This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 233

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 233

Sitting upright, Sonia asked, “You found one?”

“Yes.” Zane nodded.

Sonia bit her lower lip. “Where did you find her?”

“In a village from a family where they have little regard for her. She’s been abused since young and didn’t receive much education, either,” he replied.

With a frown, she asked, “She doesn’t really meet the requirement, no?” How can she be our mole if she’s uneducated?

As though reading her mind, Zane chuckled. “No, no, not at all. On the contrary, she checks all the boxes. Her eyes look exactly the same as Mrs. Gray, and more importantly, she’s more likely to gain their affection because she was abused since young and hadn’t been educated.”

Instantly, Sonia’s eyes sparkled, and she understood what he meant. “In other words, you’re trying to make use of the Grays’ guilt toward their long-lost daughter?”

“That’s right. The more horrible Rina Gray used to live, the more likely it is for the Grays to treat her better. That way, the Rina Gray we are planting will have easier access to the interior workings of the Grays and will be able to retrieve the information we need,” he explained, flopping himself comfortably into his bed.

Twirling the pen between her fingers, she answered, “I got it now. So, when are you planning to let her meet them?”

“In a few more days, I think. I have to prep this fake Rina in the next few days so that she wouldn’t give us away. Also, I’ll need your help to get a DNA sample from the Grays so that I can make the arrangements secretly in major hospitals. Then, this fake Rina will turn out to be their daughter no matter where the Grays do the paternity test.”

With a smirk on her face, she promised, “I’ll think of a way to get it.”

“Okay.” Zane stretched and added, “I believe you can do it.”

After hanging up the call, Sonia placed down her cell phone, and her eyes glowed with joy. Looks like I have to find a way to meet Tina and get a sample of her hair. As for her parents… Well, I won’t even try.

First of all, there was no excuse she could use to meet Titus and his wife, and even if she could meet them, she had no way to get their hair sample unless she went ahead and pulled it out of their scalps directly. But it was different with Tina because she could actually pull her hair out with a reason.

With that thought in mind, she called Daphne into her office.

“What can I do for you, President Reed?” Daphne asked, standing in front of her desk.

Leaning back into her chair, she instructed, “Send someone to keep a watch on Tina Gray and let me know where she’s going for the next couple of days.”

Although Daphne was unsure why Sonia wanted to do something like this, she didn’t raise her questions and merely nodded. “I got it.”

“That’s all.” Sonia gestured at the door with her chin.

When Daphne was out of her office, she picked up her pen again and resumed her work.

According to the information from the people watching Tina, she almost never left her house for the next two days. There were only two times when she left her house, and both times were visits to the hospital. Most probably, she was there to visit Toby.

However, for some unknown reasons, she was barely at the hospital for five minutes before going home again, and it was the same for both occasions. After that, she would stay home for the entire day.

This made Sonia a little worried because Zane would be finished with fake Rina’s prep course soon, but she still hadn’t caught hold of Tina’s hair.

“I have to do something,” she muttered under her breath, placing her jacket over her shoulders and grabbing her handbag before leaving her office. I have to initiate the attack and not sit here waiting like a duck.

Her informant had just told her that Tina had driven out from her place and was going in the direction of the hospital. Even though Sonia didn’t know how long she would stay at the hospital this time, she had to catch her at the hospital before she left.

Soon, Sonia arrived at the hospital, and she called Tim while walking through the doors.

“This is the first time you’re calling me!” Tim answered her call within a split second, and she could hear the delight in his voice.

Not knowing if his delight was genuine, Sonia stood in a corner of the lobby and asked, “Is Tina still in the hospital?”

“Are you looking for her?” he asked, brows knitted.

“Yeah, is she still around?”

“She’s standing outside of Toby’s ward and wants to visit him, but he doesn’t allow her.” Standing not far off, Tim watched with ridicule at the woman standing outside of Toby’s ward—her hands were clenched tightly on her sides and a spiteful look was on her face.

Blinking, Sonia asked in surprise, “Toby doesn’t want to see her?” That can’t be true! she thought. That’s his beloved Tina we’re speaking about. How could he bear to leave her outside his door?

“Yes. Toby has been weird for the past couple of days. He’d meet anyone except for Tina,” Tim added, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

Shocked, Sonia thought, So he really didn’t see her for two days? No wonder my informants told me that Tina was only here for a few minutes. So, that’s why. But aren’t they supposed to be deeply in love? How could their relationship be on the rocks now? Snorting indifferently, she decided to not overthink it and said, “I see. May I ask you for a favor?”

“Ask away! I’ll do anything you ask of me,” Tim said confidently, sounding excited all of a sudden. Is my sweet angel going to forgive me now that she’s asking me for help?

Noticing the excitement in his voice, Sonia felt the edges of her lips twitching as she didn’t understand why he was so happy that she was asking for his help. “I would like you to lure Tina into the direction of the lobby. I want her to see me.”

He narrowed his eyes. “Do you have some business with her?”

“You could put it that way, I guess,” she answered vaguely.

Regardless, Tim didn’t press on with more questions and nodded. “Okay, I’ll get her there as soon as possible.”

“Thank you.” Sonia hung up after that.

After keeping away his phone, Tim walked toward Tina and stopped next to her with his hands tucked in his white robes. As he stared at the tightly shut door with her, he began, “Since he doesn’t want to see you, you should head back first. There’s nothing you can do by waiting around here. You should already know this after the past two days.”

Tina tightened her fists. “Tim, do you think Toby has found out about some things I did? Like, I faked my identity disorder…”

Or maybe… he found out that I impersonated Sonia, she finished in her mind, and the thought of these two possibilities made her heart race fearfully. No matter if Toby found out either of it, it would just mean the end of her.

“I don’t think so. If it’s true, he would’ve asked to see you a long time ago and not refuse to see you as he’s doing now,” Tim answered with a shrug.

His words made her feel somewhat relieved, but she was still a little worried. “Then, why do you think he doesn’t want to see me?”

Even if those two issues weren’t the reason Toby didn’t want to see her, she was still feeling uneasy because he became aloof toward her without knowing anything about either issues. In effect, her position as his fiancée was now hanging by a thread.

“Who knows? Maybe he’s still angry over the fact that you opened up his wounds two days ago,” he answered with a smirk.

Gasping in surprise, she said, “Toby isn’t that petty, is he?”

“That’s just my guess, but you have to find out for yourself whether I was right. Nevertheless, he clearly doesn’t want to see you now. You should just go home for now and ask him about it in a couple of days when he’s willing to see you again,” he suggested, nudging his glasses upward.

Thinking that he had a point, Tina uttered, “Okay. Please let him know that I’m leaving now.”

“Sure,” Tim said, and went into Toby’s ward.

After watching the door close, Tina twirled around and left for the elevators.

Meanwhile, Toby was going through a document in his ward. Hearing the approaching footsteps, he asked without lifting his head, “What are you doing here? It’s not time for my checkup yet.”

“I’m here to pass a message for Tina. She’s gone now,” Tim replied, looking at him as he leaned against the wall.

In response, Toby merely mumbled softly.

When Tim saw how composed he seemed, his brows shot up. “How cold of you. That’s not how you usually treat Tina.”

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