This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 208

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 208

Meanwhile, Tim noticed Toby’s reaction, which prompted him to darken his gaze, as it appeared that Toby cared about Sonia more than he thought. Thus, he couldn’t help but wonder how Toby felt toward Tina.

His feelings for her are… questionable.

“She is fine. All she needs is just some rest, and she’ll be up and around again. Alright, I still have work to attend to. Sonia will be transferred to the general ward later on, and she’ll be good to go as soon as she wakes up.” Tim turned around and walked away after he finished his sentence. As soon as he left, the nurse emerged behind him, wheeling Sonia out of the operation room.

Soon, Charles and Zane quickly got closer to Sonia to check on her not long before they noticed her rosy cheeks, which indicated that Tim was telling the truth that he didn’t harm her in the surgery. After making sure Tim didn’t do anything hurtful to Sonia, the two men felt as if they had taken a huge load off their chest. In the meantime, although Toby didn’t approach Sonia, he could clearly see her lying on the bed restfully, whereupon he heaved a sigh of relief.

Not long after that, Sonia was wheeled into the general ward while the nurse tended to her. Desperately, Zane and Charles rushed into the ward, but on the other hand, Toby merely watched from afar as he sat in his wheelchair. Seeing how Zane and Charles expressed their concerns toward the lady, Toby suddenly envied the two of them because they could tend to her without having to hold their feelings back.

As the two men’s loving interaction with Sonia slowly turned Toby’s envy into jealousy, Tom could sense the unpleasant aura his boss was radiating. Knowing why that was happening, he rubbed his nose and asked, “Let’s get inside, President Fuller.”

“No.” Toby looked down a little, thinking he wouldn’t be of help since there were so many other men around Sonia to look after her. “Let’s go.” Toby pursed his lips, unknowingly giving away his bitter jealousy.

“Alright.” Tom wheeled Toby away in his wheelchair, turning around before heading toward the elevator. Oh, come on, President Fuller! How much more does it have to take before you finally understand who you’re really in love with? It’ll be too late if Miss Reed falls for someone else.

In the ward, Zane noticed Toby leaving from the corner of his eye but did nothing to make the latter stay or say goodbye. After all, they were love rivals despite their friendship, and he wasn’t going to ruin his day to persuade Toby to stay.

As he expected, Toby left in a fit of pique after seeing how he and Charles tended to Sonia.

Ten minutes later, the anesthesia in Sonia’s body began to wear off as she slowly woke up. Soon, she opened her eyes with her trembling eyelashes before the white ceiling came into view. Then, when she found herself covered in a white blanket, she immediately knew where she was.

“You’re up, Darling.” Charles put down the kettle when he noticed Sonia’s twitching eyelids before approaching her with exhilaration.

“Since when did I get out of the operation room?” Sonia turned around and looked at the man.

“About ten minutes ago,” Charles recalled how long it had been and answered.

“Ten minutes ago?” Sonia appeared to be surprised, finding it hard to believe that she managed to come around within such a short period of time.

“What’s wrong, Darling?” Charles had his eyes on Sonia.

After calming herself down from the surprise, Sonia shook her head and answered, “Nothing. I’m fine. I was just surprised that I came to my senses so quickly. By the way, how was my surgery…” Before she could finish her sentence, something crossed her mind just as she placed her hands on her abdomen.

It doesn’t hurt! No wonder it feels like something is missing to me, and the pain is what’s missing here. What was going on? Was I given some local anesthetic? Wait a second! Who would ever doze off from a local anesthetic?

Sonia grew more and more confused as she lifted the blanket and her shirt to check on her tummy. Seeing no wound on it, she was bewildered by one question that flashed through her mind. “Did I just undergo surgery?”

While Sonia fixed her confused gaze on Charles, the latter couldn’t take his eyes off her fair stomach, as if his eyes were about to fall out. When he heard her question, he faked a cough and pulled himself together. “Of course not.”

“Of course not?” Sonia sat up straight with a pair of furrowed eyebrows. “Why?”

“The doctor said your health condition isn’t permissible for you to undergo the surgery for the time being. So, the surgery will probably have to wait until you get better,” Charles explained.

“Oh, I see.” Sonia puckered her lips and lowered her head, rubbing her tummy with a sorrowful look as she didn’t know whether she could bring herself to undergo surgery again now that it had been postponed. For some reason, she heaved a sigh of relief when she learned that her unborn child was still with her.

“You’re up, Sonia.” Zane’s voice could be heard coming from the door at that moment. As Sonia looked at him and responded with an affirmative hum, he walked closer to her with a smile. “That’s fast. I was just away to take care of your discharge procedure for a moment, and here you are, back to your senses already.”

“Thanks! I wouldn’t know what to do without you.” Sonia smiled at him.

“No worries. It probably just took a few steps of walking.” Zane waved his hand and added, “Now that you’re up, I guess it’s time for us to get you out of the hospital.”

Sonia was about to nod when their conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door. When the three of them turned their attention to the door, they saw Tim in a long white gown. As soon as Tim made his presence felt, he put down his arm and inserted his hands into his pockets. “You’re up.”

“What brings you here?” Charles furrowed his eyebrows in a hostile manner, clearly expressing his unhappiness.

Nonetheless, Tim ignored Charles’ angry gesture and set his eyes on Sonia. “I’d like to have a word with you.”

Sonia squinted but soon nodded. “Sure.”

“In that case, would you mind telling both of them to give us a little privacy?” Tim pointed at Zane and Charles.

Zane pursed his lips and asked, “Why can’t you talk to her in front of us?”

“Exactly. Is there something we can’t know?” Charles echoed Zane’s words., but Tim didn’t respond to them as he continued to keep his eyes on Sonia.

Knowing that Tim would only start talking after Zane and Charles had left, Sonia had no choice but to reluctantly agree. “Please leave us alone, Zane, Charles.”

“Darling…” Charles sounded reluctant to go out.

Sonia pursed her lips and said, “Get. Out.”

While Charles was seen with his mouth wide agape, Zane interrupted him and said, “Enough. Let’s do as she says and give them both some space.”

Charles reluctantly nodded in agreement but reminded Sonia to call for help in a hushed tone before walking away. “You need to be careful with him, Darling. He is on Tina’s side after all, and he could do anything to harm you for Tina’s sake. So if you see anything wrong, just holler at us. We’ll barge in right away to save you.”

Feeling amused yet confused, Sonia was somehow touched by Charles’ heartwarming act. “Alright, I heard you.”

Upon hearing Sonia’s reply, Charles stood up and left the room with Zane. When they both walked past Tim, he shot him an intimidating gaze as a sign of warning.

Tim curled his lips upward and waited until both men left. “It appears that you have two very protective bodyguards.”

“They aren’t my bodyguards. They are my best friends.” Sonia corrected Tim, but the man only shrugged his shoulders without refuting her words as he walked closer to her bed.

Meanwhile, Sonia gazed at Tim and asked, “What is it you want to talk to me about? As far as I can remember, you and I don’t really know each other. In fact, I’d say we’re pretty far from acquaintances, so I don’t think there is anything for us to talk about.”

Although she had heard of Tim’s famous name due to his extraordinary talent in the medical world, she had only seen him once from afar without ever speaking to him. Thus, she couldn’t help but feel surprised when he heard that Tim had something to talk to her about.

“Indeed, we’re two people from two very different worlds, so I would feel the same way as you do until—I discovered something that has just changed my perception.” Tim grabbed a chair and sat down beside the bed.

Sonia pursed her lips. “Something that has just changed your perception? What exactly is that?”

“Your wrist.” Tim shifted his eyes to her left wrist.

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