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