This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 235

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 235

Shakily, Tina asked, “What do you want from me?”

Patting her face gently, Sonia said in a viciously playful tone, “Nothing, really. I just want you to watch as I remarry Toby and live happily ever after as a family with him together with our child.”

Inside the elevator, the man’s balled-up fists relaxed a little, and an inexplicable feeling of joy washed over him.

Outside, Tina snorted coldly. “You think that’s going to happen? Toby doesn’t even love you! He won’t remarry you!”

Since Toby still isn’t aware that it’s Sonia that he’s in love with, it won’t be easy for her to achieve what she wants as long as I keep him unaware of it, Tina thought. Moreover, she’s not fit to be his wife again!

“Oh, just because you said so? Six years ago, he still married me even though he doesn’t love me, didn’t he?” Smirking, Sonia prodded Tina in the chest.

Gritting her teeth, Tina growled, “You—”

“Alright, I’m done with you now. I’m getting tired.” Sonia suddenly let go of her hair.

Finally, Tina’s scalp was released, and she shoved Sonia aside before sitting upright as she held the top of her head that was throbbing. With an icy stare, she glowered at Sonia and hissed, “Just you wait!” Then, she sprang up and scattered away without checking around her, worried that Sonia might pin her down again because of what she said and give her another beating if she stayed any longer.

In a fight, she was not a match for Sonia!

Watching Tina’s back as she scrambled away in fear, Sonia grinned and looked at the clump of dark hair she was holding in her hand. Those were the hairs she had pulled out of Tina’s scalp mercilessly, and there were at least a hundred of them.

This should be enough for Zane, I guess. She smiled and took out a nylon bag from her handbag, placing the hairs into the bag and sealing it before tossing it back into her handbag. Then, she stood up and brushed her hands together.

Just as she was about to leave the hospital, something in the corner of her eye caught her attention, and she froze.

“It’s you?” Wiping the smile off her face, she turned to face Toby, who was sitting expressionless in the elevator. How long has he been sitting there?

He noticed the way she stopped smiling when she saw him, and his eyes turned sullen. “Yes, it’s me.” Wheeling himself out of the elevator, he then stopped in front of her, and she realized that it was the first time she had seen him so weak.

Previously, he got injured several times because of her as well, but never to the extent of donning a hospital gown, nor did he get hospitalized for such a long time, unlike now.

“How long have you been here? The things that happened earlier, you saw it?” she asked, staring at the floor.

“I saw everything,” he admitted.

“So, you’re now going to teach me a lesson on Tina’s behalf?” Sonia asked in sarcasm.

Shaking his head, Toby answered, “No, I have no such plans.”

In fact, he was burning with rage in the elevator when he saw how Sonia slapped Tina earlier, and he did feel the urge to pull her away to rescue Tina and to stand up for her. However, he knew that that might not be his real intentions, so he restrained himself and stayed at bay.

Sure enough, the minute Tina left, he was calm again, and all those thoughts he had earlier about standing up for her were gone. Once again, it was proven that his rationale and emotions would be affected by Tina. Still, he couldn’t figure out the reason behind it. Perhaps the problem was in Tina.

“You’re not going to avenge Tina?” Sonia exclaimed in shock and disbelief, looking at him with widened eyes.

Seeing that she was unconvinced, he smacked his lips indignantly and snapped, “Yes.”

Steadily, she watched him for a few seconds before putting on a stiff smile. “If that’s the case, I thank you for letting me off, President Fuller. I’m taking my leave now.” She adjusted the shoulder strap of her handbag and turned around, ready to leave.

But Toby stopped her. “Hang on a second.”

“Is there anything else, President Fuller?” she asked, twisting her head to face him.

With a thoughtful look in his eyes, he said, “I heard everything you said earlier.”

“Huh?” she blurted in confusion. “What did I say?”

Disgruntled, he thought, Did she already forget what she just said a minute ago? “Earlier, you said that you want to remarry me.”

Recalling what happened earlier, Sonia said with a curious glint in her eyes, “Oh, that’s what you mean. Why are you bringing this up suddenly, President Fuller? Perhaps you have some opinions about it?”

Toby’s eyes glistened. “I’m agreeable to it if that’s what you want.”

All the muscles on Sonia’s face froze, and she only regained herself a few seconds later, but she was still puzzled. “Wait a minute, are you running a fever, President Fuller? Did you just say that you’ll remarry me?”

“Yes, for the baby—”

“Hold up,” Sonia interrupted, holding her palm up in a stop sign before feeling his forehead.

From his forehead, he could feel the softness and warmth of her palm, and it traveled through his body until it reached his heart, giving him a jolt. But very quickly, she removed her hand and left him with a sense of disappointment.

“You’re not having a fever,” she concluded with arms across her chest. “So, why are you speaking nonsense?”

Toby frowned. She thinks I’m joking?

“Stop kidding with me, President Fuller. What do you mean for the baby? Does my baby have anything to do with you? Is it yours? I really didn’t expect that you’re so eager to adopt a child,” she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

His eyes wavered. What? Why did she say that she wants to live with me together with the child if she doesn’t know that it’s my child? I thought she already found out!

“Also,” she added, not knowing what was on his mind, but she couldn’t be bothered to find out, either. Indifferently, she continued, “I’ve never thought of reconciling with you. I just said those things earlier to provoke Tina. Did you take them for real?” With a snort, she turned and left.

She had no idea why he would suddenly agree to remarry her, but she wasn’t the least bit interested in his offer. Is he really in love with Tina? she wondered. Why is he saying that he’s willing to remarry me, then?

After she left, Toby looked silently in the direction where she disappeared until the elevator doors opened and Tom came out. “I’m sorry, President Fuller. There’s something wrong with the elevator. It stopped at this level and didn’t go up, so I waited for a long time upstairs.”

“That’s okay,” he said softly with a dazed look.

Relieved that Toby wasn’t mad at him, Tom stood behind him and took over his wheelchair. “Are you sure you want to return to the company for the meeting, President Fuller? Let’s skip it this time. What if your body can’t take it—”

“Enough talking. Let’s go,” he interjected impatiently and knocked on the armrest, signaling that he should get moving.

Seeing how determined he was, Tom had no other choice, and he pushed him to the parking lot with a sigh.


Meanwhile, Sonia left for Zanes’ place after the hospital. It was her first visit there. His place was unlike the modern villas commonly found nowadays. Instead, it was a European-style mansion which made Sonia feel nostalgic.

“You’re here at last. Quick, come in.” Zane had come to open the door for her personally, and he was all smiles at the sight of her.

Stepping in, Sonia said, “Sorry to disrupt you.”

“Not at all. In the future, this place will be your—” Realizing that he was about to say something inappropriate, Zane stopped himself abruptly and cleared his throat before sealing his lips.

Confused, Sonia looked at him, asking, “What did you want to say earlier?”

Laughing awkwardly, he brushed off the topic, saying, “It’s nothing. Here, take a seat.”

While he was pointing at an armchair in the living room, gesturing for her to take a seat, Sonia thought that he was acting really odd, but she didn’t think too much about it and took a seat after thanking him.

The butler, Lenny, came into the room with freshly brewed tea, and was smiling from ear to ear when he saw Sonia. So, this is the woman Young Master Zane likes. Not bad at all. She’s stunning!

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