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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 215

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 215

Seeing how angry Tina was, Sonia smiled in happiness. “What? Are you upset, Miss Gray? Just now, you treated me like this, but I didn’t get angry. But now you’re angry after being treated in the same fashion. You’re too petty, Miss Gray. I don’t think you can be the Fuller Group president’s wife.”

“Who said I’m angry?” Tina squeezed her palms, took a deep breath to calm down, and retorted with a sharp voice. She knew Sonia was deliberately pissing her off.

I will not fall for it! I will let Sonia know that I’m more suitable than anyone else to become the president’s wife of the Fuller Group!

“Not bad, not bad.” Sonia applauded. “Miss Gray is such a benevolent lady. I really admire you. Since you’re no longer angry, then I will take my leave.”

After saying that, Sonia dropped the tissues in her hand, went past Tina, and walked toward the restroom door. After two steps, she suddenly stopped again and turned her head toward Tina with a meaningful smile. “By the way, Miss Gray, your current look is very nice, especially this dress. It’s very suitable for tonight’s banquet.”

Sonia’s gaze fell on Tina’s fur shawl, as well as the small crocodile skin clutch in her hand. At that instant, a trace of ridicule flashed in her eyes. Previously at the dress store, she and Rebecca deliberately discussed that the outfit matched well with the accessories in order to set a trap for Tina.

In the end, Tina took the bait and came wearing the outfit. Clearly, there would be a good show later at the banquet. Thus, Sonia smiled and left the bathroom.

After she left, Tina touched her face and looked at the dress on her body, smiling smugly. “Hmph, I knew I would look gorgeous.”

With that, she put down her hands and wanted to wash them again. After all, she had just touched the cosmetics on her face. However, just as Tina turned back to the mirror and saw herself in it, she grimaced and shouted, “Ah!”

Just now, she didn’t look at the mirror, so she didn’t know how she looked at the moment. Now that she looked at it, she realized that when Sonia said she looked good, the latter wasn’t really sincere at all but was being sarcastic.

Other than the dress on her body, she was simply in a terrible state. Her makeup and hair were messy and horrible. In fact, she completely looked like a crazy woman, which must have been caused when Sonia hit her just now.

Tina looked at the mirror and said with resentment, “Sonia, you just wait! I will definitely kill you and that child you’re carrying. Otherwise, I might as well not be called Tina Gray!”

At the door, Brenda, who was about to come in to use the restroom, heard these words and quickly took a step back. She pursed her slightly thin lips, her imposing face filled with disgust. “This Gray woman is the precious descendant of Triforce Enterprise, yet she’s so vicious. How ridiculous.”

She coldly glanced at the restroom door, then turned around and walked away, not willing to use the restroom anymore because she was too disgusted.

When Sonia returned to the auction venue, Charles asked worriedly, “Baby, why are you back so late?”

Lifting her dress, Sonia sat down and said, “I ran into some trouble.”

“What kind of trouble?” Charles suddenly got nervous. “Baby, you are okay, right?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve already taken care of it.” Sonia smiled at him.

Charles nodded. “That’s good. By the way, the next auction item is yours.”

Hearing these words, Sonia had her eyes narrowed for a moment. That was fast.

Soon, an antique was taken away from the stage, and the next auction item was sent in for display. The big screen behind the auctioneer revealed more detailed information about the ring, but it concealed the full identity of the donor. Only the words ‘Miss Reed’ were written where the donor’s name should be, acting as a kind of privacy protection for the donor.

However, some still guessed the identity of the donor correctly. After all, in the large city of Seafield, although there were many with the last name Reed, the only famous one was from Paradigm Co.

“It’s the wedding ring of Sonia and Toby!” Tina looked at the ring spinning around on the big screen and her eyes reddened with anger. The previous owner of the ring was Sonia, who had actually donated her wedding ring.

And Toby hasn’t even given me any ring?! This is ridiculous!

Tina’s heart was frenzied with jealousy. “Dad, I want this ring.”

Titus naturally knew how the ring was donated and frowned disapprovingly. “What do you want it for? It’s someone else’s. If you want it, go get a new one from Toby.”

“Toby won’t buy one for me.” Tina clenched her hands.

It was not like she hadn’t hinted at Toby to buy her a set of matching couple rings, but Toby said that one ring was enough and that buying more than one didn’t mean anything. He also said that he would buy it for her when they got married.

Still, they were not formally engaged yet, so the wedding would have to wait until next year at least. Sadly, she did not want to wait, and she would rather have a ring worn by Sonia since at least that was what Toby bought.

Titus could not go against Tina, so he could only nod and let her bid later.

The auction for the ring began with a starting price of 200,000 because the main diamond was a rare pink one, so the price was naturally higher.

“300,000!” Tina immediately raised her sign.

Toby, Sonia, Charles, and Zane all heard her voice, and they all had different expressions on their faces. The latter three of them were surprised, and Toby was puzzled.

Why is Tina bidding for this ring?

Then, Toby pressed the bell.

The auctioneer received the message and immediately offered, “The guest in private booth 1 on the second floor has added 100,000. Does anyone else want to increase the price?”

When Tina heard someone bidding against her, she looked up at the private booth on the second floor. However, the window of the box was closed, so she couldn’t see inside and didn’t know who was there. Therefore, she bit her lip in anger and shouted, “400,000!”

She also immediately added 100,000 without the slightest hesitation; it could be noted that she was determined to get this ring.

Toby frowned and rang the bell again. Later, the auctioneer reported, “The guest in the private booth has increased his bid to 500,000.”

Tina shivered with anger and gave the booth a fierce glare. “600,000!”

“Baby, Tina and the guest on the second floor seem to be fighting for this,” Charles said to Sonia.

Sonia nodded and also looked at the second floor. “I don’t know who the person on the second floor is and why they seem to want the ring as well.”

Although Sonia was surprised that Tina wanted to buy the ring, she could more or less understand her logic behind it.

After all, this ring was bought by Toby, so Tina might want to take it for herself. However, she was not sure about the guest on the second floor.

“Baby, I want to have fun too.” Suddenly, Charles spoke up playfully.

Sonia raised her eyebrows. “What do you want to do?”

The corner of Charles’s mouth curved up as he raised the sign. “1 million!”

On hearing this amount, all the auction participants were instantly shocked.

Although the ring was worth a lot of money, it was only worth 500,000 at most. The mysterious guest on the second floor and Tina had bid for 600,000 to 700,000, which most people already thought was too high and not worth it. Therefore, they didn’t expect that another person with a lot of money would appear, directly bidding for 1 million.

“Charles, what are you doing? You’re crazy!” Sonia looked at Charles in shock.

Charles made a shushing motion to her. “Don’t worry, Baby. I know what I’m doing.”

Seeing how he appeared to be serious instead of pulling her leg, Sonia sighed. “Forget it then. I won’t care about what you do, but just don’t go overboard!”

“Okay, okay.” Charles waved his hand.

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