This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 264

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 264

Toby had also obviously thought of this, so his expression darkened as he looked at Tom and asked, “How did you find out about all these?”

“After I discovered Miles’ identity, I found Master Jason. Since Miles has great respect for Master Jason, Miles contacted me to personally inform me this after Master Jason contacted him. Furthermore, Master Jason mentioned that he will punish Miles, who broke the contract behind his back, and will not disappoint you,” Tom answered.

Toby pursed his lips. “What kind of punishment?” If it’s too light, don’t blame me for personally taking action.

“It seems to be some type of confinement for three years. I heard that the confinement for hypnotists is made up of a small dark room with no windows, no bright light, no one to talk to, and no electronic equipment or entertainment facilities. Those who are locked up there will feel like they are entering a completely silent world. Even if the hypnotist’s psychological strength is strong, he may not withstand the darkness and lose his sanity,” Tom explained in fear.

Toby’s thin lips hooked upward as he answered, “This is good; I am satisfied.”

He was really looking forward to hearing the news that Miles had lost his marbles. “Did Master Jason say when he will have Miles come over to break the hypnosis?” he asked again.

Tom pushed his glasses up and replied, “Of course. Miles is in the country right now, so he probably will come over tomorrow. After breaking your hypnosis, he will then return to confinement.”

“Good.” Toby nodded. “Let’s get out of the hospital then.”

Now that he knew that Miles would be able to remove the hypnosis tomorrow, Toby was finally in a better mood. He simply craved an opportunity to quickly appear in front of Sonia and confess about them being pen pals in the past.

With that thought, he walked toward the elevator while taking out his phone and texted her, ‘Where are you now?’

He didn’t call or send a text message; rather, he posed his question through Messenger because he knew that once she saw that it was a text message from him, she would definitely ignore it.

However, using Z-H’s Messenger was a different experience altogether. As expected, when Sonia saw the message sent by Z-H at Paradigm Co., she truthfully answered since the other party was the collector of more than a billion of their debt—although she was unable to understand why the sender was asking where she was.

Toby’s eyes flashed as he typed, ‘Nothing.’

She looked at the single word in perplexity. What is going on? He’s not bored and trying to make small talk with me, right?

With a shake of her head, she kept her phone away and continued to work. As for him, he did not say anything more and entered the elevator. The purpose of his inquiry was merely to find out her current location. Everything else could be said later when they met.

Soon, he got out of the elevator and arrived at the parking lot. He was just about to enter the car when a sobbing female voice suddenly approached him. “Toby…”

Toby frowned as he turned around and looked at Tina, who was standing across the street. His expression did not change in the slightest as he asked, “What are you doing here?”

Tina squeezed her hands, took two steps forward and looked at him with a pair of red and swollen eyes. “Toby, I’m here to apologize to you.”

“Apologize for what?” He was still expressionless.

She sniffed. “It’s about me impersonating Sonia. Toby, I really know that I’m in the wrong. Will you forgive me, for m-my—”

“You’ve already said this last night,” he interrupted her in a cold voice.

Her mouth twitched for a moment, but she quickly returned to her tearful look from earlier. “Toby, can you not be so cold to me? I-I’m really scared.”

“You’re scared? What does that have to do with me?” Toby quietly looked at her.

When Tina saw this indifferent look of his, irritation surged in her heart, but on the surface, she was sad and upset. “I know you are blaming me for impersonating Miss Reed, but—”

“Not only did you impersonate her, you also repeatedly tried to get her killed!” Toby once again interrupted her words with undisguised disgust and killing intent in his eyes.

When Tina saw that, her heart felt like it was being squeezed by someone and she was pale with fear. In a guilty voice, she explained, “That wasn’t me. It’s my other personality that did it. Toby, even though I’ve impersonated Sonia and lied to you, we’ve been together for so long and you should know me. How could I try to get anyone killed?”

Toby sneered, “No, I never knew you. I know Maple, but are you Maple? And up till now you still pretend that you have dissociative identity disorder. You think I didn’t know that you never suffered from it at all?”

Tina’s pupils shrunk and her expression violently changed as if she couldn’t believe that he even knew this.

Then, he stretched out with his hand and squeezed her face so hard that it was distorted. “Tina, I know everything that you did. I hate deception and you not only deceive me, but also repeatedly hurt the people I really love. The reason why I am not dealing with you now is not that I want to let you off the hook, but there are some things that have not been solved yet. Once I have solved them, your days will be over.”

She stared at him in horror. “Y-You want to take revenge for Sonia?”

“You hurt her; should I not avenge her? All those things you did should be punished, shouldn’t they?” He flung her away in disgust.

Tina covered her sore face and took two steps back. Then, she violently shook her head. “No, you can’t do this to me, Toby. You can’t!” she screamed in a shrill voice.

Toby sneered, “Why can’t I? Who do you think you are? You’re just a fake!”

Upon hearing him say this about her, she felt angry and hateful as she clenched her fists and answered, “Because I’m your savior!”

“What?” His face changed slightly. “You are my savior?!”

“Yes.” She smiled smugly and pointed at his heart. “6 years ago, when you couldn’t find a suitable heart in time and were about to die, it was me who provided you with a transplanted heart. Do you know whose heart you have in your chest now?”

Toby’s face turned ugly.

6 years ago, he had a congenital heart attack where his heart completely failed, so he could no longer continue to work and had to have his heart replaced first. However, after searching for a long time, he couldn’t find a suitable heart. Yet, just when he was about to die, the hospital suddenly informed him that a suitable heart had been found and he survived after being on the verge of death. He always thought it was his good luck that had enabled him to successfully obtain the heart at the last moment of his life, but he didn’t expect that the heart actually had something to do with Tina.

Upon seeing Toby’s shocked look, her smile widened. She ruffled the hair around her ears, approached him again, and pointed her finger at the location of his heart. “This heart is my ex-boyfriend’s.”

He looked startled. What? It was Quentin’s?

Tina did not know why he was surprised and she only thought his reaction was the knowledge that she had an ex-boyfriend. As she withdrew her hand, she continued, “6 years ago, my ex-boyfriend died in a car accident, so I used his heart to save you. Toby, I am your savior, so you cannot hurt me. You can’t break off the engagement with me either because you owe me your life!”

That was the main purpose of her coming to see him today—it was to tell him about this. It was only through this method that she could maintain their engagement. As long as the marriage contract was still in place, she could still rise from the ashes again so that he would only have her in his heart even if he was upset with her for impersonating Sonia!

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