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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 194

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 194

“Be a good boy and walk on your own, all right, Douglas?” Sonia bent over before Toby could say anything. She knew Toby was a germaphobe, and he disliked children, so he would never hold one in his arms.

Douglas blinked at her and put his hands down. “Okay. I can do that.”

“Good boy. Now go with Mr. Toby.” Sonia patted his head, then she turned to Toby. “Mr. Fuller, I’ll be counting on you.”

“Yeah, sure.” Toby held Douglas’ hand and headed for the restroom. Since Douglas was too short, Toby had to hold the boy up by his armpits, much to his annoyance. “You can take your pants off yourself. Make it quick.”

Douglas pouted, but he took his pants off anyway and started peeing. The sound of the boy peeing was irritating Toby. He never thought the day would come where he would have to help a kid pee, and to think he actually asked for it.

“I’m done, Mr. Toby.” Douglas turned around to look at Toby.

Toby snapped out of it and put the boy back on the ground. “Pull your pants up.” It was already kind enough of him to help the boy pee. There was no way he’d pull the boy’s pants up for him.

Douglas didn’t complain either, for he simply pulled his pants up and zipped it up slowly. After that, he stared at the basin. “Mr. Toby, I want to wash my hands.”

Toby smacked his forehead. God, this brat is annoying. If this is my kid, he would have been a lot better. Toby suddenly froze when he reached that thought. My own kid, huh? Sonia’s pregnant with it, but she wants to abort it.

Toby’s prolonged silence annoyed Douglas, and he stomped his foot. “Mr. Toby, I want to wash my hands.” What is wrong with him? Is he blind and deaf?

Douglas’ scorn didn’t escape Toby, and that made him narrow his eyes. This brat is so not adorable. Reluctantly, Toby pulled Douglas up to the basin so the boy could wash his hands. When Douglas was done, Toby took him back to the restaurant.

Sonia had been waiting for them. When they came back, she put her glass down and stood up. “Thank you, Mr. Fuller.”

“Toby glanced at Douglas. “It’s nothing.”

After that, Sonia put Douglas back in his spot. When she realized Toby was still there, she was confused. “Mr. Fuller, you’re here for lunch as well, right? Now that Douglas is done, you shouldn’t waste your time with us anymore.”

Toby pursed his lips, annoyed, since he knew Sonia was trying to chase him away. So she’s that kind of person, huh?

Just when Toby was immersed in his thoughts, a middle-aged man in the restaurant’s uniform came up to them with a mic in his hand. “Sir, madam.” He stopped before Sonia and Toby, beaming.

Sir? Madam? They were surprised that the man thought of them as a couple, but Toby snapped out of it quickly. He wasn’t annoyed by that. In fact, he was delighted, and a smile curled his lips. Sonia didn’t notice his smile. In contrast to him, she frowned. “I’m sorry, but we’re not—”

“Anything you want?” Toby interrupted her before she could finish.

She looked at him in surprise, wondering if he interjected on purpose.

The man didn’t notice that they weren’t a couple, so he smiled politely. “I’m the manager here. We’re holding a family event right now, and we need five families to take part in this. But sadly, the fifth family had to leave early, so if it’s fine with you, can you take their place in this event?”

I see. Sonia nodded in realization and was about to refuse, but the manager continued, “There’s a lot of prizes waiting for the winner, including children’s toys like Gundam.”

“Gundam?” Douglas’ eyes lit up at the mention of Gundam. He loved mobile suits, so that was why Toby managed to buy him out with a Transformers figurine.

Sonia noticed the boy’s expression, and she had a bad feeling about what was to happen.

Toby noticed Douglas’ excitement as well, but contrary to Sonia, he looked forward to what was about to happen, though he had no idea why.

“Yes.” The manager thought he could get the ‘family’ to take part in the event now that Douglas had shown interest, so he nodded and encouraged the boy further. “If you really like the prize, you should ask your parents to join in the fun, little boy.”

“Okay.” Douglas nodded.

The corner of Sonia’s lips twitched. I knew it.

Toby’s eyes glinted, and his smile broadened.

Douglas then got off of the sofa and tugged on Sonia’s and Toby’s hem. “Dad, Mom, let’s join this event.” He looked up at them and pleaded with them, calling them “Dad” and “Mom” as if they were his real parents, all for the sake of a toy. He must really love Gundam.

Sonia patted his head, half-amused, half-annoyed. “Do you really want it, Douglas?”

“Yeah!” Douglas nodded.

Sonia flicked her hair. “But we can’t do it. We aren’t your—”

“Just do it.” Toby interrupted her again.

Sonia looked at him. “What did you say?”

Toby’s eyes glinted, but he answered calmly, “Since Douglas wants it, we’ll join the event.”

“Yay! Thanks, Dad!” Douglas clapped his hands happily. Toby liked it when Douglas called him “Dad”, and he thought better of the boy.

A frown creased Sonia’s forehead. “We can’t.” We’re already divorced, not an actual couple. If Tina hears about this, that madwoman is gonna wreak havoc again.

Toby stared downward. He was just about to say something to her refusal, but Douglas let him go and held Sonia’s hand with both hands. “Aw, but I really want this, Mommy. Join in, please? Pretty please?” He swung her hand.

“Douglas…” Sonia couldn’t bear to say no to him, not when Douglas looked like he was about to cry. In the end, she finally caved in and nodded.

“Yay! Thanks, Mom!” Douglas leaped joyfully.

Even Toby heaved a sigh of relief. He thought she’d say no again, but in the end, she agreed to it anyway.

Douglas was overjoyed, so Sonia forced a smile to fit in with the occasion. Then, she took a deep breath and looked at the manager. “You won’t upload this to the Internet, right?”

“Of course, we won’t. This is just an internal event. We know some parents don’t want their children to show up all over the Internet, so we won’t record this,” the manager answered.

Sonia could finally feel at ease, and she nodded. “Good to hear.” As long as Tina won’t come across this on the Internet, it should be fine.

“Then come with me, sir, madam. The registration counter’s right there.” The manager pointed at the stage that was obviously made for the event.

“Okay,” Sonia answered.

She held Douglas’ hands and followed the manager, while Toby walked beside her. On the way there, she bit her lip before asking, “Mr. Fuller, why’d you cut me off earlier? You didn’t want me to tell them that we aren’t a family?”

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