This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 214

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 214

Zane held his stomach and couldn’t stop laughing when he heard Sonia’s assumption. Toby is equivalent to an oily and slick man in his forties who is middle-aged and balding? My, oh my!

He couldn’t stop laughing when he thought of Toby being an ugly, middle-aged man. Sonia turned to look at Zane curiously, who was about to die laughing. “Why are you laughing like this? Was I wrong?”

“No, no, no.” Zane waved his hand. “You are not wrong; you are right. He is indeed more than forty and bald. His belly is also quite big, while his eyes are also tiny. In short, he’s hideous.”

Hearing his description, Sonia couldn’t help but shiver and hurriedly stop him. “Okay, stop it. I can’t stand it any longer.”

Most people were superficial and enjoyed the beauty, and she admitted that she was also one of them. In short, she really couldn’t accept that she had had a relationship with such a man. Even if it had been so long ago, she still felt sick to her stomach.

“Fine, fine, I won’t talk about it. I’ll stop now.” Zane rubbed his cheeks that hurt from laughing and nodded repeatedly.

Sonia pursed her red lips and said, “I don’t know how you can be friends with such a person. Both of you look completely out of place together.”

“I told you. We’re just acquaintances.” Zane shrugged.

At this time, Charles came back after answering the phone. Sonia looked at him, then asked, “What did Carl say?”

“He said he’s already back and is also going to attend the auction tonight, so we’ll see him at the banquet when the auction is over.” Charles put his phone in his pocket.

Sonia nodded. “That’s fine and all, but didn’t we agree for him to call us when he comes back so that we can pick him up at the airport? Why didn’t he call?”

“His plane is late. It took half an hour more for him to get off the plane. If we went to pick him up and then come over, we would be late, so he might as well just come over. Anyway, let’s go in first, Baby,” Charles replied. Hearing that, Sonia agreed, and so the three of them walked toward the hotel and entered the auction venue.

Sonia and Charles sat in the back rows while Zane was up at the front, so after entering the auction venue, the three of them were separated. Soon, Sonia found her own seat according to the invitation, and as soon as she sat down, she felt someone looking at her. She stiffened for a moment and looked around to find out who was looking at her.

But after looking around, she did not notice anyone doing that, so she simply gave up.

In a private booth on the second floor of the auction venue, Toby left the windows and returned to the sofa with his cane and sat down after Tom came in.

“Something wrong?” Toby picked up the auction booklet and read it. Tom stood behind him and said, “President Fuller, the Gray Family is here. They want to come in to say hello to you.”

“No need. We’ll meet at the banquet after the auction,” Toby turned the page and said indifferently.

Tom nodded. “Alright, then I will let them know right away.”

Heh, it’s obvious that the Gray Family just wants to come and sit in here because they don’t want to sit in the hall with the others. After all, this private booth represents one’s powerful identity. Although the Gray Family is prestigious, their influence is far from being able to sit in the private booth of this auction, so they must wait to come in here.

After Tom went out, Toby intended to go over to the window again, so he closed the auction booklet. He was about to put it back on the shelf when it slipped and fell on the floor, and the pages of the originally closed booklet flipped again.

Toby frowned and bent down to pick it up. Just as he did so, his eyes widened. “This is—”

He had noticed a familiar ring printed on the page: it was his and Sonia’s wedding ring!

The female version was a little different from the male version, but the difference was not too big, not to mention it was the one and only unique ring design in the world. Thus, that was why he recognized it at a glance.

He hurriedly looked at the information of the donor below, and sure enough, the name ‘Miss Reed’ was printed there. At that, his face suddenly turned gloomy.

She actually donated the wedding ring and participated in the auction!

For a moment, a wave of anger rose up in Toby’s heart.

He did not throw away his wedding ring, and it was still in the drawer inside his room. Yet, she, however, took it out for sale.

Feeling betrayed, he stood up and went to the window to once again stare at Sonia, who was on the first floor. As for Sonia, she again felt eyes on her, and this time she could clearly feel that the other party did not have a good opinion of her.

“Baby, what’s wrong with you?” Charles, who was a few seats away, saw the restless Sonia and hurriedly asked across the room.

Sonia wanted to say that someone was looking at her again but then thought that it was pointless to say it because it was probably impossible to find that person, so she simply shook her head. “I’m fine; I’m going to the bathroom.”

She had finished checking out the booklet, and she was uninterested in the items being auctioned, thus naturally, she did not care that she would miss something good if she left.

“Okay, but do come back quickly,” Charles reminded.

Thus, Sonia nodded, got up, and left her place. In the washroom, she came out of the cubicle after using the toilet and came to the sink to wash her hands.

At this time, she heard a flushing sound, and immediately after that, she saw through the mirror that the door of a cubicle behind her was being opened. Soon, Tina came out from inside and met Sonia’s eyes in the mirror. She obviously didn’t expect to see Sonia here either, so after looking surprised, she smiled and nodded. “Miss Reed, what a coincidence.”

“It’s quite a coincidence.” Sonia nodded slightly back.

However, Tina was dissatisfied with her attitude, and after staring at Sonia coldly, she also walked to the washstand to wash her hands.

At this time, Sonia had already washed her hands, so she took some tissue from the side and began to wipe her hands.

As for Tina, she looked at the hand sanitizer near her and realized it was already empty. Feeling upset all of a sudden, she looked at Sonia and asked, “Miss Reed, will you hand me the hand sanitizer beside you, please?”

“No.” Sonia wiped her fingers and refused without hesitation.

We are enemies, so why should I hand her something?

Tina didn’t expect Sonia to refuse so quickly without giving her any respect, so she bit her lip angrily. Then, she thought of something, and she coldly smiled before she stepped toward Sonia and pushed her away, occupying the washstand where Sonia had just stood.

Sonia also did not expect her to do this, so after being pushed, she hurriedly held the edge of the washstand in time, avoiding the near tragedy of falling.

“Sorry, Miss Reed. I didn’t mean it. You shouldn’t take it personally, right?” Tina rubbed her hands and apologized, but her eyes were filled with malicious intent.

As Sonia stared coldly at Tina, the latter felt uncomfortable, and her expression stiffened. Suddenly, Sonia lifted the bag in her hands and smashed it against Tina’s head.

Tina was unprepared, so it hit her squarely on the head, and her hair was messed up. Not only that, but her makeup was ruined, and pain shot through her head.

“Sonia, how dare you hit me!” Tina was trembling, gritting her teeth and glaring at Sonia.

Sonia drew more tissue and slowly wiped the cosmetic residue on her bag. Her voice was clear and cold as she replied, “Sorry, Miss Gray, I didn’t mean to do it, so you shouldn’t take it personally, right?”

The familiar words made Tina’s face redden. Clearly, she had just said this to Sonia, yet Sonia had used it to retort her.

This was clearly a slap in her face!

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