This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 209

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 209

Sonia stood up and lifted her left wrist. “What’s wrong with my wrist?”

“How did you get the red mole on your wrist?” Tim stared at her and asked.

Amused by Tim’s question, Sonia said, “I was born with it. How else could that have ended up on my wrist otherwise?” I couldn’t have faked that red mole, could I? While red moles were unique and uncommon, many people were usually seen with black moles instead of red ones.

Tim’s expression didn’t change much after he heard Sonia’s reply. Then, he looked down in a preoccupied manner, leaving Sonia in bewilderment as she rubbed her red mole and asked, “Why are you asking me all this?”

Tim adjusted his glasses and asked another question instead of answering Sonia’s. “I have another question. Did you once save a boy in your youth?”

“Save a boy?” Sonia raised her eyebrows.

Appearing as if this matter didn’t concern him, he responded with an affirmative hum.

Sonia squinted and asked, “How old are we talking about?”

“Around 10 years old,” Tim looked at her and replied.

Sonia smiled. “Yeah, I did save a boy’s life back then.”

Tim’s eyes dilated in a stupefied manner as his sitting posture became seemingly rigid. Then, he desperately asked, “Where was it?”

Despite her confusion with the man’s strange behavior, Sonia went on and answered, “It happened by the pond. A boy was bullied and thrown into the water as I happened to walk past that place. So, I grabbed a wooden stick to help him get ashore.”

The next second, the chair that Tim sat on fell onto the ground after he abruptly rose to his feet from his seat. Then, he adjusted his glasses and looked at Sonia in an agitated manner. “So, it’s you! It’s really you!” Tina was never my angel! My actual angel is Sonia! At that moment, Tim ridiculed himself in irony for his silly mistake in repaying his gratitude to the wrong person while nearly killing the lady to whom he owed a favor.

“W-What are you talking about? What do you mean by ‘it’s me’?” Sonia was puzzled by Tim’s agitated response.

However, Tim didn’t answer her question but instead wrapped his arms around her and hugged her as tightly as he could. In the meantime, Sonia, frightened by his unexpected dramatic behavior, struggled to breathe in his suffocating embrace. Then, she tried to push him away from her, speaking weakly with all the energy she had. “Let go of me…”

Despite her desperate cry, Tim acted as if he didn’t hear her voice and continued to wrap his arms around her. Soon, Charles barged into the ward and showed up by the door. “What’s wrong, Darling? What’s with the commotion—” Before he could finish his words, he was stunned by the sight of what he saw. “Tim, what the heck are you doing?! Get away from my girl!” Charles charged at the doctor.

Upon hearing Charles’ response, Zane came in from the outside. “What happened? W-What… a jerk you are, Tim!” He then joined Charles and separated Tim from Sonia before Charles clenched his fist and swung it across Tim’s face. At the same time, Zane stood in front of Sonia, acting like a shield that protected her from any further harm.

The next moment, Tim collapsed onto the ground with a loud thump while his glasses flew away from his face. Nevertheless, Charles pressed on with his aggression and grabbed Tim by the collar, manhandling him in the air in a furious manner. “You’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing, aren’t you? How dare you try to take advantage of my darling?! Where is your professionalism as a doctor?! How could you do something like this to your patient?! I swear you’re done for good this time!” He raised his fist once more and was about to strike.

“Stop!” Sonia shoved Zane away from her and shouted across the ward.

When Charles heard Sonia’s commanding words, he instantly pulled his punch just inches away from Tim’s face and gazed at the lady in disbelief. “Darling, he just tried to take advantage of you. So, are you seriously going to let this slide?”

Sonia rubbed her forehead. “I know you’re doing this for me, Charles, but you’re hurting him. After all, you don’t want to…”

“He deserves it!” Zane said, to which Charles agreed.

Sonia shook her head and asked, “He is a doctor, and he mustn’t be injured. Have you thought about the patients who might need him in their surgery?”

Zane and Charles were rendered speechless by Sonia’s question as they knew the patients were innocent, even though they reckoned Tim deserved what was coming to him. After all, any patient’s life could be in jeopardy should Tim become injured, which would make them indirectly responsible for those tragedies.

At the thought of that, Charles reluctantly let go of Tim despite his strong grudge against the latter, so he dropped Tim onto the ground and grunted. “Hmph! You’re lucky this time. If this happens again, you and I know where that is going to take us!” Although Charles didn’t specifically reveal what would happen next time, it appeared that everyone understood what he was implying.

In the meantime, Tim was lying on the ground, coughing violently before he suddenly let out a laugh. While Sonia and the two men couldn’t feel weirder upon hearing Tim’s laughter, Zane frowned and asked, “Why are you laughing?”

Tim then picked up his glasses with the broken frame and put them back on, whereupon he stood up and rubbed his swollen left cheek. At the same time, he set his eyes on Sonia and said, “You have a kind heart indeed, which is something that has never changed at all. That’s exactly why you’re always the angel in my heart.” See? What did I say? My angel was already brave when she was ten. Even danger couldn’t stop her from rescuing me. Thus, how could a lady so kind-hearted like her ever change when she grows up?

In the face of Tim’s thrilling response, Sonia couldn’t help but feel uneasy upon witnessing it. Thus, she pursed her lips and asked, “What do you mean by that?”

Meanwhile, Zane and Charles exchanged gazes, seeing through the confusion in each other’s eyes, as it was clear that both of them had no idea what Tim was trying to tell them. Soon, Tim’s phone rang when he puckered his lips and was about to talk. Therefore, he clamped his lips and reached for his cell phone in frustration, but the moment he saw the caller’s name, an intimidating look flashed across his face. A few seconds later, he regained control of his emotions and coldly answered the call. “Hello.”

“Did you make it, Tim?” Tina couldn’t wait to hear some good news.

Tim squinted, curling his lips upward in response. “No.”

“No?” Tina’s face changed just when she started screeching, “Why?!”

“We’ll talk about that later. I still have a patient to tend to right here.” The man hung up the call as soon as he was done with his sentence.

Exasperated and piqued, Tina felt like smashing her phone. That guy is such a useless piece of crap! It’s been so long, yet he can’t finish one simple job! What a useless piece of crap! Besides, how dare he hang up on me?!

On the other hand, Tim put down his phone and turned his attention to Sonia once more, while Charles and Zane warily stared at him, seemingly afraid that he would do Sonia any harm.

As they expected, Tim didn’t do anything silly, only fixing his gaze on Sonia. “I promise I’ll protect you for as long as I can. Just wait and see. I will punish those who have hurt you before and make them suffer so much that they wish to go to hell!” First, I’ll start with Tina.

Since Tim had always thought Tina was his angel, he didn’t keep any evidence that could prove Tina’s evil deeds. In fact, he even covered her tracks by helping her destroy a lot of the evidence. Thus, he was sure it wouldn’t be possible to take down Tina by law. Furthermore, Toby’s presence would also make it hard for Tim to get to Tina, forcing him to operate in the shadows rather than in the open. At the thought of that, Tim shot a gaze at Sonia just when the light reflected off his glasses before he left the room.

As soon as he left, Zane and Charles heaved a sigh of relief together. “Oh gosh! His eyes and those last few words really give me the creeps! Look, my hair is standing on end now!” Charles rubbed his arm while shuddering at Tim’s eerie behavior.

Zane nodded in agreement. “Yeah, man! I feel the same way too. In fact, I heard that people who study psychology usually suffer from minor mental problems themselves. So, judging from Tim’s strangely scary eyes, I’m sure something is wrong in his head. Anyway, all that doesn’t matter, except one thing—why does he want to protect Sonia?”

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