This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 261

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 261

Toby’s eyes darkened. “I did promise you, but I only promised not to stop you, and I didn’t promise you that I wouldn’t remarry Sonia.”

“You!” Zane’s face contorted with anger. But soon, he regained his composure. “Okay, you’re really good at finding loopholes, but do you think Sonia will agree to remarry you?”

Toby’s thin lips twitched, but he did not answer.

When Zane saw this, he gave a mocking smile. “Look, you yourself do not have the confidence to answer this question. Then I’ll answer it for you. Sonia will not remarry you, so you better put a stop to all your unrealistic ideas before it is too late.”

“What makes you think that Sonia won’t?” Toby looked at him with an expressionless face.

“Because of what you’ve done to her these past six years!”

Zane crossed his arms and continued in a cold voice, “You haven’t forgotten the neglect you’ve given Sonia these past six years, have you? So, what qualifications do you have to remarry her? Just because you found out that you were in love with her? Toby, don’t you think that’s ridiculous?”

Listening to his words, Toby clenched his fists.

Yes, he did not deny what he had done to Sonia in the past. But now that he knew he was wrong, he would make it up to her twice as much.

Zane did not know what Toby was thinking, so he rubbed his temples. “Toby, seriously, I think you are very unworthy of her, you know? When you don’t love her, you neglect her. Now that you love her, you want her back. What do you take her for? A dog that comes and goes when instructed?”

Toby’s eyes narrowed in displeasure at him. “This is just your own opinion!”

“Yes, this is my opinion, but isn’t that the truth? If you don’t love Sonia, why did you agree to marry her? She had said that as long as you refuse, she won’t force you, but you didn’t refuse, did you?”

Zane looked at him before adding, “Since you did not refuse, you agreed. However, after the marriage, you did not care about her and even allowed her to be bullied by your family. In fact, even you yourself were one of the bullies. At that time, she loved you so much. Do you know how much you hurt her with the way you treated her?”

Toby’s thin lips were tightly pursed as he did not speak.

He knew, of course he knew.

He still remembered that when they first got married, she had looked at him with such bright eyes that shone with light. Gradually, the light in her eyes disappeared, and her eyes turned dull. Even her whole being was like a walking dead.

But what did he do at that time?

Instead of being concerned about why and how she became like that, he felt annoyed looking at her!

It was he who had done wrong by Sonia!

Thinking of this, Toby felt his heart constrict with pain.

Seeing that Toby didn’t say anything, Zane sighed. “Do you think that’s all the damage you’ve done to Sonia?”

Toby’s eyelids trembled slightly.

Zane continued, “When Tina woke up, you actually proposed to have Sonia move out of Fuller Residence just to make room for Tina. At that time, you two had not yet divorced, and Sonia was still your wife. Still, you told your legal wife to make room for a third party. Even those playboys like Peter Southfield won’t do something so outrageous, yet you, a person who has received elite education before, actually did it.”

Then, Zane chuckled before adding, “Toby, do you know that when I heard this, I was so confused to the point that I thought you were afflicted by some kind of demon. The most important thing is that by doing this, you caused great pain to Sonia.”

“That was not my intention!” Toby snapped back.

However, he knew in his heart that whether hypnotized or not, there was no denying that these things, indeed, were done by him.

Zane shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. What does it matter now? All these months, Tina had repeatedly tried to harm Sonia, but you did nothing to help. So, what right do you have to get Sonia back and remarry her? Toby, let her go. It took her a long time to move on, so why don’t you respect that?”

“So, this is your real purpose after telling me all this? You just want me to let go of her and not hinder your attempt in pursuing her.” Toby snickered and looked at him.

Zane lowered his head and laughed. “You’re right, I do have this purpose, but other than that, I’m trying to speak up for her. Anyway, Toby, are you sure you can protect her after you remarry her? Think about your mother, Tina, and the Gray Family. Unless you remove all these people, you can’t protect her. You will only make her suffer again, so think about it.”

After saying that, Zane patted Toby’s shoulder and said goodbye.

When he walked to the door, he saw Rose and Mary. He was first shocked, and then he was about to open his mouth to say hello when Rose shook her head at him.

Zane smiled understandingly and walked away. Only then did the old lady push open the door and enter. “Toby.”

“Grandma, you’re here.” Toby put down his hand that was kneading his brow and spoke with a somewhat hoarse voice.

The old lady sat down by the hospital bed and said, “Tom said that you have a fever, so I came over to check on you. But I didn’t expect to hear your conversation with Zane. Toby, did you really fall in love with Sonia?”

“The person I love has always been her and only her,” Toby replied with downcast eyes.

Whether it was Maple or Sonia, both were the same person. He fell in love with Maple first and then with Sonia. He had fallen in love with her twice!

The old lady listened to Toby’s answer without the slightest surprise on her face, as if she had known it all along.

At that, Toby’s heart sank.

Sure enough, everyone knew that he was in love with Sonia, but no one told him.

If someone told him, he would be able to understand earlier and find out that he was hypnotized before. He tightly pursed his thin lips in deep thought.

The old lady sighed. “Previously, I told you that you should not regret what you did. You said you would never regret it, but now…”

Toby felt as if he had been slapped hard and that his face felt hot and painful.

Yes, in the beginning, his grandmother had advised him not to divorce and to live well with Sonia, but he did not listen. His grandmother told him he should not regret what he did, yet he was steadfast at that time that he would not regret it.

I shouldn’t have done any of those things! How could I?!

Toby’s heart hurt unbearably.

The old lady noticed the change in his emotions and patted the back of his hand. “Toby, it’s too late to regret now. Listen to Zane and let her go.”

“No!” Toby refused with a gloomy expression. “I’ve loved her for more than ten years; how can I let go?”

“More than ten years? Didn’t you and Sonia meet only six years ago? How can there be more than ten years?” The old lady was confused.

Toby clenched his fists and looked at her. “Grandma, Sonia was my pen pal.”

“What?” The old lady was stunned. “She is your pen pal, so Tina is a fake?”

“Yes!” At the mention of Tina, a trace of anger and hatred flashed in Toby’s eyes, and he gritted his teeth hard. “She impersonated Sonia!”

The old lady took a while to calm her feelings and patted her chest. “No wonder Tina doesn’t even know what flowers you like. It turns out that she’s a fake. And you! You manage such a huge company and yet couldn’t tell if your pen pal is real or fake!”

The old lady simply rolled her eyes at Toby.

That woman, Tina, really did something as shameless as this!

If Toby had found out earlier that Sonia was the real deal, their child would probably be able to walk by now!

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