This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 238

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 238

“Come in.” Toby was leaning against the bed, reading a book.

Jean came in. “Here’s your medicine, Toby. Remember to take it.”

“Thanks, Mom.” Toby nodded.

“Don’t stay up too late. I’ll be going now.” She pointed at the door.

“Yeah. Good night.” After Jean went away, he closed his book, took the medicine and glass from the table, and gulped the pills down in one go.

He went back to his book once he was done, but a wave of sleepiness assailed him. He knew that it was from the medicine he took, since Toby would always feel sleepy after taking his medicine when he was in the hospital. In the end, he put his book aside and lay down. A short while later, he fell asleep.

A long nightmare tortured him during his sleep. In the nightmare, Toby took Tina back after she woke up, just like how he did in reality. Of course, he asked Sonia to move out, but Sonia refused to in that nightmare. In the end, he told his servant to toss her stuff out of the house. Sonia didn’t sign the papers either. Instead, he was the one who brought up the divorce. Since she refused, Toby kept humiliating her, forcing her to sign the papers.

Aside from that, he saw Tina hurting Sonia in his dream, just like how she did in real life. However, in that dream, he thought Sonia was the one who attacked Tina. Thanks to that, he tortured Sonia and sent her to jail.

When he woke up from that nightmare, he was already drenched in sweat. Toby looked at his hands and around his room before heaving a sigh of relief. Good thing it’s just a dream. But a voice in his heart told him that if Sonia hadn’t brought up the divorce, she might have really ended up tortured and sent to jail like she was in the dream.

Suddenly, his phone rang, so Toby put his thoughts aside and took the call. “What is it?” he asked hoarsely.

“Will you be coming in today, sir?” Tom asked.

“Yes,” Toby answered curtly.

“Sir, it’s about Mr. Gray. He called me earlier, saying he wants to see you. He sounded irritated, and he brought up his daughter as well. He’s probably angry at you for how you’ve been treating Miss Gray and wants to talk about it,” Tom said.

Toby frowned. “I see. Tell him he can come over soon.”

“Yes sir.” Tom nodded.

“And get me an appointment with a psychologist.” Toby stared at the floor. He wanted to know what was wrong with him since he would be affected by Tina every time he saw her.

“A psychologist?” Tom was curious. “For you or someone else, sir?”

“Me,” Toby answered. “I’m bogged down by stress lately.”

“I see.” Tom nodded, not suspecting a thing. “I’ll call Dr. Steve then.”

No,” Toby declined immediately. “Get me someone else aside from him and Tim.” One of them is Tina’s doctor, while the other is her friend. If they know what I’m asking, Tina will find out in a second.

“Alright. I’ll get someone else then.” He wondered why Toby requested another doctor, but he didn’t pry. After all, he was just an employee, so he just needed to do as he was told.

After he was done talking, Toby lifted his blanket, got off the bed and onto his wheelchair carefully, and went to the bathroom to wash himself up.

Bayside Residence.

Sonia was done packing her stuff, so she took her handbag and went downstairs to meet up with Zane.

“Get in, my princess.” Zane was standing next to the car. When he saw her, he opened the back car door and bowed at her like a gentleman.

Sonia laughed. “My princess? God, I’m getting goosebumps here.”

Zane snickered. “Alright, funtime is over. Get in.”

Sonia nodded and got in the car, while Zane quickly went to the driver’s seat and drove to the place where the fake Rina was staying. On the way there, he told Sonia about the fake Rina’s training so Sonia could know more about her.

About half an hour later, they came to a secluded suite that belonged to Zane and that the fake Rina was staying in.

Zane went up to knock on the door, and it swung open a moment later.

The woman behind the door was about the same age as Sonia. She wasn’t really pretty. In fact, her skin was pasty and she was gaunt, apparently from the prolonged lack of nutrition. She couldn’t even fit into her clothes, and the woman had the look of a coward. She wouldn’t even look Sonia in the eye.

When Sonia saw her, she knew this woman was the fake Rina they hired.

Zane pointed at the woman before Sonia. “This is our actress right here.”

The fake Rina poured two cups of tea and handed one to Sonia. “H-Hello, Miss Reed. I’m Taylor. I—”

Sonia frowned and stopped Taylor. “You’re not Taylor. From this moment onward, you’re Rina Gray. Remember that. No matter who’s asking, that’s what you’ll answer, got it?”

“Sonia’s right. This is a big thing, so if you mess up, it won’t end well for you. Do not ruin the plan.” Zane gazed at Taylor, who was now Rina, seriously.

Rina nodded. “I-I understand. I won’t let you down.” This will either make me a million or cost me a million. I’m not gonna get busted.

Finally, Sonia stopped frowning. Then, she reached into her bag, took out a box and opened it. Sitting inside the box was the necklace.

She then stood up and went over to Rina. “This necklace is the key for your return.” She put the necklace around Rina’s neck. “And it’s proof that you’re Rina, so don’t lose it. And remember, you’ve had this necklace all your life. Before the old man who adopted you died, he told you that you might be the heir of a rich family, so you took this necklace to a jewelry shop and asked them about it.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Rina held the necklace.

Sonia patted her shoulder and went back to her seat, then someone knocked on the door. The three of them looked toward the door and saw a man standing outside.

“Sir.” The man who came was Zane’s assistant.

Zane let him in. “What is it?”

“Something’s wrong with Tina’s hair,” the assistant replied.

Tina was sipping her tea. “What’s the matter with it?” Maybe it has no follicle, so that’s why it’s useless. No, that can’t be. I yanked it off of Tina’s head. Hair like that usually comes with follicles. Only those that fall naturally don’t.

“I sent the hair to all the hospitals in the city, but then I found out First World Hospital has the records of Tina and her family’s body checkup.”

“So? Every hospital keeps a record of everyone who does a body checkup there.” Zane dismissed it.

But his assistant shook his head. “That’s the problem. I looked into their records and found something. Tina’s blood type doesn’t match her parents’.”

“I’m sorry?” Sonia tensed up. “Are you saying Tina isn’t their daughter?”

Zane quickly looked at his assistant. “Is she right?”

“Yes. Tina isn’t the Grays’ daughter. I thought there was something wrong with the record, but after I got the results from the hair analysis, I’m certain that the record is correct. She isn’t the Grays’ daughter, so her hair is useless,” the assistant answered.

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