This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 229

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 229

“I’m being serious. I have two bodyguards who’re retired mercenaries, and they both took the lives of others. The aura I sensed from Rebecca felt the same as those two men’s aura. More importantly, I felt some calluses on her purlicue while I was shaking her hand—only people who spend a lot of time holding guns would have such calluses,” Carl explained in a stern tone.

“Gosh, I guess Rebecca isn’t as simple of a woman as I thought she was!” Sonia gasped.

“That’s why you should stay away from her, Sonia.” Carl repeatedly gave her the same reminder. However, Sonia shook her head in response to his words. “No, I shouldn’t stay away from Rebecca when she helped me in the past—that would make me an ungrateful person. Furthermore, I trust that she’d never hurt me.” Not everyone who has killed someone is a bad person, anyway. All the noble soldiers who protect our land have blood on their hands, but we consider them good people anyway.

Carl gave up when he saw how stubborn Sonia was. “Okay. But I hope you’re a little more alert with Rebecca, Sonia. You shouldn’t put all your trust in her,” he muttered with a sigh. Sonia smiled and nodded as she understood that Carl was doing it for her own good. “Okay. I got it.”

They arrived at their destination a while after they ended their conversation. Carl parked the car and got out with Sonia. The workers then led the two of them to the private cubicle—Tim was waiting for them there. He was standing in front of the window, toying with a tiny scalpel in his hand. He slowly turned around when he heard a noise coming from behind him.

“Did you only bring one guy?” Tim took one glance at Carl before he shifted all of his focus toward Sonia.

“Of course not. The rest of the men are hiding around near the area,” she replied calmly. While they were on the way over, she had contacted a security company and spent 10,000 just to hire ten security guards. All ten of the men should’ve arrived at the hotel—Sonia could sense that she was being watched the moment she arrived at the building.

“Didn’t you ask me over to tell me how Tina’s going to attack me next? Where’s Tina now?” Sonia glanced left and right as she questioned Tim.

He pulled a chair out and gestured for her to sit down. “Tina isn’t here yet, and she will not enter this room. This room is where you’ll wait around to listen to her—I’ll have the conversation with her in the room next door. I’ve already installed hidden mics in the room next door.” He pointed a finger toward the electronic devices that were set up on the table.

“Is that so?” Sonia muttered as she placed her bag down and sat on the chair. Carl hastily sat down beside her.

All of a sudden, Tim’s phone began to ring. He took a glance at the screen, and the light reflected against his glasses for a moment before he stuck the phone into his pocket. “She’s here. I’ll go over right now.”

Sonia nodded, and Tim tidied his outfit before he strode out of their room. Soon enough, Sonia could hear the sounds of people talking through the audio monitor that was placed on the table. The voices belonged to none other than Tina and Tim.

“Where did you go? The room was empty just now.” Tina began to complain the moment she saw Tim walking in. She wore a look of disdain on her face. Tim would always arrive earlier whenever she asked to meet him, and he would sit in the room while waiting for her arrival. That was the first time she had walked into an empty room, and it made her displeased as she felt as if Tim wasn’t taking her seriously.

“I went to the washroom. I’m so sorry,” Tim uttered as he pulled a chair out to sit down.

Tina’s voice was firm and clear as she dropped the bomb immediately. “I’m asking to meet you for none other than the same reason—Sonia. This time, I want you to kill her immediately!”

Tim narrowed his eyes a little. Meanwhile, Sonia felt chills running down her entire spine. I can’t believe Tina is actually asking Tim to kill me! Is she trying to get someone else to do the job since she failed to do it on her own?

“Sonia…” Carl tightened his fists. His usual, kind expression was replaced by a stern, icy look. “That woman is just too evil!”

Sonia pressed her red lips together. “I know. I knew it all along.” Sonia had a feeling that Tina was a malicious, unkind woman ever since they were in university. However, it was only after Tina woke up from her coma that Sonia had thoroughly understood something. Tina doesn’t even have a conscience—she is pure evil.

“Did she trigger you in any way? What got you furious to a point where you’re asking me to murder her?” Tim lowered his gaze to conceal the hatred in his eyes as he poured a cup of tea for Tina.

She pushed the teacup aside. “You know about Toby’s accident, right?”

Tim eyed the teacup for a moment before his gaze dimmed a little. “Of course. However, I’m on break today, so I didn’t visit him at the hospital.”

“Toby got into an accident near Bayside Residence, and it happened at about 11.00PM last night. My father called him and told him to come over to my house then, but he rejected my father and drove to meet Sonia instead. How am I supposed to keep my cool in this situation?! How can I not hate Sonia?!” Tina’s facial features were scrunched, and her body was trembling as she spoke.

“Alright, alright. I’ll agree to your request, then. Why don’t you have some tea to calm yourself down first? You only woke up a few months ago, and your body hasn’t fully recovered yet. It’s not good for you to get so worked up.” Tim placed the teacup in front of her once more before coaxing her to drink the tea in a gentle tone. Tina loved the feeling of being flattered and cared for—she held her head up and took a glance at Tim before she agreed to his words. “Fine. Since you’re being so thoughtful, I guess I’ll take one sip of it.”

Tim smiled without saying anything more. She raised the cup and sipped on the tea. “Why does it taste a little sweet?”

“I added some sugar since you mentioned that the tea was a little too bitter the last time.” Tim pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. Tina didn’t suspect anything as she continued to sip on the tea. Before she realized it, she had finished the entire cup of tea.

A barely visible smirk formed on Tim’s lips as he looked at the empty teacup before his eyes. At that very moment, Tina’s phone began to ring. She grinned in surprise when she saw that it was a call from Jean. “Madam White, is Toby awake?” she uttered the moment she picked up the call.

“Yeah. He just woke up,” the voice replied.

“I’ll come over immediately.” Tina got to her feet. Once she kept her phone away, she turned back to look at Tim. “I don’t know how long more I’d have to wait if I were to wait for Sonia to abort her child. I think we should give up on the plan to kill her during the surgery.”

“What do you want me to do, then?” Tim got to his feet as well.

Tina balled her fists as she pulled her lips into a cold grin. “A car accident, a kidnapping, poisoning—anything that can kill her and her little baby in the quickest way possible. You can do whatever you wish to—I just don’t want to hear you fail again. I’ll forgive you for that last time, but if you fail this time, I won’t talk to you for the rest of my life!”

Tim looked as if he was shocked by her words. His naturally fair complexion made his face seem paler than usual at that moment. “Don’t worry. I won’t fail you.” His eyes were filled with determination as he stared at Tina.

Tina let out a contented scoff before she turned to leave. Tim is just a dog that comes whenever I tell him to. I know him well—the one thing he’s the most afraid of is to be ignored by his angel. That’s why I’ve been using his weakness as a threat so that I can get him to do all sorts of things for me.

Once he saw Tina’s figure walking out and disappearing from his sight, Tim removed his glasses and began to clean it without any expression on his face. He no longer looked shocked by her words. Did she threaten to ignore me for the rest of her life? Does she think she’s going to live for long?

Right then, the sound of the door came from behind him. Tim put on his glasses and turned around to meet Sonia’s icy glare. “Don’t worry. I won’t actually do anything to you. I just pretended to agree to her.”

“Don’t trust him, Sonia.” Carl eyed Tim suspiciously. If this man can agree to kill someone so easily, if he could utter such words without any hesitation, it just shows that he must have had some history of harming others. Furthermore, this person’s actual intentions seem to be very well-guarded—I can’t read him at all. Sonia will probably lose her life if she were to interact with such people.

“I know.” Sonia nodded. She knew that she couldn’t trust Tim, even though he had saved her in the past.

“What did it mean when Tina said that you failed to go through with the plan the last time?” Sonia dug her nails into her palms as she looked up and glared at Tim.

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