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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 207

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 207

The nurse looked down at the person. “I’m sorry, Director Lancaster. It was my fault that I didn’t notice that.”

“Enough! Take her hand off her stomach.” Tim shot a frustrated gaze at her.

The nurse then responded with an affirmative hum and placed her hand on Sonia, ready to take Sonia’s paw off her stomach while he coldly watched aside.

Suddenly, the man noticed a red mole on Sonia’s wrist around her pulse, whereupon he appeared to be stunned. “Wait a second!”

The nurse was startled by his reaction as she froze. “W-What’s wrong, Director Lancaster?”

Tim didn’t say a word as he placed the scalpel in his hand aside before grabbing Sonia’s hand from the nurse’s palm to take a closer look at the red mole. Why is there a red mole on her wrist? With furrowed eyebrows, the man tried to rub the red mole with his thumb to see whether it was just some red ink stain. However, he quickly realized that it was never going to fade away, no matter how hard he tried to rub it.

Oh gosh! That means her red mole is genuine. In fact, I can even feel her mole bulging on her skin. At the thought of that, his heart raced a million times faster as he cast a complicated look on Sonia. Suddenly, he was reminded of the girl who saved him many years back and noticed that Sonia’s eyes had resembled his savior. Now that he had discovered her red mole, he found himself wondering whether she was the little girl who had rescued him.

Nonetheless, Tim was soon bewildered by another unanswered question when he thought of the red mole that Tina also had. Thus, he found himself in deep confusion as he wondered which one of the two was his savior. As he placed his hand on his forehead, he was overwhelmed by his puzzlement. After all, he had assumed all along that Tina was the girl who saved him in the past the moment he saw her red mole and her eyes. Nevertheless, now that he had made the shocking discovery, he was no longer sure of his assumption.

Upon noticing his reaction as he tightly held the patient’s wrist, the nurse asked in a bewildered manner. “Are you alright, Director Lancaster?”

“I’m fine.” Tim closed his eyes and took a moment to pull himself together. “Keep the equipment away.”

“Keep the equipment away?” The nurse blinked in confusion. “Are we calling off the surgery now?”

“For the time being.” Tim kept his eyes on Sonia. Deep in his heart, he told himself that he would never do anything to Sonia until he learned the identity of the girl who had saved him back then. After all, if she was the girl, there would be no need for him to seek revenge on her anymore whereas if Tina was the one, he could always rethink his plan and wait for the perfect chance to strike against Sonia.

Not knowing why Tim would suddenly call off the surgery, the nurse silently kept the equipment away as she was extremely timid to further ask her intimidating superior.

“One more thing.” He glared at the nurse with a menacing look when something suddenly crossed his mind. “You will speak nothing of my reaction to this patient. No one should know about it. Is this clear?”

Knowing that Tina would call to check on Sonia later, he was certain that she would learn about Sonia’s recovery. By then, Tina would be sure to ask him why he had resisted when he had the chance to strike and if he chose not to answer, he knew that she would snoop around by herself. Thus, he instructed the nurse to keep the matter a secret in order to avoid arousing Tina’s suspicion.

When the nurse met Tim’s glacial cold eyes, she felt chills all over her body and repeatedly nodded. “Don’t worry, Director Lancaster. I will not say a thing; I promise.”

Upon noticing her fearful expression, Tim satisfactorily curled his lips upward and responded, “Okay, please proceed with the further arrangements for the patient and take her to the single ward.”

In the meantime, three men were standing outside the operation room at different corners of the walkway without minding each other’s business. When they heard the door opening, they quickly rushed to the doctor.

“How is she, Sonia?” Charles stood up and seized Tim’s arm while asking Tim in a desperately concerned manner.

Tim knitted his eyebrows and took the man’s arms off him. “She is fine.”

“That’s great.” Charles heaved a sigh of relief and smiled happily.

While Zane had also patted his chest in relief, a silent Toby squinted as he probed, “Why were you in charge of Sonia’s surgery?”

While he was in an operation gown that only the main surgeon would wear, Tim wasn’t surprised that Toby was able to recognize him. Then, Tim calmly removed his mask to reveal his chiseled face. “Her original main surgeon had other important business to attend to and I decided to fill in for him since I happened to be free today. What about you? What brings you here? You seemed like you were waiting for your ex-wife to be done with her surgery. Does Tina know about it?”

In response to Tim’s bombardment of questions, Toby answered with a frown, “I happened to be nearby, but you’re welcome to do so if you want to tell Tina about it.”

“Nah, I have something else better to do.” Tim gently adjusted his glasses with a smile. In fact, he would inform Tina about Toby’s presence if he hadn’t discovered Sonia’s red mole. After all, Tim had considered himself Tina’s guardian angel, so he felt obligated to protect her. Nonetheless, the situation had just taken an unexpected turn since Tina’s credibility was now called into question. Thus, he would naturally maintain his silence on Toby’s presence.

“Tim? You’re Tim Lancaster, aren’t you?” Zane suddenly clapped his hands as he recalled his past with Tim while maintaining his gaze on the man. “No wonder you look familiar. It’s definitely you.” Although Zane and Tim had known each other from a young age, Tim’s introverted personality prevented him from mingling well with his peers. Thus, he had spent most of his time alone, which explained why Tim and Zane were no more than just acquaintances.

Zane soon seemed to discover something comical when he recalled what Tim had done for Tina. After all, Tim had always treated Sonia so well that he even took the time to study psychology and neurology abroad when she fell into a coma 6 years ago. If he is now with Tina, does that mean he has done something bad to Sonia?

Zane’s look suddenly darkened as he stared at Tim and asked, “Where is Sonia? You didn’t do anything to her, did you?”

“What do you think I could do to Sonia?” Tim asked ambiguously.

Zane clenched his fist and replied, “You’re with Tina and she has a bitter feud with Sonia. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if you had harmed Sonia for Tina. After all, you could have just left a bad stitch on her wound or left a scalpel in her body to avenge Tina!”

“What?! You’re on Tina’s side?!” Charles’ expression changed as soon as he heard those words.

On the other hand, Toby didn’t think that Tim would have done something so cruel, but even he couldn’t deny the widely known fact that Tim had always treated Tina kindly. Therefore, Toby was unable to shake off the ominous feeling that Tim could have plotted against Sonia for Tina’s sake.

In the face of three men’s piercing gaze, Tim ambiguously raised his eyebrows. Well, well! Sonia is quite the charmer, isn’t she? Look at how all these men are overreacting for her. Then, he thought about Toby, who promised to never love Sonia again, and found himself wondering what was going on between Toby and Tina when he noticed the man’s gaze…

“Relax. I didn’t do anything to Sonia.” Tim had hidden his hands in his pocket while he replied in a sluggish manner, “I didn’t perform the surgery on her.”

“You didn’t perform the surgery?!” Charles and Zane both exclaimed in surprise.

In the meantime, Toby, whose hand was on the armrest, suddenly tightened his grip around it. Deep in his heart, he was filled with joy as he thought that Sonia’s unborn child was still alive.

“Yes. Her current health condition doesn’t allow her to undergo the surgery, so we’ll take some time and monitor her status before we decide on what to do next.” Tim lied as his glasses glimmered when the lights reflected away from them.

Meanwhile, Charles and Zane were apparently disappointed to learn that Sonia’s unborn child was still with her, but nonetheless, they were also worried about her poor health.

“How are you feeling, darling?” Charles asked in a concerned manner.

While Zane gazed at Tim, Toby silently tightened his grip around the armrest with such strength that it revealed his restlessness and unease.

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