This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 23

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 23

Ever since Sonia returned home last night, she was in a bad mood, so she drank until midnight. In a daze, she didn’t sleep long before she was awakened by a phone ringing.

Slowly coming to her senses, she reached for her phone that was on the bedside table and answered, “Hello?”

“President Reed, it’s me—Daphne.”

Upon hearing the other party’s spontaneous introduction, Sonia sobered up a bit and quickly remembered who she was.

The person on the other end was Charles’ secretary. Charles was afraid that after she entered Paradigm Co., she would have none of her own people around her, so he gave his secretary to her.

“What’s the matter?” Sonia asked while walking toward the bathroom.

Daphne informed, “There are a few urgent documents that you need to settle at the company. When will you be coming to the office?”

Sonia figured the matter was very urgent, so she glanced at the time on her phone. “Around 8.30AM.”

“All right.”

After hanging up the phone, Sonia washed her face with cold water and felt much better. But, she drank a lot of wine last night, so her head still hurt. She looked in the mirror, and her expression was a little unpleasant.

After washing up, Sonia tightly pursed her lips when she left the bedroom and saw the state of the living room.

I must’ve been out of my mind last night to have drunk so much.

When Sonia arrived at the office, it was 8.30AM sharp. She had just set one foot down in the office when Daphne appeared behind her.

“President Reed, this is the urgent document that needs to be signed.”

“Okay.” While opening the file, she asked the secretary, “Has the contract with Dwells been signed?”

“Originally, it was supposed to be signed at 9.00AM today, but Dwells regretted it,” Daphne reported helplessly.

“They’re not signing it anymore?” Sonia frowned and took out her phone. “I’ll call Charles and ask him to talk to them.”

Daphne hurriedly said, “President Reed, don’t call him. He was going to go to Dwells to talk business with them this morning, but after answering a call, he told me that there’s something at his company that he needs to deal with, so he’ll deal with Dwells’ contract when he comes back.”

Upon hearing this, Sonia stopped calling him.

She was so focused on getting Charles to help that she almost forgot he had his own company to run and that he had a lot to deal with too.

Seeing that Sonia was silent, Daphne asked, “Then, President Reed, may I leave?”

“Help me check Dwells’ boss’ itinerary for today.” After taking a deep breath, Sonia ordered her secretary, “Report to me as soon as you find out. I’ll settle these few documents first.”

Daphne was taken aback. “Didn’t Charles say to wait for him to come back to deal with it?”

“He’s very busy as well, so I can’t wait for him to handle everything.” Sonia pursed her lips. “Besides, now that I’m in this position, I have to learn whatever it is I don’t know yet. Otherwise, I’ll be criticized before I secure my position.”

“Okay. You do your work, President Reed. I’ll go find out.” Daphne quickly left the office, leaving Sonia alone to busy herself with work.

Because Sonia had only recently come into contact with these matters, added with the fact that there were many jargons in the documents, the speed at which she read the documents was extremely slow, so by noon, only one-third of them had been processed. After hastily eating the lunch sent by her secretary, she continued to look through the rest.

It was only at 2.30PM that she finished processing all the documents.

Sonia rubbed her sore neck, and when she saw the phone on the table light up to indicate that there was a new message, she opened it to check.

Carl: ‘Sonia, the company has arranged a job for me. I need to go to Palmont for a business trip for two months. Because of the time difference, I can’t reply to your messages in time. If you encounter an emergency, you can call the number I left for you.’

Sonia: ‘All right. Take care of yourself there.’

As soon as Sonia replied to his message, another message popped up at the top of the screen, telling her that money had been transferred into one of her bank accounts. When she saw the amount, her eyes widened slightly.

90 million? Could it be that Charles has already sold the Ocean’s Heart?

At this moment, Carl sent another message: ‘I know Paradigm Co.’s situation isn’t good now, and you need some liquid funds. You can use this money first. Tell me if it isn’t enough.’

Sonia: ‘I still have money in my account. If I’m really in trouble, I’ll ask Charles for help. I can’t take your money.’

Carl’s reply came in an instant. ‘Six years ago, if it weren’t for your help, I wouldn’t be where I am now. My money belongs to you, Sonia.’

Sonia’s heart felt warm when she saw his message, and she stopped refusing.

Sonia: ‘Okay. I’ll treat it as you lending money to Paradigm Co. When we rise, the money will be given back to you, plus interest.’

At this moment, there was a knock on the office door.

“Come in.”

Daphne pushed open the door and walked in with a box of fruits in her arms. “President Reed, the delivery man from Four Seasons Orchard sent this.”

After that, Daphne took a secret glance at Sonia. She saw that Sonia was smiling slightly, seemingly happy. She thought to herself, Does President Reed know who sent the fruits?

Sonia opened the box and saw that it was full of mangoes.

After feeling surprised, she soon remembered that Charles often gave her food and knew what she liked to eat, so she figured that Charles bought it from the Four Seasons Orchard.

Sonia shifted her gaze away from the box of mangoes and asked, “Did you find out where the boss of Dwells is?”

“I did,” Daphne hurriedly replied. “Today happens to be Friday, and Dwells’ boss usually goes to Sakura Heights with his friends at 2.00PM to play cards. I’ve sent you the address on Messenger.”

“Okay.” Sonia got up and put on her coat. “When Paradigm Co.’s situation improves, I’ll give you a raise.”

“Thank you, President Reed.” Daphne was overjoyed.

She remembered that there was going to be a heavy rainstorm today, so she chased after Sonia to remind her to bring an umbrella, but she later found that Sonia had already entered the elevator, and her gossip-prone colleagues had surrounded her.

Her nosy colleagues were anxiously asking, “Did President Reed say anything when she saw the box of mangoes?”

“She just opened the box and took a glance.” Daphne spread her hands wide and was also quite puzzled. “Even the company’s cleaners know about the matter between President Fuller and President Reed. Why is it that even though the two are divorced, President Fuller still sends fruits to Paradigm Co. for her?”

“Could it be that President Fuller regrets the divorce?”

“How’s that possible! Everyone in the industry knows that President Fuller loves Miss Tina. He even proposed to her with the Ocean’s Heart!”

“Maybe President Fuller feels that after the divorce, the two parties can still become business partners.”

“Our company is about to go bankrupt; no one wants to acquire it, let alone President Fuller!”

The gossip went on and on.

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