This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 260

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 260

Tim then let out a sigh and said, “Now that six years have passed, I think my senior is probably even better than my mentor now.”

“I see, but how did Tina come to know a hypnotist like him?” Toby probingly looked at the doctor.

Tim continued to spin his scalpel. “Didn’t I just say I don’t know? But anyway, I’m curious to know more about it.”

As Tim didn’t look like he was lying, Toby only knitted his eyebrows in a preoccupied manner.

Hmm. Even Tim doesn’t know anything about the matter. Perhaps there is indeed more than meets the eye about Tina.

Soon, Tom returned, whereupon Toby instructed his assistant to investigate Tim’s senior and told him about the mysterious culprit who hypnotized them.

Meanwhile, Tim watched everything in silence without interfering with the two men throughout their discussion. After all, he and his senior shared a rather strained relationship with each other, which was why he decided to just stand by and allow Toby to investigate his senior.

When Tom left, Toby looked at Tim and said, “Now, please help me gain control over my hypnotic influence.”

“Of course, but I’m going to charge double. After all, this job is off the books, so if I get caught, I’m going to get penalized with a pay-cut,” Tim playfully replied.

Toby shot a cold gaze at him. “You won’t be disappointed.”

“Alright then.” Tim put away his scalpel.

An hour later, Toby came to his senses after Tim snapped his fingers. When he opened his eyes, he felt so relieved and peaceful in the depths of his mind. At that moment, he knew Tim had already seized control of his hypnotic influence. “Thank you.” Toby looked at Tim and expressed his gratitude.

After that, Tim collapsed onto the chair in exhaustion, his face covered in sweat. “Nothing speaks louder than money, so show me your gratitude by paying me right. Moreover, I’d like to remind you that I have only seized control of your hypnotic influence temporarily. The effect still remains in your body, so you might want to avoid meeting up with Tina as much as possible to make sure you won’t lose control of yourself.”

Toby replied with an affirmative hum to signify his acknowledgment. However, the next thing that came out of Tim’s mouth shocked him like a bolt from the blue. “By the way, when I was trying to gain control over your hypnotic influence, I realized a part of your memory has been locked away.”

“What?!” Anxiety was written all over Toby’s face. Even my memory is being locked away! Is that the reason why I’ve been having headaches all the time recently? Soon, he asked, “Can you undo it?”

Tim grunted coldly and answered, “I would have unlocked your memories and asked to be paid more if I knew how to do it. Only my senior can reverse the effects, so capture him and make him do it for you.” He then waved his hand and left the ward tiredly.

On the other hand, Toby only looked down, hiding his expression while radiating a cold aura that made the entire atmosphere in the ward feel oppressive. After all, he couldn’t believe that someone actually locked away his memories, as if being controlled by some hypnotic influence wasn’t bad enough. What a move, Tina!

Meanwhile, Zane was about to help put away the dishes after finishing his meal at Bayside Residence. At the same time, Sonia stood at the kitchen’s entrance and watched him wash the dish. “I thought a rich toff like you had zero idea about doing house chores.”

“Come on. I’ve been in the military, so what makes you think I don’t know how to handle these simple house chores.” Zane bragged.

“You’ve been in the military?” Sonia sounded surprised.

After washing the dishes, Zane proceeded to place them into the disinfection cabinet. “Of course. I was in the army for years, in fact. If it weren’t for something that came up, I would still probably be serving the army.”

When Sonia heard that, a sad look flashed across her face before she decided not to ask further. After all, she wasn’t a busybody who loved to pry into someone else’s sad story. Suddenly, her phone rang, and she headed to the living room and picked it up from the table to answer the call.

When the call ended two minutes later, Zane curiously asked, “Who was it?”

“It’s from the embassy. They called to inform me about my visa’s approval.” Sonia placed her phone on the table.

“Are you flying abroad?” Zane raised his eyebrows.

“Yup, for my abortion,” Sonia stretched herself while answering the man’s question.

Zane curled his lips upward. “Wow! You’re pretty straightforward.”

Sonia smiled and asked, “What do you expect otherwise? I’m tired of beating around the bush.”

“Well, you have a point, but why must you fly abroad for an abortion?” Zane expressed his confusion.

Then, the smile on Sonia’s face faded away as she proceeded to tell him about the incident that had happened in the hospital earlier. Upon hearing her story, Zane slammed the table angrily and cursed those people who tried to hurt her. “These people should go to hell! Does human life mean nothing to them?!”

Feeling mad at Tim, Zane reproved him for what he did to Sonia. Shame on you, Tim! You’re a dishonorable doctor who has no sense of morality and professionalism at all. “Thank God you’re alright!” Zane gazed at Sonia with a concerned look.

Sonia held the glass of water in her hand and took a sip. “Yeah, I’m grateful that I survived that, actually.” Deep down, she had Tim to thank, or she would have been encased in a box and buried underground if he hadn’t discovered the red mole on her wrist in time.

“Tim mustn’t go unpunished for what he did to you. If he could kill someone so easily, his hands must be dirty, so I think we should do some digging on him!” Zane squinted and said.

Sonia handed him a glass of water and said, “I’ll count on you for that, then.”

“No problem!” Zane patted his chest confidently with a smile.

After both of them continued their pleasant chat for a few moments, Zane excused himself and left Bayside Residence. However, he didn’t head home right away but instead drove to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Toby was sitting on the bed with the drip attached to his hand and a laptop on his lap while typing. Not long after that, Zane arrived and knocked on the door. “Wow! I have to admit that I really like your fighting spirit! You’re lying in the hospital, yet you’re still working so hard. Thus, you definitely have my respect for that.”

“What brings you here?” Toby paused what he was doing and looked up, speaking with a glacial voice.

“I’m here to visit, obviously.” Zane raised and showed the basket of fruits he was holding before entering the ward.

“How did you know I’m here?” Toby knitted his eyebrows.

“I saw you faint outside Sonia’s doorstep with my own eyes. In fact, I even helped urge your assistant to take you to the hospital. After all, that’s what a true friend does, right?” Zane put down the fruits with a smiling face, as if he had an ulterior motive.

In the meantime, Toby clenched his fists on the keyboard, knowing Zane was intentionally telling him that he saw him at Sonia’s place. Thus, he closed his laptop and asked, “Why did you swing by Sonia’s apartment so late at night?”

Zane grabbed a chair and sat down. “Well, that was something between me and her. What about you? Why were you at Sonia’s doorstep at such an ungodly hour? Aren’t you afraid that Tina would find out about that?”

“It doesn’t matter whether she knows about it because we’re going to call off our engagement anyway,” Toby placed his laptop on the nightstand and coldly said.

Zane’s expression turned cold. “And then what? You’re going to win Sonia’s heart back and remarry her?”

Toby was able to tell that his friend was mad, so he coldly pursed his lips. “That’s none of your concern.”

“I beg to differ. Don’t forget, Toby. You promised me that you would stay out of the way when I’m trying to date Sonia, so what exactly were you doing confessing to her at her doorstep?” Zane stood up.

Toby calmly met his eyes and said, “Yes, I love her, which is why I’m going to win her heart once again and remarry her! But you! You knew Tina isn’t the one I’m in love with, so you and I are both clearly aware of what you’re actually up to for telling me all those things!”

“I…” Zane gulped and clenched his fists. “Yes, I admit that the reason I said those things is that I’ve been planning to stop you should you ever go back on your words to woo Sonia, but I didn’t expect this day to come so soon. Moreover, you made a promise to me, so aren’t you ashamed of breaking it now?”

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