This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 237

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 237

Oblivious to the look Toby had in his eyes, Jean chirped happily, “Toby, Tina is here especially to look for you because you refused to see her for the past couple of days. Even if there’s a misunderstanding between you two, it’s about time to make up again. Tina will be staying over tonight, and it will be the perfect opportunity for you two to have a chat.”

“We don’t need that.” Toby shot down her suggestion with a somber look.

Tina’s eyes widened as she cried, “Toby, tell me what did I do wrong that you’re ignoring me for the past two days. Tell me, and I’ll change, okay?”

Placing a hand over the spot where her heart was, she looked at him with pleading, puppy-like eyes while Rose and Tyler watched him intently, curious to find out the reason as well.

However, he merely pursed his lips and muttered, “You didn’t do anything wrong.” The fault lies with me, he added silently. I don’t love you anymore and I don’t know how to face you.

More importantly, his thoughts and emotions would be affected by her when he saw her, and he would do things that he wouldn’t usually do.

For example, after she woke up and was discharged from the hospital, he actually asked Sonia to move out because of one word from her. Back then, Sonia was still his wife, and even though he didn’t love her, there was no reason for him to ask her to move out. Nevertheless, he still did it.

In addition to that, Tina had tried to harm Sonia on more than one occasion. Although she conducted those acts due to her alter ego, those things she did were still illegal, and he never had the thought to report her to the police.

What he found to be the weirdest was that he never thought that there was anything wrong with what he did, right until the car accident this time. Suddenly, it dawned upon him that not only was he an idiot in the past, but he was even lacking in the most basic moral standards!

That wasn’t me, he thought while gritting his teeth. I’m sure that the person before this car accident wasn’t the real me! As a person who had received elite education since he was younger, it was impossible that he would do such a string of idiotic things. There must be something wrong with me.

With this thought in his mind, he lowered his head to hide the grim look on his face. “Tyler, help me upstairs,” he instructed in a low whisper.

“Okay,” Tyler answered. He then pushed his brother toward the elevator which he had asked Tom to hire workers to install the previous day for Toby’s convenience to travel between the floors.

“Toby…” Tina whined. Seeing that he didn’t even look her in the eye and had nothing to say to her, she rushed after them hurriedly and wanted to follow them upstairs.

The reason she came here on this day was to talk things out with him. She wanted to find out what was wrong with him, why he refused to see her, and the reason he was so cold toward her. However, she didn’t imagine that he wouldn’t even give her this chance.

Before she could even reach them, Rose stood in her way. With a delighted look in her eyes that was impossible to hide, Rose said, “Miss Gray, it’s getting late. Toby needs to rest. You should go home as well.”

“But Mrs. Gray says that tonight I can—”

“With me around, nothing she says matters.” Rose cut her off while casting Jean an indifferent stare.

Since Jean had always been terrified of her, the moment she met the older lady’s eyes, she quickly hung her head low.

“Somebody, please see Miss Gray to the door!” Rose shouted to the servant at the door.

Immediately, the servant came over and showed Tina the way. “Miss Gray, this way, please.”

Biting her lip, Tina threw a spiteful look at Rose and stomped her feet before storming out.

Upstairs, Tyler pushed Toby into his room and said, “Have a good rest, Toby. I’m going out now.”

“Wait a minute,” Toby called out.

Spinning around, he then asked, “Is there anything else, Toby?”

“Why do you hate Tina all of a sudden? I remember that before this, you liked her a lot, just like Mom,” he asked while gazing at him.

Scratching his head, Tyler answered, “Well, I’ve only heard of all the good things about her from Mom before this, and you really liked her a lot too. I thought that an outstanding person like you must have been in love with an amazing girl as well. That was why I had a good impression of her, but later when I saw her for who she really is, it’s only natural that I started to dislike her.”

Silently, Toby thought over his words. He’s right. Anyone would choose to steer far away from a vicious and mean person that they initially thought of as amazing, but that was never in my consideration.

Tyler blinked and watched as Toby was silent, deep in his own thoughts. Then, he asked, “Why are you asking this?”

“Nothing,” Toby answered flatly.

Tyler looked around and asked in a gossipy manner, “So, what exactly happened between you and Tina? Did you have a fight?”


“I don’t buy it.” Tyler gave Toby a look that clearly said, ‘Yeah right. I can see through you.’ He also added, “Judging from your situation, there’s no reason for you to look like you’re breaking up with her if there’s no fight going on.”

Toby pressed his lips into a thin line before he answered, “Well, maybe it’s true that I should break up with her.”

He wanted to be a normal person, not a dummy with his thoughts and emotions being played around by Tina. As for the promises he made to her before, he was beginning to doubt if he really made those promises out of his own will. A tiny voice in his heart was telling him that it was not!

“What did you say earlier, Toby? Y-You want to…”

“Get out. I want to rest now,” Toby said before Tyler could finish his sentence and chased him out of the room.

After trudging out of Toby’s room in a daze, Tyler finally regained his composure after a few minutes. He gulped and thought, My god! Toby wants to break up with Tina! I have to tell Sonia this good news! He took out his cell phone and called Sonia in excitement.

In the meantime, Sonia was in the bath, and when she saw the person calling her, she rejected the call immediately, because she didn’t feel like picking up.

Tyler looked displeased when his call was rejected, and he muttered under his breath, “Why did she reject my call? The more you don’t want to pick up my call, the more I’ll keep calling. Let’s see if you’ll pick up in the end.” With a snort, he called her again.

This time, Sonia picked up the call indignantly. “Cut the bullsh*t and get straight to the point!”

“It’s not good to be so vulgar, Sonia,” Tyler said. He was leaning against the wall in the corridor lazily as he shook his feet. In his heart, he was feeling smug as he thought, Hmph, didn’t you reject my calls before this? You still picked it up in the end!

“That’s none of your business. A brat like you actually has the nerves to lecture me now, huh?” she muttered. “Tell me why you called, or I’ll hang up. I’m in the bath right now.”

The moment Tyler heard that she was in a bath, he blushed shyly and stammered, “I-I just want to share a piece of good news with you. My brother is going to break up with Tina soon.”

“What?” She gasped in surprise before sitting upright in the bathtub. “He’s breaking up with Tina?”

“Yeah, that’s what he said. Are you happy, Sonia?”

Sonia frowned. “Why should I be happy over it? It has nothing to do with me whether they’re together or not. Do you think I’ll remarry your brother after they break up?” she retorted while rolling her eyes. Despite that, she wondered if he wanted a breakup with Tina because of the things she said in the hospital earlier.

“Why can’t you remarry him? I think both of you are quite suited for each other,” Tyler mumbled.

A look of sarcasm appeared in her eyes, and her tone turned indifferent. “Aren’t you ashamed to say that, Tyler Fuller? Don’t forget that you thought that I wasn’t good enough for your brother before this. You even thought that I was the reason why he couldn’t marry Tina. It’s so ironic that you’re telling me this now.” With that, she hung up on him and tossed her cell phone aside before continuing her bath.

On the other end of the call, Tyler lowered his head. He knew that he was in the wrong after Sonia’s lecture.

“What are you doing standing around here?” Jean asked in annoyance when she saw him standing there looking depressed as she came upstairs with the medication.

“Nothing…” he muttered sadly and returned to his own room.

“What’s the problem with this kid?” Jean shook her head. Soon, she stopped pondering over it and knocked on Toby’s door. “Are you in there, Toby?”

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