This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 25

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 25

President Fuller?

Sonia looked at the door of the private room, just in time to meet Toby’s cold gaze. After just one second, she averted her eyes and released the teapot in her hand.

“President Fuller, why are you here?” Chester, who was sitting next to Sonia, stood up and asked politely.

The men in the private room were all one generation older than Toby—some even two—but Toby’s power in the industry was obvious to everyone.

Coupled with the fact that the Fuller Group was currently at the peak of their power, they wouldn’t dare get into a public dispute with Toby.

Toby shot Sonia a glance, then walked in and said in his deep voice, “I heard that you were here playing cards, Mr. King, so I came to say hello.”

“It’s Friday today. It’s fine. Come and play some cards.” As opposed to the arrogance he displayed in front of Sonia, at this moment, he was speaking to Toby with a smile. “It just so happened that President Reed came to talk about the order of the goods, so she stayed to play a few rounds with us.”

Chester smiled and chimed in. “That’s right. I’m friends with Sonia’s father. He’s very good at playing cards, but she must be rather unlucky, because she keeps losing.”

The other two bosses muttered a few words in agreement as well, then they took the opportunity to exchange business cards with Toby.

Meanwhile, Sonia was silently fiddling with her cards.

After receiving the business cards from the two men, Toby strode toward Paul and said blankly, “You guys carry on playing. I’ll just watch.”

Paul understood the man’s actions as soon as he saw it, so he immediately gave up his seat.

Toby pulled out the chair and sat down. It was only at such a close distance did he notice that Sonia’s turtleneck was wet, and a little bit of hair was sticking to her fair neck.

“Cough, cough!” While she was playing, Sonia suddenly coughed twice.

Toby felt the chill, then saw that the window was wide open, so he went over and closed it before calling the waiter over and instructing, “Bring me a blanket.”

Paul and the rest’s expressions changed when they saw the way Toby was acting.

However, Sonia turned a blind eye and ear to Toby and his words. After arranging her cards, she threw one out.

In no time, the waiter delivered the blanket.

“Thank you, but I’m not cold.” Sonia politely accepted the blanket, then stuffed it behind her chair before continuing with the game.

Seeing how stubborn she was being, Toby frowned and felt annoyed.

This woman had never even been in the business circle before, yet she dared to come here and play cards with a bunch of cunning old foxes. Isn’t she afraid of being eaten alive?

Perhaps it was because Toby was there—or perhaps because everyone in the private room knew about his relationship with Sonia—the atmosphere in the private room suddenly became very harmonious, and no one talked about anything indecent.

Paul and the others even quietly fed Sonia good cards.

How could Sonia not know the true nature of these people? Letting out inward sneers, she pretended not to understand their actions and continued to throw down random cards.

The cards in her hand got worse and worse. The men wanted to win, but they didn’t dare do so.

Toby saw Sonia coughing a few more times, and his brows furrowed even more. When she was about to play a card, he leaned over, then took another card and threw it out.

When Sonia caught a whiff of the cold scent from the man’s body, she grew even more lightheaded, so she leaned back.

Afterward, Toby basically picked cards for Sonia and laid them down.

Paul glanced at Toby, then said to Sonia almost apologetically, “A few days ago, an old customer of mine suddenly placed an order, and I didn’t inform the commerce department before signing with him. It’s only today that I learned that your company urgently needs the foreign goods, President Reed. I’m really sorry. I’ll call the commerce department later, and I’ll sign the contract at 9.00AM tomorrow. I’ll definitely ask the factory to produce your goods as soon as possible.”

Since Paul was showing such kindness, Sonia accepted it. “Then, I’ll have to trouble you with it, Mr. King. Cough, cough…”

Seeing how badly she was coughing, to the point where her cheeks were slightly flushed, Toby felt even more agitated. He pulled out the blanket from behind her chair and was about to wrap it around her, but Sonia noticed it and suddenly stood up to avoid contact with him.

“President Fuller, Mr. King, I still have things waiting for me to deal with at the office. You guys continue playing. Today’s bill is on me.”

With that, Sonia picked up her bag and left.

Her high heels made crisp clattering sounds on the tiles, and her slender figure quickly disappeared outside the door of the private room.

Chester was unbothered as he watched Sonia leave. While he played, he issued Toby with an invitation. “President Fuller, there’ll be a cocktail party at 7.00PM tomorrow. Do you have time to attend and have a taste of some good wine?”

“I’m not free tomorrow night,” Toby answered simply as he drew a card, but he didn’t look at it as he stood up.

He glanced at Paul and the several other people at the table. His gaze was extremely sharp, and his voice was deep. “No matter how bad my ex-wife’s card skills are, no one can bully her. Mr. Yancey, don’t you agree?”

“Y-Yes…” Chester forced a smile. “President Fuller, you’ve misunderstood. We didn’t bully Miss Reed.”

“Mr. Yancey, regarding your plan to build a resort in the Northern District, I’ve read the proposal, and I’m not interested.” Toby threw the cards onto the table, then stated with a blank expression, “Mr. Yancey, go find a new partner.”

The man then picked up his coat and strode off.

Paul uncovered Toby’s cards and was shocked when he saw them. “Sonia’s cards were so bad, but after President Fuller took over, he was able to get winning cards…”

Meanwhile, Chester seemed paralysed in his seat, as if his soul had left his body. “Aren’t they divorced?”

That’s right.

The few of them exchanged confused looks with each other.

Everyone knew that Toby’s marriage with Sonia was completely ruined, but anyone would be able to discern that Toby was protecting his ex-wife just now.

When Sonia left the private room, she saw that it was still raining, so she went to the front desk to ask for an umbrella.

Not only was it raining heavily outside, it was also cold. As the cold wind blew on her, her coughing got even more severe. When she reached the front of the car and was about to open the car door, her wrist was tightly grabbed.

When Toby felt how cold the woman’s hands were, his eyes darkened. “You can’t drive like this. I’ll send you back.”

“President Fuller, let go,” Sonia tried hard to pull her hand out while saying coldly. “Even if I can’t drive, I can call for a driver. You don’t need to bother about me!”

In the past, Sonia was docile and virtuous, and she never spoke like this. Now, when she called him ‘President Fuller’, it sounded piercing.

“Sonia, we’re just divorced. I’m not your enemy.” Toby summoned his patience to talk to her. “You can tell me if you need anything. There’s no need to suffer by coming here to play cards with Mr. King and the rest.”

Curling her lips, Sonia sneered, “Compared to the grievances I suffered during our marriage, what happened today were trivial matters.”

At this moment, Sonia’s phone rang.

Ignoring Toby, she took out her phone and saw that it was Charles calling, so she quickly answered the phone. “Hey, are you done settling your company’s business?”

“Not yet. I went to Norfolk for a business trip. I won’t be back until next Wednesday.”

“Okay. That’s fine. Settle your affairs first,” Sonia replied, then lowered her head and coughed. “Dwells will sign the contract with us tomorrow.”

“Didn’t I say that I’d deal with it after I return? Did they bully you?”


Toby was standing next to her, so even though the call wasn’t on speakerphone, he could vaguely hear their conversation.

He watched as Sonia brazenly behaved coquettishly with Charles, and she even asked him to go to a branded store to bring two new items back. Compared to the docile person she was before, she was a completely different person, which caused an insuppressible sense of irritation to rise in Toby’s heart.

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