This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 241

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 241

In fact, she knew he didn’t love her at that time. After all, they never met again after she took that picture of him. Or to be exact, he never saw her again, but she saw him a few times after that. Sonia thought she could make him fall for her after they were married, but apparently, she thought wrong. Not only did she fail to make him fall for her, she also made him hate her. Eventually, she was exhausted, and she knew Toby was no longer the gentle young man she loved.

She stayed with him for six years, enduring all the humiliation just because she didn’t want to let him go that easily. After all, she loved him ever since high school. She worked hard to finally marry him, so she wouldn’t let him go without a fight. She thought he might turn back into that gentle young man she once knew, but three months ago, that hope was shattered. Tina woke up, and Toby chased her out. It was then she knew he wouldn’t return to his old self. Toby belonged to Tina, and that was not the man she loved. Thanks to that, she finally signed the divorce papers.

“Miss Reed.” Just then, Daphne knocked on the door.

Sonia exited her gallery, locked her phone, and composed herself. “What is it?”

“Mr. Dafoe is calling a meeting.” She stood in front of the desk.

Sonia nodded. “I see. I’ll be right there.”

Meanwhile, at Fuller Group.

Tom led the psychologist into Toby’s office. “Sir, this is Dr. Kurtis Anderson, one of the most renowned psychologists in the country. He has helped the police solve a lot of criminal cases,” Tom introduced.

Toby nodded. “Got it. You may leave now.”

“Yes.” Tom nodded.

After he went out, Toby looked at Kurtis. “Have a seat.”

“Thank you, Mr. Fuller.” He sat down before Toby, smiling at him. “Do you have anything to share, Mr. Fuller? I’ll help all I can.”

Toby pursed his lips, but he said nothing. He was trying to find the best way to talk about his situation.

Kurtis didn’t press him either. He noticed the tea in front of him and took a sip. The refreshing scent made him widen his eyes, and he smacked his lips. Ah, to be rich. They can have great tea anytime they want.

Finally knowing how to talk about his situation, Toby said, “Dr. Anderson.”

Kurtis snapped out of it and put the cup down. “Please, Mr. Fuller.”

Toby clenched his fists and said coldly, “I think I’m hypnotized.”

That was the conclusion he came up with. He must have been hypnotized without his knowledge, but thanks to the car crash, the effects were starting to wear off, so part of his real mind came back to him.

Kurtis adjusted his glasses. “Are you sure? Most people wouldn’t know they were hypnotized.”

Toby pinched the space between his brows. “I didn’t, but I feel like something’s wrong with me after that car crash, and I know the source of that. It’s my fiancée. Every time she shows up, she will dominate my thoughts and feelings.”

“Can you list some examples?” Kurtis got slightly serious.

“I’ll do everything to give her what she wants. For example, if she wants me to get back at someone, I’d do it for her, even if I know she’s in the wrong.” Toby held his head, looking exhausted.

Tina was just faking innocence. Every time he remembered how she would start crying, he knew she was just faking it. However, he never suspected a thing previously, as if someone had covered his senses.

“Anything else?” Kurtis rubbed his chin. “Mr. Fuller, to be honest, those examples aren’t enough for me to determine whether you’re hypnotized or not.”

“I have more.” He stared at his desk. This is the main course. He took a deep breath to hold his frustration down, then he said calmly, “I don’t love her, but whenever I see her, there’s a voice telling me that I love her deeply and that I should do everything for her. It tells me I should get rid of all her enemies. Most importantly…”

“What is it?” Kurtis looked at him seriously.

Toby closed his eyes. “The voice would tell me that I can never blame her no matter what she does, even if she hurts someone. I have to think that she’s innocent. I have to think that it’s everyone else’s fault. The voice tells me that she’s perfect, because she’s the person I care about the most. It tells me that she’s a timid and helpless woman who’d never do anything to hurt anyone.”

He paused for a moment. “And even if she did hurt someone, I must come up with an excuse to wave it away. Not only that, it tells me that I must forget it as soon as possible. Even if I’m reminded of them, it tells me what she did was no big deal.”

Kurtis gasped. “Mr. Fuller, if that’s true, then I can tell that your fiancée does have a great sway on your mind and emotions. You know you don’t love her when she isn’t around, but you think you do when she does. And you’ll give the whole world to her.”

“Yes, doctor. Am I hypnotized?” Toby stared at him.

Kurtis thought about it for a while before answering. “I’m not too sure, but I can tell that something’s off with you.”

“Can you check if I’m hypnotized then, doctor? And when was I hypnotized?” Toby gritted his teeth.

Kurtis stood up. “Of course. I’ll need you to close your eyes so I can perform the checkup.”

“Very well then.” Toby nodded and closed his eyes. When he opened them again, one hour had passed. I’ve fallen asleep for an hour? And I didn’t know anything about it? “So, what’s the result, doctor?” When he saw Kurtis, who was sitting across from him, frowning, he knew it couldn’t be good.

Kurtis shook his head solemnly. “I’m sorry, Mr. Fuller. I did the checkup twice, but you don’t seem to be hypnotized. Everything’s normal with your mind.”

Toby was surprised. “Impossible. Everything I said is the truth. If I’m not hypnotized, how can you explain this?”

Kurtis sighed. “That’s what confuses me as well. This is the first time I’ve seen anyone with your condition, so either the hypnotist is far more skillful than I am, or you’re not hypnotized. I’m leaning toward the second explanation.”

He was a famous psychology professor, and only a select few were more skillful than he was. But even if the hypnotist was one of those guys, he would have been able to tell even if he couldn’t break the hypnotism. So it’s possible that he’s not hypnotized. Kurtis suggested, “Mr. Fuller, why don’t you get a few more psychologists to check on you? See if the results are the same.”

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