This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 239

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 239

“Damn. After all we did, now you tell me she isn’t their daughter?” Zane scratched his head in annoyance.

Sonia pursed her lips. “Forget it. That’s not important. Now that her hair’s useless, we’ll have to get Titus or Julia’s hair, or we can’t forge the DNA test results for Rina.”

She looked at Rina, who had her head lowered and was quiet all this while.

Zane rubbed his chin. “I’ll take care of it.”

“What’s the plan?” Sonia turned back to him.

Zane smiled and snapped his fingers. “Easy. I’m taking a leaf out of your page and getting my men to surround Titus. Then they’ll bump into him and say he tried to bump into us. Then they’ll beat him up.” He winked at Sonia.

Sonia gave him a thumbs up.

Zane grinned, happy that he got praised. Then, he looked at Rina. “You heard them. The plan’s delayed for a couple more days.”

“It’s fine. I’ll do as you say.” Rina waved at him, indicating that she was fine with it.

Zane nodded. “Let’s go.”

“Yeah.” She got up and went out of the suite. After they got into the elevator, she asked, “I’ve been meaning to ask you, why did she agree to this? This is a nice job, but she also risks getting exposed. Titus will kill her if he knows she isn’t Rina. Not easy impersonating a rich girl, you know.”

“Money.” Zane put his hands behind his head. “Nothing better than that in this world. As I said, she’s born to a misogynistic family and grew up in an abusive environment. Didn’t get much education either. When I found her, her parents were trying to marry her off to a fifty-year-old widower for two hundred grand. They were planning to use that money on their son’s marriage.”

Sonia’s eyes flashed with disgust. “Her parents are worse than animals.”

“Yep. That’s why I spent two hundred grand to buy her off from them and promised her a million and a house if she impersonates Rina and becomes our spy. Once we topple the Grays, I’ll give her what I promised and also a new identity. That’s why she agreed. Because I saved her, and she can get a lot out of this,” Zane answered.

“I see. But a million isn’t much. I’ll double it. That should be enough for her, but what about her family? What if they expose her?”

“Don’t worry.” Zane’s eyes glinted maliciously. “I have my men keeping an eye on them. They won’t come to this city. Besides, I gave her a clean slate before I brought her here. Even if someone suspects her, they won’t find anything if they investigate her.”

“I see. That’s good to hear.” Sonia smiled in relief.

“Oh, I’m going to Fuller Group after this. I have a negotiation with Toby, so I can’t send you home. So…”

Sonia gave him an understanding smile. “I can get a ride back. You can go ahead.”

After they came to the first floor, they went their separate ways at the junction. Sonia got a ride back to Paradigm Co, while Zane went to Fuller Group.

At the same time, Tom was leading Titus to Toby’s office, where Toby was waiting.

After he went in, Titus sat down before Toby. “I guess you know why I’m here.”

Toby clasped his hands, looking at Titus. “Tina,” he answered curtly.

Titus nodded. “Yes, it’s about Tina. She told me that you’ve been ignoring her. You didn’t even give her a chance to explain herself. What did she do? Why are you so angry at her?”

Toby stared at his desk. “Titus, are you here because you want to, or because Tina asked you to?”

Titus coughed. “Both. Tina said you won’t talk to her, so she wants me to talk to you. I am her father, so I can’t bear to see her looking so down. That’s why I’m here. Toby, tell me what she did. If it’s her fault, I’ll ask her to apologize, alright?”

Toby rubbed his fingers, but he said nothing.

Titus was nervous since he didn’t know what Toby was thinking. A moment later, he leaned forward. “Toby, tell me the truth. Is this because of what she did at the banquet? Is that why you’re ignoring her?”

“No.” Toby massaged his forehead. “I just think we’re not a good match now.”

Titus’ face fell, and he looked upset. “What does that mean, Toby? Are you saying you want to break up with her?”

Toby’s eyes glinted, and he looked up at Titus. “Now that you brought that up, I might as well tell you the truth. I want to—” Before he could finish, Titus’ phone rang.

Titus stopped him and took his phone out. “What is it?”

“Bad news, sir! The After Sales Service Department told us that our new product’s all gone wrong, and now a bunch of customers are standing outside the company, demanding compensation! They said they’ll take this to the Department of Commerce if they don’t get an explanation!” the assistant quickly said.

“What?” Titus was shocked, and he stood up. “Are they dumb? That’s just making a mountain out of a molehill! Fine, I’ll be right there.” He then put his phone away. “We’ll talk about this next time, Toby. I need to settle a few things at my company. Remember to patch things up with Tina. She’s been losing sleep and appetite because you won’t talk to her, and I’m worried.” Then, he left Toby’s office hurriedly.

Toby frowned, annoyed by how things had turned out. However, he couldn’t call Titus back, so he would have to tell Tina about the breakup himself next time.

After getting out of the elevator, Titus speed-walked to the car park, heading to his car. Before he could get too far, a burly, tattooed man in a printed shirt and sunglasses walked toward him. He was puffing a cigarette and humming casually, but then he suddenly bumped into Titus.

Titus was getting on in age. Since he led a sedentary lifestyle, he was out of shape and didn’t have much strength either. It was just a slight bump, but that was enough to make Titus fall and gasp in pain.

Before Titus could say anything, the burly man flew into a rage. He spat his cigarette, took his sunglasses off, and glared at Titus. Then he pulled Titus up by his hair, roaring, “Are you blind? You bumped into me, you idiot!”

Titus had lived his whole life in luxury so he was angry that someone was yelling at him, but his fury was doused when he saw all the muscles the man was packing. I’d better not get on his bad side.

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