This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 257

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 257

After getting a slap in the face, Toby found himself facing the other way. Stunned, he subconsciously let go of Sonia as he seemingly didn’t believe she would get physical with him.

In the meantime, Sonia didn’t seem to be bothered by what Toby thought. Instead, she seized the opportunity and took two steps back, distancing herself from him while glaring at him angrily. “Toby, if you want to throw a tantrum at someone, do it in your own house. Furthermore, I want you to take a closer look at me now! I’m not Tina!”

Toby licked the corner of his lips and replied with a hoarse voice, “I know you’re not Tina.”

“Why did you still hug me then? Are you out of your mind?” Sonia sounded surprised.

“I’m not.” Toby clenched his fists.

“Then, why did you—”

“I love you!” Toby interrupted her words.

Sonia was caught in a trance, her mind going blank for a brief moment before she found her voice. “W-What did you just say?” Did he just say he loves me? How is that possible? I must have misheard it.

Soon, Toby fixed his eyes on Sonia and repeated his words. “I love you?”

This time, Sonia could no longer lie to herself that she might have misheard something because Toby had indeed just told her he loved her. Then, Sonia puckered her lips and responded after taking a moment to process what was going on. “Do you know what you’re saying, Toby? If this is all a trick from you and Tina, I’m not going to fall for that, so you can save your energy and—”

Nevertheless, before Sonia could finish her sentence, Toby slipped his hand behind her head and pressed his lips against hers. It was only until she felt something slipping through her lips that she realized what was going on. At that moment, a vengeful look flashed across her face as she tried to shove Toby away with her hands, but to no avail because the man simply just felt like a concrete wall to her.

As Toby took one step into the house through the door, he cornered her at the shoe rack and kissed her harder and harder like he was going to suffocate her. Exasperated, Sonia raised her hand into the air to give him another slap, but Toby was prepared this time. Thus, he caught her hand in the air and pinned it on the wall above her head not long before she found herself helplessly restrained and vulnerable against him.

While Sonia’s rage took over her mind, she also felt a strong stab of bitterness surging through her, whereupon her eyes were filled with tears. Soon, Toby’s hand that was behind her head felt something wet trickling down her face, putting him in a cold trance. When he stopped and let go of her, he looked up, only to realize she was crying.


“Stay away from me!” Sonia bellowed at Toby while rubbing her lips with the back of her hand, her face written with revulsion and abhorrence. Ugh! This is so disgusting! Yucks! Sonia felt like puking when she thought about the moments Toby shared a kiss with Tina.

Meanwhile, Toby squinted, feeling as if his heart was being cut by a sharp blade, when he noticed the disgusted look on Sonia’s face. Does she really hate me so much?

“You’re a b*stard, Toby Fuller!” Sonia was shaking from head to toe, staring at him with a pair of bloodshot eyes.

Toby stretched his arm, trying to wipe Sonia’s tears for her, but before he could reach her face, she deflected his arm and reminded him of the exact same way he treated Tina back at the Gray Residence. Although Toby’s painful hand was turning red because of the impact, he didn’t seem to be angry at all. Instead, he put down his hand and said, “I’m not toying with your feelings, Sonia. I’m telling you the truth!”

“What truth? Do you seriously think I’m going to fall for that? You’ve been in love with Tina for six years, and now you came here to tell me that you love me?! Haha! What kind of joke is that?!” Sonia sneered at the man mockingly.

Toby puckered his lips as he began to speak with a bitter voice. “I know you’re probably not going to believe this, but the truth is—I just realized you’re the one I’m in love with today.”

Finding it ridiculous, Sonia mockingly asked, “What do you mean you only realize you love me today? Are you saying you’ve been in love with me from the very beginning?”

“Exactly.” Toby set his eyes on Sonia in a sentimental manner. “I’ve loved you long ago, and we’ve actually known each other…” Before he could finish his sentence, he suddenly blacked out and collapsed onto the ground.

Frightened, Sonia gently kicked the unconscious man. “Hey, are you alright?”

When Toby didn’t respond, Sonia realized things might have just taken a turn for the worse. Thus, she crouched down with a preoccupied look on her face to examine his condition. Seeing his eyes closed, Sonia deduced he could be having a fever due to his red cheeks and hyperventilation. Her suspicion was confirmed when she felt his warm forehead. However, it didn’t take Sonia long to understand why Toby had a fever, considering the chilly weather. After all, he was indeed drenched from head to toe, not to mention the fact that he was still recovering from his injury since the accident he was caught in.

“Ugh! Trouble simply just follows you wherever you go!” Sonia let out a sigh and rummaged through Toby’s pocket for his mobile phone. Then, she used his fingerprint to unlock his phone and gave his assistant, Tom, a call.

When the phone call connected, Tom’s voice was heard. “President Fuller, have you told Miss Reed that…”

“What is he supposed to tell me?” Sonia asked.

Tom was stunned at first, but soon, he curled his lips upward and revealed a happy smile. Miss Reed has President Fuller’s phone with her, so that means she must have already forgiven President Fuller. That’s right! The two of them have patched things up. At the thought of that, Tom chuckled and said, “Congratulations, Miss Reed…”

“Stop it right there! Come and pick your boss up and leave my house right away! I don’t want any more trouble from him!” Sonia looked at Toby and said in an annoyed manner.

Tom blinked in surprise. “Are you both… not reconciled yet?”

Sonia felt as if she had just heard a joke, rolling her eyes upward in response to Tom’s words. “Reconciled? Why should we be? There must be something wrong with me if I did that. Anyway, get here as soon as possible, or he is going to end up in the dumpster!” Upon finishing her sentence, she hung up the call and returned Toby’s phone into his pocket. Then, she held the man’s leg and dragged him outside the door like she was dragging a dead body.

Just when Sonia dropped Toby’s leg and dusted off her hands, the elevator door not far away was open, whereupon Tom was seen stepping out of it. As he saw Sonia standing beside Toby, who was lying on the ground, he called out to his boss in a panicky manner. “President Fuller!”

“Stop overreacting. He is still breathing.” Sonia did a facepalm.

In the meantime, Tom crouched down to check on Toby, only to realize he was indeed just having a fever, which put his mind to ease. Then, he carried him from the ground, placing his arm on his shoulder. “In that case, I’ll leave with President Fuller for now, Miss Reed.”

“Please do so immediately! And don’t ever come back again!” Sonia waved her hand in disgust.

Upon hearing the lady’s response, Tom regrettably looked at Toby, wondering what his boss had been doing all the time until he came. Didn’t you tell Miss Reed everything, President Fuller? Why does she still hate you so much? Nonetheless, he only let out a sigh and took Toby away with him, ready to drive him to the hospital.

Suddenly, Sonia called out to him. “Wait!”

Tom stopped in his tracks. “Anything else, Miss Reed?”

Sonia then fixed her glacial gaze on Toby and said, “When your boss wakes up, tell him to stop harassing me with his fake and disgusting confession. You have no idea how revolting it felt to me!”

“No, Miss Reed. President Fuller sincerely meant it!” Tom tried to vouch for Toby.

Sonia frowned when she heard that, wanting to say something just when the elevator door was open. Then, Zane came out of it with a boutique of flowers in his hand. “Did anyone just say something about sincerity?”

“Mr. Coleman?” Tom looked at Zane in surprise before turning his attention to Sonia. What’s Zane doing so late visiting Miss Reed? Please don’t tell me there is something out of the ordinary between both of them.

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