This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 193

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 193

Frustrated, Tom pulled at his hair. Miss Reed and Mr. Coleman are separated now, but what’s with that little boy? Why’s he still with her? Could it be that Mr. Coleman will be coming back later?

As soon as Toby heard what Tom said, his face turned grim. It’s fine that Sonia hasn’t left yet, but why did Zane leave his nephew with her?

“Where are they now?” Toby bit his lip.

“They’re at the spinning teacup ride. They seem to be having fun,” Tom noted.

Happy? I didn’t know she could be so childish to play things like that. Toby raised his brows.

“Okay. Watch them. Make sure she doesn’t lose sight of the kid,” Toby instructed in a low voice.

Trying not to laugh, Tom nodded. “Understood.” Lose the child? President Fuller obviously just wanted to know what Miss Reed is doing, but he’s too embarrassed to say so, so he’s using the child as an excuse.

Meanwhile, at the spinning teacup ride, Douglas smiled happily. “Aunt Sonia, this is really fun!” All this while, he had thought that he was much more mature than other children, so he had never liked coming to places like this, thinking that only childish children liked it. However, he realized that it was really fun after coming here today.

As he let go of the handrail, Sonia wrapped her arms protectively around him immediately. “Douglas, be careful! It’s dangerous if you let go of the handrail. Quickly, hold on to it.”

Though the spinning teacup ride was not as dangerous as other rides, it was still better to be careful since he was a child.

“Okay.” Douglas obeyed and put his hand back onto the handrail.

After playing one round, he seemed reluctant to leave. Hence, she took him on the ride for another round. This time, he seemed almost satisfied. “I’m hungry…” He rubbed his belly.

“Oh, you’re hungry, huh.” After looking around, she saw a restaurant nearby. She smiled, “Let’s go have something to eat, shall we? After that, we’ll go home after playing a little while more.”

“Okay.” The boy nodded obediently.

She really loved this kid. Patting his head, she held his hand and headed to the restaurant.

At the same time, Toby received news of them going to the restaurant from Tom.

“Sir, are you going too?” Tom queried.

Toby’s face darkened. “Why should I?”

“To see Ms. Reed, of course! And to make sure that she doesn’t lose the child. What if she needs to go to the toilet but can’t take him with her? Then, he’ll be left all alone in the restaurant. How dangerous is that? As Mr. Coleman’s friend, I’m sure you won’t want his nephew to be in danger, right?” Tom adjusted his glasses and replied with a cheeky smile.

At that moment, Toby’s eyes flickered. Immediately, he stood up. “I see. I’ll go check on them.”

“Alright. I’ll make a reservation for you,” Tom informed Toby.

Toby acknowledged Tom before hanging up the phone. With a sigh, Tom hung up as well. He sacrificed so much just to help Toby realize his feelings for Sonia. Shaking his head, he entered the restaurant.

Sonia and Douglas were seated at the corner of the restaurant. Not knowing what children should eat, she ordered some simple food. Halfway through his meal, Douglas put down his cutleries. “I want to go to the washroom.”

“The washroom?” Troubled, Sonia furrowed her brows. Douglas was a boy, so there was no way that she could bring him into the ladies’, but she also could not enter the gents’. Yet, she could not trust the waiter to go with him. What should I do?

As she was still pondering upon this question, Douglas’ face had already turned red. “I can’t hold it in anymore…”

Seeing the uncomfortable look on his face, she rubbed between her brows. “Whatever. I’ll ask the waiter to accompany you to the gents’. Wait for me here. Don’t go anywhere, okay?” She would not be able to bear the responsibility if he went missing.

Hearing this, he nodded his head eagerly. Right after, Sonia got up to call the waiter. Because she was moving too quickly, she did not pay attention to what was ahead and bumped into the person who was walking in the opposite direction.

After being crashed into, she stumbled a few steps backward. Thereafter, she lost her footing and fell backward. Just as she fell, the only thing she could think of was the baby in her belly. Unconsciously, she wrapped her arms protectively around her belly, not wanting to hurt the baby when she fell. However, just before she fell to the ground, a hand reached out for her arm and pulled her up. At once, her whole body was pulled upward, and she fell into the arms of the person who smelled like mint.

“Are you okay?” the man asked with a deep voice, sounding slightly nervous.

Upon hearing his voice, Sonia knew who it was. So, she looked up at him. All of a sudden, she pushed him away and stepped back. Trying to suppress how scared she was, she responded as calmly as possible, “I’m fine. Thank you.”

“Why were you walking so fast?” Toby stared at her. He never thought that he would bump into just as he entered the restaurant.

As soon as Sonia heard his question, she remembered what she wanted to do. Ignoring him, she looked around and raised her hand when she saw a waiter in front.

“How can I help you, Miss?” the waiter asked.

Sonia explained, “I have a little boy who needs to go to the washroom, but I can’t accompany him. Could you…”

Before she could finish, however, Toby interjected, “I’ll go with him.”

Puzzled, she eyed him. “You?”

He nodded. “Douglas is Zane’s nephew. Are you sure you want him to go with someone you don’t know?”

Upon hearing that, she bit her lip. Indeed, she did not feel comfortable with the idea even if it was the waiter. What if someone called for the waiter halfway? What would happen to Douglas? At this juncture, she had no other choice.

At that moment, Toby’s eyes brightened as he saw how she struggled to answer. “So, I’ll bring him then. At least, you know me.”

Pausing for a moment, she closed her eyes before opening them again after making a decision. “Okay, then. Thank you for your help.” She smiled with gratitude.

“Where’s the kid?” he questioned.

“At his seat.” As she was speaking, she brought him to their table.

When Douglas saw her coming back, he jumped off the couch at once.

“Douglas, Mr. Toby will accompany you to the washroom. He’s your uncle’s friend.” She pointed at Toby.

Gazing at Toby, Douglas seemed to have thought of something. He lifted his chin and said, “So, you’re Mr. Toby.”

Toby raised his brow. “You know me? Did Zane tell you about me?”

Douglas nodded. “Yes, he did. You’re the blind Mr. Toby that he told me about.”

When Toby heard this, his face darkened. As for Sonia, she could not help but laugh. After all, she knew what Zane meant when he said that Toby was blind. Whoever that loved someone like Tina was no doubt blind.

“Did Zane teach you that?” Toby ground his teeth and questioned in a low voice.

“Yes, that was what my uncle told me, but you don’t look blind though…” Douglas blinked.

At that point, Sonia laughed even harder. When Toby heard her laugh, he turned to look at her. As he watched her smile with her eyes closed, the anger in his heart faded away gradually. However, he reminded himself that he would give Zane a hard time in the near future.

“Stop it, Douglas. Quickly, follow Mr. Toby to the gents’,” Sonia said. At that moment, her cheeks were getting tired from smiling too much. Besides, she was afraid that Toby might get angry if Douglas kept talking.

“Carry me.” Douglas spread his tiny arms in front of Toby.

The corners of Toby’s eye twitched. What a rude brat.

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