This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 245

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 245

The pain subsided the moment he said that. Toby stared at the desk, hiding the murderous look that was swelling within his eyes. I knew it. That’s not the last time. That means I’ll have to cheer her up or get anything she wants whenever she wants. If I don’t, I’ll get punished. Sh*t. That means I’m just a puppet!

“Thank you, Toby. You’re the best.” Tina didn’t notice his fury, so she smiled sheepishly. He’s back to how he was before the car crash. I guess we’re all patched up now.

Toby kept quiet, but he was actually holding back his urge to destroy Tina.

At this moment, the manager came back again, but now with a doctor. “Dear customers, please let the doctor have a look,” he quickly told the four of them. At the same time, he complained, What the heck is this? That guy with the crutch almost died earlier, and now the chandelier right on top of that guy fell. Did that guy break a mirror and see a black cat at the same time?

“Doctor, I need you to look at Sonia first.” Carl quickly dragged the doctor toward Sonia.

However, Tina rolled her eyes and piped up, “Miss Reed, can you hold on for a minute?”

Carl’s face fell, and he looked at Tina darkly. “What? You want to go first?”

A frown creased Toby’s forehead, and he felt disgusted as well. Ever since he knew he had to protect and spoil Tina despite the fact he didn’t love her, he started disliking Tina. But he couldn’t show it, or he’d get punished.

“Yes. She only injured her arm, but I got one on my face, so—”

For the first time in his life, Carl couldn’t hold his anger in, and he cursed at her directly. “Shut the f*ck up! So what? That’s not even half as serious as Sonia’s wound!” He pointed at Sonia’s bleeding arm, and he felt like throttling Tina.

Tina bit her lip. “I know, but it’ll leave a scar on my face if I drag it on for too long. Even if she gets a scar on her arm, she can keep it hidden under her sleeve. Miss Reed’s a kind person, so she won’t want to see me having a scar on my face.”

“No. I’m an evil person. I want to leave a scar on your face. Better yet, the wound festers and rots your flesh,” Sonia retorted coldly.

Tina stared at her in disbelief. “Miss Reed, what are you—”

Toby couldn’t take it anymore, so he snapped, “Enough. Let Sonia go first.”


“Let her go first.” He gazed at Tina and repeated himself. Only God knew how much pain he was in at that moment. His heart felt like it would explode any moment, and the voice kept telling him to force the doctor to treat Tina first. It told him to leave Sonia alone, since she deserved all the pain and sadness in the world. Why? Just because you told me to? Fine, kill me if you dare, voice. Release me from my misery.

At that point, he knew a mysterious power was controlling him, forcing him to love and spoil Tina. Perhaps, he had never loved her to begin with. What he thought was love was just an illusion the power created for him.

He didn’t think he would fall for Tina either. The one he loved was that bubbly pen pal of his—Maple. But Tina’s personality was totally different from his pen pal. He didn’t think she’d change so much just because she was in a coma for six years. It was a gigantic flaw, but he never noticed that. That’s not normal. It’s that power. It’s controlling me, keeping me from realizing that Tina isn’t Maple. He didn’t know why the power was protecting Tina, but it didn’t matter. If it wants to control me, then I’ll fight it.

Toby flinched. The next moment, he suddenly lost his balance and knelt on one knee, his face contorted with pain.

Everyone was shocked when they saw this. What happened? Again?

Sonia pursed her lips curiously. He seems to be in pain. Does he have an illness I don’t know about?

“Toby.” Tina wanted to help him up.

However, Toby swatted her hand away. Because of that, he let the table go and fell down to where Sonia was.

When she saw him falling toward her, she subconsciously extended her good arm and helped him out. But much to Toby’s surprise, the intense pain subsided a little when he came in contact with her.

He looked at Sonia, shocked. Toby was sure the pain lessened when Sonia came in contact with him. So she might be the key to my freedom. She might be my antidote, the one who can free me from my curse! Toby was filled with delight at the thought of that.

Thus, he held her hand tightly, as if he wanted to merge their hands together. When he did that, the pain subsided even more. It was as if it wasn’t there at all.

Sonia realized what he was doing. When she noticed the passion in his gaze, she felt odd, wondering what happened to him. “Let go!”

But Toby kept holding on, ignoring what she said. Carl’s expression darkened, and Tina’s face contorted, while the manager and doctor were flummoxed.

Is this a love square? Wow, complex. The air was tense and quiet, as if something was waiting to get unleashed.

After the doctor put his scissors down, he broke the silence. “Alright, I’m done with her wound. Remember to stay away from water for twenty-four hours. Change the meds in regular intervals, and it won’t leave any scars.”

“Got it, doctor.” Sonia smiled at him, saying that she had made a note of it. Then, she looked at Toby, annoyed. “Let go. How much longer do you want to hold on to me?”

“Let her go.” Carl went up and separated the both of them.

Toby thought his heart would throb again once he let her go, but to his surprise, nothing happened. Seems like once I touch her, the pain won’t act up even if I break contact.

“Toby…” Tina called out to him weakly.

Toby leaned against the table and got up. “Take a look at her, doctor,” he said coolly.

“Of course.” The doctor nodded.

Tina added, “Toby, this might be painful for me. Can you hug me?”

Toby scoffed silently. Sonia didn’t even say anything, and her wound is bigger than yours. Weakness disgusts me. “Sure.” He looked downward and obliged, for he knew he would get punished again if he didn’t. Yes, he could relieve it, since Sonia was there, but if he did that, Sonia would get irritated at him. She didn’t know he needed her to relieve the pain, so she might think he was trying to take advantage of her.

Not a good strategy. I’ll come up with a way to get in touch with her and fight this power.

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