This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 198

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 198

Sonia ignored him and kept staring at team number three, wondering how much longer would the guy last.

Toby’s face fell, and his anger rose. That guy is uglier and weaker than I am. Why is she staring at him? He knew she wasn’t taking a liking to the guy, but still he felt frustrated. When Douglas counted to twenty, Toby stopped and said, his voice chilly, “Get down.”

Sonia wondered what got into him again, but she got down from his back anyway.

Toby stood up. Even though he just did twenty push-ups, he didn’t even break a sweat. Apparently, twenty push-ups were nothing to him. The guys in teams number one and three looked at him enviously. Look, that guy’s already done, but we still have to go on.

Sonia noticed their looks, and she chuckled, but suddenly, she felt someone taking her bottle of water from her hand. When she looked around and saw Toby gulping the water down, her jaw dropped.

He noticed her sight, so he put the bottle down. “What is it?”

Sonia looked at the bottle. “That’s my water.”

“But it’s unopened.” Toby put the cap back on the bottle calmly.

Sonia sneered. “Doesn’t mean you have to take mine. There’s a ton of water over there. You can just pick one.”

“I’m beat. I don’t want to move.” Toby put the bottle aside.

Sonia twitched her lips in annoyance. Exhausted? You don’t look exhausted to me. But it’s just a bottle of water. I can just get a new one. She snorted and went to get a new bottle of water.

Seeing her getting annoyed made him smile, and he felt happy again. Yeah, I did it on purpose. That’s what you get for looking at another man.

“Mr. Toby.” All of a sudden, Douglas called out to him from below.

When Toby looked down, he saw Douglas staring at him like he saw through everything. “What is it?” Toby asked.

Douglas stood with his arms akimbo. “Are you trying to steal Miss Sonia away?”

Steal Sonia away? Toby arched his eyebrow. “No. Why do you say so?”

“Because you look at her the same way my dad looks at my mom,” he answered.

Toby pursed his lips. What kind of answer is that? Just because I look at her a particular way means I want to steal her? Wait, I am not looking at her like I’m in love. “Alright, that’s too much for a kid. She’s my ex-wife. We’re divorced, so I’m not in any position to date her.” Toby put his hands in his pocket.

Douglas snorted. “So? My aunt and uncle are divorced, but my uncle’s trying to get back with my aunt. I bet you’ll do the same thing too. I have to tell Uncle Zane to stay away from you.” Douglas frowned precociously.

Toby squinted. Just when he was about to say something, Sonia came back and looked at them. “What are you two talking about? Seems fun.”

“Aunt Sonia, we’re talking about—” Before he could finish, Toby picked him up and covered his mouth.

“It’s nothing. They’re done here, so let’s go. The third round’s starting.” He looked at her before going ahead with Douglas in his arms.

With a bottle of water in hand, Sonia was left behind, confused about the situation.

“Mr. Toby!” Douglas pried Toby’s hand away and glared at him. “Why didn’t you let me finish?”

Toby looked at him. “You’re still too young for this.”

“But I’m not a normal kid. I—”

“And don’t call her Aunt Sonia from now on,” Toby interrupted him. He would accept no negotiations.

Douglas was shocked, and he stared at Toby. “Why?”

“Because she’s not married to your uncle yet, get it?” Toby gazed at him. When he came here, he thought Sonia and Zane were going out with each other, but then he realized that couldn’t be the case, since Sonia didn’t like Zane. But why did they bring this kid here?

“Hmph. They’ll still end up together. I like Aunt Sonia, so I’m helping Uncle Zane out.” Douglas raised his chin proudly.

Toby’s face fell. He was seized by an urge to toss Douglas out, but he held it down in the end, though his anger was almost palpable for the people around him.

The third game was going to take place shortly. It was a three-legged race, though only the parents would be racing. They had to take the basketball at the finish line and walk all the way back to give it to the child. The child would then throw the ball into the net. The one who tossed it in first would take first place. The race would take place in the backyard. It was big enough, so the staff drew a race track there and set up obstacles.

The manager came up to Sonia and Toby with two red strings in his hand.

After Toby had taken the strings, he said, “Can you change this into a walk?”

“Any reason for that, sir?” The manager smiled.

Sonia looked at him curiously.

Toby glanced at her belly. “My wife’s pregnant. I don’t want her to trip.”

That surprised Sonia. “You—”

Toby held her arm, telling her to keep quiet. Sonia reacted quickly and held back her shock.

The manager didn’t notice that. “I see,” he answered. “Congratulations, sir, madam.”

“Thank you,” Toby answered.

The manager nodded. “Since one of the participants is pregnant, a race would be inappropriate. As such, this will be a walk, and every team will have five minutes to finish the game. Is that fine?”

“No problem.” Toby nodded.

The manager went to family number one. The guy from family number three couldn’t do twenty push-ups with his wife on his back, so they lost to number one, which made Sonia’s team and family number one the final contestants.

After the manager was out of sight, Sonia clenched her fists and asked her unanswered question again, “How’d you know I’m pregnant?” She only told Zane and Charles about that. Not even Carl knew.

Toby stared at the floor to keep her from seeing the sadness in his eyes. “Zane told me by accident.”

“I see.” She pouted. “That loudmouth. He tells you everything.”

Toby looked away guiltily, but he didn’t answer her.

Sonia didn’t notice him averting his gaze, and she massaged her forehead. “But thanks for speaking up for me.”

“It’s nothing,” Toby answered, then he clenched his fists. “Are you really planning to abort the child?”

A frown creased Sonia’s forehead. “He even told you that?”

“Yes.” Toby nodded.

“That guy…” Sonia muttered angrily. “Yes, I am,” she answered.

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