This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 236

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 236

The way Lenny was smiling at Sonia made her feel uncomfortable, and it even made her hair stand on end. In addition to that, Zane was also acting very weird earlier, and she thought that the people in the Coleman household seemed a little abnormal.

Aware that she was being impolite, she cleared her throat and recollected her thoughts. She attempted to keep those thoughts out of her mind.

“Please have some tea, Miss Reed.” Lenny handed her a cup of tea.

After taking the cup from him, Sonia said, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” he replied while waving his hand. “I’ll leave you to chat with Mr. Coleman. Let me know if you need anything. Anything at all, literally, and please just treat this place like your own house.”

The edge of her lips twitched as she forced out a smile and nodded. “Uh, sure.” Silently, she thought, His butler is a little too friendly. Did he just tell me to take this place as my own house? It just makes me more stressed!

“Alright, Lenny. Leave us alone,” Zane said. Then, he grabbed a cup of tea for himself and signaled for Lenny to leave the room quickly. If Lenny stayed around any longer, he was worried that the former might tell Sonia about him liking her. He couldn’t imagine what would happen after that.

“Okay, okay. I’m going now,” Lenny said with a chuckle, thinking that Zane couldn’t wait to spend time alone with Sonia. When he was leaving, he even cast an encouraging look at Zane, who was tickled and annoyed by it at the same time.

“Don’t mind him. Our butler, Lenny, may be old, but he’s really friendly and acts like a child,” Zane explained while looking at Sonia.

Sonia shook her head. “It’s okay. I kinda like him for his friendliness. By the way, I’ve brought you the DNA sample of the Grays as you instructed.” Placing down her teacup, she then took out the nylon bag which had Tina’s hair in it.

When Zane saw how much hair was in that bag, he almost spat out his tea. “That’s a lot!”

“Uhm… I accidentally yanked out too much. But whatever. Just take all of it,” she muttered and tossed the bag at him.

He hurriedly caught the bag and asked, “Did you say you yanked it out of her? Are you saying that you pulled this bunch of hair out of Tina’s scalp directly?”

With a grin on her face, she answered, “Well, something like that.”

“Tina wouldn’t have allowed you to do that, so tell me how you managed it! Not only did you pull out her hair, but you even pulled out so much!” After putting aside the bag, Zane moved his chair next to Sonia and sat down with a curious expression on his face.

Upon seeing how interested he seemed to be, Sonia rubbed her earlobe with her fingers for a moment before telling him everything about how she went to look for Tina at the hospital.

After listening to her story, he burst into laughter while holding his stomach. “You’re amazing, Sonia! You made her mad on purpose so that she would strike you first and give you the reason for returning her attack. With that, no one will suspect that you have other motives for pulling out her hair.”

“Yes. If I yanked her hair out directly, she would definitely try to find out the reason I did that. So, this was the only way for me,” she answered with her palms spread out.

“Okay. I’ll have someone take this sample away,” Zane said in the end. Then, he whisked out his cell phone from his pocket.

Meanwhile, Sonia sat on the couch quietly as he made the call. About half an hour later, someone arrived and took Tina’s hair away. She wanted to leave as well, but Lenny and Zane made her stay for dinner. After dinner, Zane drove her back to her place at Bayside Residence.

When Sonia hopped out of the car, he wound down the window, rested an arm on the edge, and told her, “I’ll bring you to meet the fake Rina tomorrow.”

With a sparkle in her eyes, she nodded. “Great! I want to pass her the necklace as well.”

“It’s a date, then. See you tomorrow.” He bid her goodbye and waved his hand.

“Sure. See you tomorrow!”

After he closed the car window and drove away, Sonia stood at the side of the road and watched until his car disappeared into the distance before going back to her apartment.

On the other side of the road, there was a car that was easy to miss if one didn’t look carefully. Toby was watching Sonia’s back, his face expressionless. However, Tom knew that he was unhappy and in a foul mood now. Is he in a bad mood because Miss Reed came out of another man’s car? he wondered.

“President Fuller, I think that car earlier belongs to Mr. Coleman.” Tom turned around and said that to Toby, who was in the backseat.

Lowering his head, Toby tried to hide the fury in his eyes without saying anything. He could immediately recognize that as Zane’s car, but he was just wondering about why Sonia came back in his car so late at night, where were they before this, and what did they do. With all those questions swirling around his head, the air surrounding him gradually turned cold, and he clenched his fist. “Let’s go,” he instructed solemnly.

“Aren’t you going to look for Miss Reed?” Tom asked, surprised.

Toby narrowed his eyes and asked in return, “And why should I look for her?”

Tom shut his mouth, but he was silently judging Toby. Oh, he’s jealous! After seeing Miss Reed coming home with another man, he’s so mad that he wants to leave now. Whatever. We’ll be back again next time anyway. He shrugged and then quietly started the engine.

Soon, they arrived at Fuller Residence, and the second Tom wheeled Toby through the hallway, they heard two loud pops. Colorful paper confetti then showered all over them.

“Congratulations on your discharge, Toby!” Tyler said loudly with a wide grin. He was standing on the step which connected the hallway to the living room.

When Toby saw the party popper that Tyler was shaking in his hands, he knew that he was the one who popped it and released the confetti all over him.

“Welcome home, Toby.” Rose welcomed him with a smile.

Jean wasn’t going to keep silent as well. “Welcome home, Toby!”

The knot between Toby’s brows eased up, and he thanked them while brushing off the confetti on himself.

“Let me push you, Toby,” Tyler said. He threw aside the party poppers in his hands and walked toward Tom.

Tom automatically stepped aside and uttered, “I’ll be leaving now, President Fuller.”

Toby nodded, and Tom turned to leave after saying goodbye to Rose. Upon leaving the Fullers’ residence, he lifted his head and stared at the sky which was sparkling with stars, and a tear rolled down his cheek. This is great! Finally, I’m finished with work. It hasn’t been easy at all!

In the house, Tyler pushed Toby into the living room while saying, “Aren’t you already discharged in the afternoon? Why did you only return now?”

A glint flashed across Toby’s eyes as he answered, “I was feeling unwell, so I asked Tom to push me around for a walk.”

Upon hearing that he was unwell, Rose jerked her head around to look at him. “I’ve told you not to rush your discharge and stay for a couple more days at the hospital, but you refused to listen. Where are you feeling unwell? Should I call for a doctor?”

“No need, Grandma. I’m fine now,” he replied while rubbing his temples.

Actually, he was feeling completely fine, but all of a sudden, the first person he wanted to see upon his discharge was Sonia. Hence, he had asked Tom to drive him to her place. Unexpectedly though, he saw her coming home in Zane’s car.

While they were speaking, they reached the living room, and Jean suddenly said in a secretive manner, “By the way, Toby. There’s a surprise for you.”

“A surprise?” He repeated those words with raised eyebrows.

Next to him, Rose and Tyler rolled their eyes simultaneously without saying anything, and Jean pointed toward a certain direction. “Yes. Right there.”

Following her finger, Toby then saw someone standing up from a couch that had its back facing him. Slowly, the person spun around and revealed her pretty face as she fiddled with her fingers while looking at him awkwardly. “Hi, Toby.”

The expression on Toby’s face changed slightly; the gentle look he had in his eyes had turned icy cold in a split second. His hands, which were resting on the armrests of the wheelchair, were balled up as he glanced at Jean frostily. So this is the surprise she meant?

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