This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 21

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 21

“Baby, don’t look at him. Look at me, all right?” Charles tried his best to draw Sonia’s gaze back from the window. “I’m more handsome than Carl, okay? Or do you like virgins like him more?”

Having had her thoughts interrupted, Sonia didn’t know if she should be angry or laugh, so she rolled her eyes at him. “When I was young, I thought you were narcissistic. Who knew you’d grow up worse.”

“I’m just aware of how handsome I am!” Charles chuckled. “Really, baby. Don’t you want to marry me? The Ocean’s Heart is nothing. I will find the world’s most unique diamond ring to propose to you!”

Sonia and Charles grew up together, and they often dropped by each other’s houses, so they were extremely close. Sonia knew that Charles was just trying to cheer her up because he knew that she was upset.

She was indeed rather amused by his remarks, and she even remembered the things she had neglected.

Sonia opened her handbag and took out a ring from one of the compartments. Even in the dim lighting of the car, the diamond was still dazzling.

This was her wedding ring.

Sonia looked at the wedding ring in her hand, and everything that happened tonight flashed rapidly through her mind.

She recalled the scene of Toby kneeling down and proposing to Tina, almost as if he was spoiling her, and the scene where he protected Tina… Her calm heart began to make waves again.

Through the rearview mirror, Charles saw the ring, but he didn’t make a joke about it. “Baby, you know that some people look like humans, but they don’t deserve to be humans. If you meet again in the future, you have to take a detour.”

“Okay.” It was only a few dozen seconds, but Sonia’s heart was already at peace.

She placed the wedding ring on the armrest compartment in the center, and her tone was calm when she said, “Sell this wedding ring for me too. Donate the money to the people in the poor mountain areas.”

With that, Sonia leaned back in her chair and looked at the scenery flashing by outside the car window, and her whole being calmed down.

After eight years, her one-sided love had finally come to an end, which made her feel relieved.


At the hotel, the banquet was still ongoing, and the guests were still bustling, as if nothing had happened earlier.

One after another, Toby greeted each company’s bosses and business partners. It took a long time before he had time to breathe, and exhaustion was clear in his eyes.

As soon as he sat down to rest, Tina came over.

“Toby, are you okay?” Tina asked thoughtfully as she poured warm water for him before walking around to the back to massage his shoulders.

Her technique was right, but there was still a lingering irritation haunting Toby’s heart.

Toby pressed Tina’s hand, then said in a deep voice, “You’d been going around with your father greeting everyone tonight, so you must be quite tired. You should sit down and rest.”

“Okay.” Tina gave a small smile, then sat down beside the man.

She peeled an orange and handed it to Toby, but he didn’t take it and simply stared at her. “Tina, how did the car accident happen back then? Tell me again.”

The man’s eyes were deep and sharp. It was as if he had an insight into people’s hearts. When Tina met his gaze, her hands trembled, and she almost dropped the orange onto the ground.

“I was in a coma in the hospital for too long, so there are many things I don’t remember.” She forcefully steadied her mind and tried to recall it. “I don’t remember exactly how the car accident happened. I only vaguely remember that I was hit.”

She continued, “Tonight, Miss Reed brought people over to create trouble. Toby, you can’t possibly believe what Charles said about me staging the accident, right?”

Met with Toby’s silence, Tina grabbed his hand before she said in a flustered and aggrieved tone, “Toby, you must believe me. I’m not familiar with Miss Reed, so why would I frame her? I won’t treat my life as a joke.”

Seeing that her eyes were red, Tony’s doubts disappeared, leaving only distress.

Tony took her hand and kissed it, then said, “Since you’ve recovered, the matter with the car accident ends here. It has left you traumatized, and I don’t want you to feel upset because of it anymore.”

“Okay.” Feeling relieved, Tina smiled faintly.

Tina peeled an orange again and handed it to the man while looking at his stern expression. “Tony, I know that Miss Reed had been married to you for six years, and she had contributed quite a lot to the Fuller Family, so I’m very grateful to her. I’d like to invite Miss Reed to dinner some other day and prepare another present to thank her.”

“There’s no need for that.” Thinking about what happened half an hour ago, Toby’s gaze darkened, and his tone was a little cold. “Sonia was the only person who could donate blood to you at the time. She used this to threaten me, which was why I married her. And the Ocean’s Heart, which she took away tonight, is worth quite a huge sum.”

Seeing that the man was so loyal to her and always stood by her side, Tina felt utterly relieved.

She leaned over and wrapped her arms around the man’s waist, and a soothing smile appeared on her face. “Toby, thank you for waiting for me. Now that I’ve recovered, I will have plenty of time to spend with you and Madam White.”

Since they were seated so closely together, Toby could smell the faint scent of roses on her body. Seemingly uncomfortable with the smell, he frowned.

He remembered that Sonia also used perfume. He had smelled it several times, but his nose never felt uncomfortable.

“Tina, mind your actions.” Julia and Titus came over. Seeing how Tina was hugging Toby, Julia smiled, but she reprimanded her. “There are guests all around. It’s not good for the guests to see this.”

Tina blushed after being told off, so she quickly let go of Toby and sat back in her seat.

Unbothered, Titus said, “Toby and Sonia are already dating, so what do they have to be wary of? If it wasn’t for that Sonia girl—”

Halfway through his angry talking, Titus seemed to have realized something, so he stopped short and said to Toby, “I heard that you had dinner with the boss of Continental Co. last week. Do you intend to buy it?”

“President Drew and I just had dinner and a casual chat,” Toby said. “Ryan is competitive, and he attaches importance to his company. He would never let it be acquired no matter how bad things got.”

Titus nodded. “I heard that he was looking for people to invest these days, so he has obviously run into a wall.”

When the two of them talked about business matters, Titus did the talking, while Toby assumed his role as a junior and listened while occasionally agreeing with him.

Seeing the waiter walking through the crowd with a glass of juice and sending it to another table, Toby remembered something and called the waiter over. “I want a pot of freshly squeezed mango juice.”

“No problem. Please wait a minute.”

When Tina saw Toby asking the waiter for mango juice, her face became stiff, but she figured she shouldn’t ask anything.

In no time, a jug of freshly squeezed mango juice was delivered.

Toby poured a cup and handed it to Tina, a faint smile on his lips. “I remember when we corresponded last time, you wrote that you loved eating mangoes. Once, you went to your grandma’s house and ate 30 small mangoes in one go, seemingly unafraid of overeating.”

“They were just small mangoes. There wasn’t much flesh.” As Tina spoke, she took the glass of mango juice from him and held it tightly, but she didn’t drink it immediately, and her face seemed to have turned paler.

“What’s the matter?” Toby asked. “You love to eat mangoes, but you don’t like them as fruit juice?”

Titus didn’t understand what Toby was saying to Tina, but he knew that she was allergic to mangoes, and it was very severe. She couldn’t touch them at all.

Titus hurriedly said, “Toby, Tina can’t—”

“I love to eat mangoes, and I also like to drink mango juice. Back in the days, Mom always made me mango juice,” Tina interrupted her father. She shot him a look to tell him not to say anything more.

Tina looked at the mango juice in her hand, then fiercely gritted her teeth and quickly finished the whole cup.

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