This Time I Will Get My Divorce Mr Chapter 26

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 26

Standing beside the car, Sonia talked on the phone in the cold wind. She felt a little dizzy, and her feet swayed.

Toby’s gaze darkened, then he calmly took the phone from Sonia’s hand and hung up before picking her up and walking to the other side of the car.

Being lifted into the air all of a sudden, Sonia was shocked, and the umbrella nearly flew out of her hand. She panicked and grabbed the man’s shirt with one hand as her face grew slightly cold.

“Toby, let me down!”

Ignoring her, Toby opened the passenger door and stuffed her into the car.

“President Fuller, are you done creating trouble?” Watching as the man tugged on her seatbelt, Sonia snapped coldly, “I can find a driver. You don’t need to care about me!”

During their six years of marriage, Toby never cared about her. The two had only had a handful of conversations. But, after their divorce, she and Toby had met several times in just a few days.

When did Seafield become so small?

Toby noticed the discomfort and stubbornness on her face, and annoyance filled his heart. “The weather is so bad. Even if you order for a substitute driver, no one will take your order.”

“It’s my business whether I get one or not.”

“Sonia.” Toby leaned closer to her. His cold breath enveloped her, and his eyes were cold and sullen. “Do you have to be so stubborn?”

There wasn’t much space in the car, so Sonia had nowhere to hide when he approached her.

Her face grew chilly. She was about to speak, but she accidentally glanced behind the man’s back and found that he couldn’t hold the umbrella when he carried her into the car. It was raining heavily outside, so most of his back was wet.

Sonia’s heart gave a fierce shudder, and the words she was about to say died in her mouth as she quickly looked away.

Toby cast her a glance before continuing to pull the seat belt across her. However, because he was too close, his fingers accidentally rubbed against her heaving chest.

Both of them froze.

Sonia was the first to react. She pulled the seat belt from his hand and inserted it into the buckle.

Toby’s Adam’s apple bobbed. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean to do it, President Fuller.” Sonia thought about what Chester said when they were playing cards just now, and she couldn’t help but taunt him. “President Fuller, you’re a rare ‘saint’ that’s only seen once every thousand years!”

Met with the woman’s cold remarks, Toby frowned, but he quickly got into the driver’s seat and started the engine.

Toby asked, “Where do you live?”

“Bayside Residence,” Sonia answered stonily, then looked out the window and rested her chin on her hands.

Neither of them spoke again. Silence filled the car; the only sound was the slight swiping of the wipers.

Sonia had been exposed to the rain, so she was feeling very uncomfortable.

Now that the heater was blowing hot wind, the cold was replaced with heat. After a while, she grew groggy and fell asleep in the car.

They soon arrived at Bayside Residence, but Toby didn’t know which building Sonia lived in. Seeing how flushed her face was, he figured she had caught a cold, so he looked for a drugstore along the road and got down to buy a box of flu medicine.

“Sonia.” Toby patted the woman on the cheek. “Have some flu medicine.”

After calling her several times, Sonia still didn’t respond, but she coughed a few times. Hence, he took the medicine, then pinched her jaw and forced the medicine into her mouth.

Sonia’s lips were a bit cold, but very soft. It felt a little seductive, which made it difficult for Toby to control himself as he plunged deeper in.

All of a sudden, the phone on the car’s armrest vibrated.

Toby returned to his senses. His eyes scanned over Sonia’s slightly swollen lips, whereupon he realized what he had just done. His eyebrows twitched, then he answered the phone.

“Toby, have you finished discussing the collaboration?” Tina’s soft voice sounded from the other end of the phone.


“Then come to the Outlet Mall to pick me and your mom up,” Tina said. “Madam White and I went shopping, but it suddenly started raining heavily. The driver went to school to fetch Tyler. He can’t make it, so I called you.”

Toby glanced at Sonia in the passenger seat, then replied in a low voice, “Okay. I’ll be there in 15 minutes.”

“Be careful on the road.”

There was a faint fragrance in the car, which was the smell of the perfume Sonia usually used. The more Toby smelled it, the more troubled he felt.

Taking an umbrella, he got out of the car and called Tom to inform him that he was at the south entrance of Bayside Residence.

About five minutes later, Tom arrived.

“President Fuller.” Tom came over with some clothes. He was a little surprised to see Toby standing beside the car, then he took a look at the car behind him.

Hey, isn’t that Miss Reed’s car?

Toby took the clothes and the car keys, then glanced at the car behind him with a knowing gaze. “Drive her car and bring her to the Sheraton Hotel, then ask the attendant to take her temperature.”

“Okay,” Tom replied without asking any questions.

Toby drove to the Outlet Mall, occasionally thinking of Sonia’s stubborn appearance and her soft lips, which disturbed him.

He lowered the windows of the car slightly, and he felt better after being caressed by the cold wind.

After arriving at the Outlet Mall, Toby quickly spotted Tina and Jean standing at the entrance, both carrying several shopping bags.

He took an umbrella and got out of the car, then hurriedly walked over. “It’s so cold. Why didn’t you wait inside?”

Upon seeing him approach, a slight smile appeared at the corners of Tina’s lips. “Madam White and I just came out, and surprisingly, you arrived at the same time.”

Beside her, Jean snickered. “Who said we just came out? Tina knew that you were coming, so she wanted to come out to wait for you! Don’t look at what she bought. All she bought for herself was a coat. The rest are clothes for you.”

“Madam White.” Tina blushed a little after being exposed. “If you say anything more, Toby will think I’m not reserved at all.”

“Oh, we’re all family. Why are you still being so polite and calling me Madam White?”

Hearing this, Tina blushed even more.

“It’s cold outside. Let’s get into the car first,” Toby urged while taking the shopping bags from Tina’s hand and covering her head with the umbrella.

After Tina got in the car, he went to fetch Jean.

After getting in the car, Jean said, “Tina, look at how well Toby takes care of you. He brought you into the car first before coming to fetch me, his own mother. How biased. I think when you really get married, he won’t care about me anymore.”

The grin on Tina’s face grew wider. Afraid that Jean would tease her again, she changed the subject and asked Toby, “Is this Tom’s car?”

“Yeah.” Toby’s eyes moved, then he said in a low voice, “Tom sent my car to 4S Automation for maintenance.”

“No wonder you’re picking me and Madam White up in his car.”

At this moment, Jean intervened, “I heard Tina say that you were talking to people at Sakura Heights about a cooperation, and you even bought some pastries for Tina. How many boxes did you buy? Let me try some.”

Toby had wanted to determine if the person in Paul’s private room was Sonia, and he left the place with her too afterward.

He completely forgot to buy the pastries.

Toby said, “I was so busy discussing business matters that I forgot about it. I have the boss’ phone number. I’ll get them to send a few boxes home tomorrow.”

“Look at you. How forgetful,” Jena chided. “Tina was thinking about you while she was shopping. She bought plenty of stuff for you, but you even forgot to buy pastries for her.”

With that, she took Tina’s hand and said with a smile, “Tina, have dinner at my house tonight. You’ve just recovered, so I’ll cook some soup for you to nourish your body.”

Tina gave her a small smile. “Thank you, Madam White.”

At this moment, the phone in her bag vibrated a few times.

After checking and seeing the content and picture in the message, the smile on her face froze.

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