This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 222

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 222

“Are you saying that it’s my fault?” Sonia sniggered. “Why don’t you explain how I made you dress up in this, then? Could I have gone over to your place just to force you into your dress?”

“You weren’t at my house. You were at the clothing store!” Tina clenched her fists as she spoke.

The smile on Sonia’s face grew wider. “Oh? Are you talking about the store where you got this outfit? I don’t remember making you dress up this way at the store.”

“You and Rebecca were the ones who said that this dress went well with the fur shawl and this purse. That was why I—” Before Tina could finish speaking, Sonia clutched her stomach and burst into laughter. “Pfft!” Charles, Zane, and Carl laughed along with her. Even Brenda shook her head with a mocking grin on her face.

Toby, Titus, and Cynthia were the only ones who didn’t have smiles on their faces. Weariness spread across Toby’s face as he massaged the space between his brows. Cynthia held her head low the whole time, and Titus looked as if he was ready to disappear into a hole in the ground. How could I have a daughter as idiotic as her?! he thought.

“What are you guys laughing about?!” Tina dug her nails into her palms as she glared fiercely and Sonia and the rest.

Charles had to massage his cheeks as they were sore from laughing. “It’s nothing. We’re just laughing because we haven’t met someone as dumb as you. You picked this outfit just because my darling said that those pieces went well together. Are you brainless or something?” he asked.

“We wouldn’t get to see her in this outfit if she had a brain, right?” Carl’s voice was gentle, but his gaze was icy-cold.

“You guys… You…” Tina’s entire body was trembling madly. Toby placed a hand over her shoulder and tightened his grip around her. “That’s enough, Tina. Stop causing trouble.”

“Toby… They’ve gone overboard with their words, and you still think that I’m the one causing trouble. Why aren’t you on my side at all?” Tina widened her eyes as she looked at him resentfully. Titus wasn’t pleased with Toby’s actions either.

Toby pressed his lips together and was about to say something when Sonia spoke up. Checking her nails, she said, “Look, Miss Gray, I did tell Rebecca about how the dress, the fur shawl, and the purse made from alligator skin looked good together while we were at the store. However, I never suggested you wear it. We’re enemies—why would I give you any suggestions? I hadn’t expected you to eavesdrop on our conversation, and I hadn’t expected you to wear the same exact outfit to this event.”

“Stop talking nonsense. You and Rebecca were speaking so loudly that day—it’s obvious that you were trying to get me to overhear your conversation. What do you mean when you say that I was eavesdropping? You guys were clearly setting up a trap for me to walk into it!” Tina cried at the top of her lungs.

Zane rolled his eyes. “Do you have any proof? If you don’t, then you should shut up. You’re the one who was dumb enough to go along with what others said, and you dug your own grave in the end.”

“You—” Tina started.

“That’s enough!” Brenda frowned as she interrupted Tina. “This is my turf—you can go back to the Gray Residence if you want to throw a tantrum. Alright. Please get Miss and Mr. Gray to leave my party now. They are not welcome here.”

“Yes, ma’am.” A few waiters who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere nodded as they gestured for Tina and Titus to head to the exit.

As much as Titus was fuming on the inside, he decided that he already had enough embarrassment for that day. He no longer wanted to stay at the party, so he forced a smile as he bid goodbye. “We’ll stop bothering you now, Miss Brenda. Goodbye. Come on, Tina.”

“Dad!” Tina wasn’t quite done yet, but Titus grabbed her arm and tugged her away from Toby. After sending Toby a fierce glare, Titus forcefully dragged Tina out of the hall. They’d only embarrass themselves even more if they didn’t leave then.

“Sh*t, they left just like that. They didn’t even apologize to you, baby.” Charles pouted.

Sonia smiled. “I don’t need an apology from them. Anyway, they really embarrassed themselves today. I’m sure we’ll get to see some hilarious stuff about them on the Internet tomorrow.”

“That’s true.” Charles chuckled as he thought about their misfortune. Toby glanced at Charles and frowned a little, but he didn’t say anything in the end.

“You’re the daughter of the Stone Family, aren’t you?” Brenda turned her focus toward Cynthia all of a sudden.

Cynthia raised her head bashfully. “Y-Yes. Oliver Stone is my father.”

“You’re a pretty loyal friend, but you aren’t too smart, are you? Tina was using you as her weapon, and you didn’t even realize it,” Brenda commented flatly. Charles and Zane chuckled while blood rushed to Cynthia’s cheeks. A well-respected senior just called me dumb. I’d rather she stab me in the chest right now, Cynthia thought.

“Well, you should leave as well. I don’t recall inviting anyone from the Stone Family, so the girl from the Gray Family must have brought you over. In that case, you have no reason to stay since the Grays have left.” Brenda waved her hand as she gave out her orders.

Cynthia nodded hastily and grunted in agreement before she strode toward the exit with her gaze fixed on the ground. Everyone will know about Tina after today, and I’ll be involved as well. I’m sure half of the town will be laughing at me tomorrow.

“Let’s leave since everyone’s heading off.” Charles put his palms behind his head and rested on it as he spoke. Carl took a glance at Sonia’s dress. “Your dress has some wine stains on it. You should get changed.”

“I can’t leave just yet. I need to meet someone for a talk later,” Zane uttered as he let out a regretful sigh. Charles beamed happily when he heard this. “You can take your time. There’s no rush. You can have the talk until next year if you wish to.”

Charles patted Zane on the shoulder. I wish Zane would never show up beside my darling ever again. I can clearly tell that he’s interested in my darling. She only needs Carl and me by her side—Zane doesn’t have to be around. We don’t have enough of my darling’s attention to share it with him.

Zane chuckled and pushed Charles’s hand away. After bidding goodbye to Brenda, Sonia, Toby, and the rest, Zane headed to the lounge where he was supposed to meet someone.

“It’s late now, Miss Brenda. I guess we should make a move too. I’m sorry that we ruined your party tonight.” Sonia gave Brenda a sincere apology along with a bow.

Brenda giggled. “To be honest, I was angry at first. However, after I saw how calm and composed you seemed the whole time, I realized how much I admired you. You should head off now. Drive safe.”

“Alright.” Sonia, Charles, and Carl left together after Sonia shook Brenda’s hand. As Sonia walked past Toby, she didn’t bother to glance at him at all—it was almost like he didn’t exist in her world.

Toby felt a hollow sensation in his chest, and he subconsciously raised his hand up in an attempt to hold onto her and stop her from leaving. However, he didn’t manage to touch her, and she eventually disappeared from his sight. Toby lowered his gaze and curled his fist up while lowering his hand.

Brenda happened to witness this scene, so she questioned him with a smile. “I’ve heard about you and Miss Reed’s divorce in the past. People say that you left Miss Reed because you no longer had feelings for her. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case, huh?”

Toby stuck his hand into his pocket as he parted his thin lips to reply to Brenda. “Stop kidding, Miss Brenda. There’s no such thing. Tina’s the only one I love.” Me, having feelings for Sonia? How could that be possible? Toby pressed his lips together as he swallowed the hint of emotion that seemed to have been caught in his throat. He completely denied what Brenda had said about him.

She raised an eyebrow as she put on an amused smirk. “Is that so? I guess I was wrong, then. My apologies.”

“No worries,” he replied faintly. She took another sip of her wine. “Come to think of it, how did you and Miss Gray fall in love, President Fuller? Miss Gray was comatose for six years, and I’m sure you didn’t know her before that, did you?”

“I knew Tina a long time ago,” Toby said with a shake of his head. “It’s been more than ten years now, but we started as penpals. I only officially met her six years ago.”

“I see,” Brenda said as she nodded thoughtfully. She smiled before she continued with her words. “I’m still really curious, President Fuller. How did you fall in love with Miss Gray?”

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