This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 234

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 234

Toby’s hand, which was about to flip a page, stopped mid-air, and his eyes flickered. “So, tell me. How do I usually treat her?”

“Gentle, spoiling, and submissive,” Tim uttered slowly as Toby’s brows furrowed together tighter with each word.

Crossing his arms, Tim pointed out, “It seems like you’re not quite happy with my conclusion.”

“No,” Toby answered curtly and returned his attention to the document in his hand.

So what if he was unhappy about it? It was undeniable that Tim was right—that was exactly how he treated Tina before this.

Tim studied his expression. “Then why are you frowning?”

“It’s nothing,” he replied calmly.

Tim chuckled. “You know, I noticed that you changed a lot after this accident, especially your attitude toward Tina. What happened between the both of you? Why are you so aloof toward her all of a sudden?”

Picking up a pen, Toby left his signature on the document and said, “Nothing happened between us. I just came to the realization that I had used the wrong attitude toward Tina before this and would like to correct it now.”

“But how can you do that if you refuse to see her?” Tim asked, the light reflecting off his glasses.

Closing the document and placing it aside, Toby then picked up another one and opened it. Right now, he had very complicated feelings toward Tina, and he could clearly feel that he didn’t feel the flutter in his heart for her anymore. Vaguely, he began to understand that he might no longer be in love with her, so that was why he didn’t want to see her.

Besides this, there was another important reason that he found to be very odd; despite himself realizing that he didn’t feel much toward Tina anymore, his emotions would still be led by her whenever he saw her. Just like before, when he saw her looking sad, he would have the urge to give her his everything. Although that urge had faded quite a lot now, it was still within him, and it frustrated him a lot.

The best evidence for this was during the day before when he caught a glimpse of her through the glass panel on the door. When he saw her red-rimmed eyes, his heart wrenched and he wanted so much to call her into the room so he could wipe away her tears and console her. However, before he could do that, Rose arrived and shooed her off.

The moment Tina left, the heart-wrenching feeling in his chest immediately evaporated together with the voice in his head telling him to console her. In a split second, he returned to his composed state before he saw her, as though everything he felt earlier was a mirage.

Regardless, he knew that it did happen. Every time he saw Tina, his thoughts and emotions would be out of his own control, and he felt as if a pair of invisible hands were pushing him toward Tina so that he would be good to her and love her.

At the thought of this, he tightened his grip on the pen, trying to hide the violent storm brewing in his eyes. On the other hand, when Tim saw that he was suddenly quiet, he shrugged and left the room.

In the corridor leading to the lobby on the first floor, Tina stepped out of the elevator and immediately spotted Sonia who was walking toward her.

At the same time, Sonia caught sight of her, and she feigned surprise. “What a coincidence, Miss Gray.”

As Tina didn’t know that she was here to look for her, she clenched her fists and barked, “What are you doing here in the hospital?” Don’t tell me she’s here to visit Toby!

Reading her mind, Sonia smirked, and her eyes sparkled. “Well, I’m here to visit President Fuller, of course. I heard that he got into a car accident. As his ex-wife, I should at least send him my regards, no? We were once in love, after all. Did you just visit him, Miss Gray? Great. Could you please tell me what his room number is?”

“Don’t you even think about it!” Tina hissed, her eyes spitting fire.

Sighing in feigned disappointment, Sonia said, “I see. Never mind, then. I’ll check it with the nurse at the reception.”

She was about to walk past Tina when Tina suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her back. “Oh no, you don’t! I’m warning you, Sonia Reed. You’re not allowed to visit Toby. He’s my fiancé!”

“So what if he is? You guys are still not married yet, are you?” Sonia had on a smug look.

Her provocation made Tina so furious that she was shaking. “We’ll be married sooner or later!”

“Huh. Nobody can say that for sure. I heard that he has refused to see you for the past couple of days, and it seems to me that he wants to break up with you. The timing can’t be better because my chance is here,” Sonia added with a giggle, flipping her hair.

Despite her confidence, Sonia was very disgusted with how she was acting right now. It feels so sickening to act like a b*tch, she thought. I swear I’ll never do this again!

Tina’s face fell. “What did you say? Your chance is here? Are you planning to remarry Toby?”

“Of course. I’m already pregnant, and he’s the father of my child. It’s only natural that I remarry him since I can’t let my child grow up in a single-parent household. With your magnanimity, I guess you wouldn’t want to see an innocent child be in a broken family, right?” Blinking, Sonia kept a steady gaze on Tina as she observed her expression.

Just as she expected, Tina’s face cringed into a scowl.

She found out that Toby is the father of her child! Tina thought in shock. I just knew she’d find ways and means to remarry Toby when she found out about it. Hmph! All the things she said before that she doesn’t love him anymore were just bullsh*t in the end!

She couldn’t care less about how Sonia found out the truth, and her eyes were staring at her belly with a malicious intent. It’s all this bastard’s fault! Without this bastard, she’ll have no reason to remarry Toby! Crackling into an insane laughter, she suddenly lunged toward Sonia.

Sonia saw this coming from miles away. Narrowing her eyes, she stepped aside and dodged Tina easily, causing her to push into the air before stumbling to the floor.

Sonia sneered at her, took a step forward, and grabbed her by the hair as she lifted her upper body. With her other hand, she slapped her twice across her face.

Slap! Slap!

The sounds of the slaps were crisp and clear, and palm marks appeared on Tina’s cheeks instantly, making her look very pitiful and sorry.

Amidst all these, none of them noticed that the elevator doors behind them had opened up suddenly, and a man in a wheelchair was watching as the situation unfolded. His hands that were resting on the armrests of the wheelchair balled up tightly as he tried to suppress his emotions.

“How dare you slap me, Sonia Reed!” Tina shouted, pinned to the ground helplessly under her. As she was weaker than Sonia, she was unable to push her away and could only clutch onto Sonia’s arms as tightly as she could, hoping that Sonia would release her from the pain.

Despite Tina’s struggles, Sonia refused to let go, and the stronger Tina clutched her arms, the stronger she would pull her hair. Tina felt as though Sonia would rip out her scalp, and her face twisted into a look of pain.

“Thought I didn’t have the guts to hit you? Who do you think you are? You wanted to push me and kill my baby, and I’m only hitting you in self-defense. Even if we bring this to the police, I’m confident that I’m the one in the right.” Sonia pulled at Tina’s hair as she spoke.

In fact, she deliberately told Tina that the father of her child was Toby and that she would remarry him, all for the sake of provoking Tina into attacking her. Then, she would have a reason to retaliate and pull out her hair.

Even though the plan was a little risky and she might get hurt during the process, she had to resort to this to avoid suspicion as to why she was pulling out Tina’s hair. Luckily for her, she was able to escape unscathed because she was guarded against Tina’s attack.

“Ahh!” Tina screamed, tears of pain brimming in her eyes, and she shot a spiteful look at Sonia. “Let me go!”

“Never!” Sonia met her eyes with ridicule.

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