This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 240

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 240

Titus lost all his arrogance. He wiped the saliva off his face and said in a trembling voice, “I-I didn’t bump into you, sir. You bumped into me first.”

The man glared at him. “I bumped into you? You’re joking! You bumped into me first, and now you’re trying to lie your way out? You old git! Take this!” And then, he slapped Titus.

It was the first time Titus had been slapped, so he was shaken to his core. When he snapped out of it, the man was already nowhere to be found. Titus trembled with rage, humiliation filling him up.

He etched the man’s face into his mind. After he was done with his company’s matter, he would come over to ask Toby for the surveillance camera footage. I’ll make him regret that he was born. Titus poked his cheek with his tongue before going into his car darkly.

Not long after he left, the man came out of a corner, but this time, someone was standing behind him. “This is the hair you wanted, sir.” He handed over a few strands of hair that was covered with tissue paper. Contrary to how he acted in front of Titus, the man bowed politely at Zane.

Zane took it and handed him a piece of check. “Thanks for your hard work.”

“Not at all. Call me if you need any help. I’ll do whatever you want.” After he took the check, the man thumped his chest.

Zane nodded with a smile. “I will. You may leave now.”

“Yes, sir.”

After the man went his merry way, Zane looked at the place where Titus was slapped, and he snickered before going into the elevator. When he came here, he didn’t expect to see Titus’ car in the car park, but he didn’t let the chance go. He proceeded to call a thug over to put on an act so he could get Titus’ hair. Man, the look on Titus’ face just now was priceless.

“It’s you.” Toby’s face darkened when he saw Zane, since that reminded him of how Zane sent Sonia to the Bayside Residence the day before.

Noticing Toby’s annoyance, Zane scratched his head. “What is it, Toby? Why the long face? I didn’t do anything. Why do you look like I snatched your stuff away?”

Toby pursed his lips. “What do you want?”

“The contract for the new project. I thought I told you earlier.” Zane sat before Toby.

Toby pulled his drawer open, took a document out, and tossed it to Zane. “Sign it and leave.”

Zane arched his eyebrow. “Someone’s in a hurry. Do you have a date with Tina?”

Toby shot daggers at Zane.

Zane quickly gave up. “Fine, fine. Forget I said that.” He looked at the contract and signed it, but he had some questions. Toby seems annoyed when I bring up the fact he’s dating Tina. Why? But he didn’t ask Toby that. After he signed the contract, Zane handed it over. “Done.”

Toby signed his name, and that sealed the contract.

Now that he had done what he needed to, Zane didn’t have any reason to stay. He quickly finished his cup of coffee and left. The moment he came out, he saw Tom leading a doctor, who was wearing a white coat, to the office.

He wasn’t surprised to see a doctor here. After all, Toby was just discharged and starting to heal. It was normal to have a doctor standing by 24/7. However, when he walked past the doctor, he saw the pin on the doctor’s chest from the corner of his eyes, and it read ‘PhD of Psychology.’

He whistled silently. Well, this is a surprise. On his way down, Zane texted Sonia, ‘You here?’

Sonia was looking through her files when he texted her. When she saw that it was from Zane, she replied, ‘Yes.’

Zane smiled. ‘I got news for you. Toby’s seeing a psychologist. Something might be wrong with his head.’

‘A psychologist?’ Sonia squinted. ‘How are you so sure it’s for him and not for Tina? Don’t forget, Tina has ‘schizophrenia.’’ She put quotation marks around ‘schizophrenia,’ mocking Tina.

Zane sent her a voice message. “Because I’ve seen her psychologist before. This one’s not him, so I’m sure it’s for Toby.”

“So? You don’t have to tell me that. I’m busy,” Sonia answered. Why do they keep telling me about him? Not like it’s my business. I’m not the old me anymore. I’m not interested in his affairs.

Zane smiled. “Alright, fine. I’m just worried you still can’t let him go, so…”

“Hold it,” Sonia stopped him. “I said I don’t love him anymore, so there’s nothing to let go of. I have things to do, so talk later.” She closed the app and ignored him, but instead of going back to work, she stared at her phone, immersed in her thoughts.

Lots of people didn’t believe her when she said she didn’t love Toby anymore, such as Charles and Carl.

She knew they were just playing along with her. In reality, they thought she still loved him, and what Zane did proved that. After all, they couldn’t believe she had fallen out of love that quickly after being in love with Toby for years. However, it was the truth. She didn’t fall out of love after divorcing him. That had happened shortly after she married him.

To be precise, the Toby she loved wasn’t the cold and indifferent Toby after they got married. The one she loved was the gentleman she first met. Before they got married, she thought she was marrying the kind Toby, but reality disappointed her. After they were married, Toby never cared about her. He was not the man she once knew and loved.

At this thought, she picked her phone up and opened her gallery. Sonia unlocked an encrypted file and flipped to the only photo in it. It was blurry since she had taken it in a hurry all those years ago.

As she stared at it, she suddenly sighed.

A young man in white was standing with his back toward her in the photo. However, he had noticed her taking a furtive photo, so he had turned around to look at her. He wasn’t mad that Sonia took his photo, but smiled warmly at her instead.

It was then that she fell in love with him.

Back then, she was in her first year of high school, while Toby was already in university. Because of his outstanding grades, the school invited him to hold a talk for his juniors. At first, she took his picture because she thought he was hot. That was all. However, that smile drew her in and made her fall for him.

Eventually, she found herself to be madly in love with Toby and did her best to know everything about him. Because of that love, she married him right after she graduated from university.

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