This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 192

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 192

Without thinking much, Sonia only acknowledged what Zane had said. Slowly, the Ferris wheel started to move. As she watched Douglas wave at her when his pod gradually lifted into the air, she could not help but giggle and wave back.

When Zane saw this, he put down his coffee as he wanted to wave as well. Douglas had already seen this coming, so before Zane could wave at him, the boy pointed his butt at Zane.

Seeing that, Zane was dumbfounded. Meanwhile, Sonia could not help but laugh ecstatically. With one hand on his forehead, Zane sighed, “That little… He’s clearly doing it on purpose.”

“Douglas is adorable,” she noted as she wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes from laughing too hard.

Upon hearing this, he laughed as well. “I’m glad you like him.”

Confused, she stared at him curiously. “Huh?”

Casually, he waved his hand. “Nothing.”

Squinting her eyes, she pointed out, “You’re acting a bit weird today. You’ve been speaking mysteriously.”

“Am I? Haha…” He chuckled nervously while scratching the back of his head.

Then, she took a sip of her milk. “Alright, I won’t force you to tell me. So, tell me, what is your plan for the Grays? You mentioned that you have a plan for Rina on the phone earlier. What is it?”

Getting down to business, he turned serious all of a sudden. “I was thinking of looking for someone to impersonate Rina and return to the Grays.”

She was so surprised at his plan that she stood up all of a sudden. “What? Are you being serious?”

“Yes. Firstly, we don’t know where Rina is, and we have no idea how long it would take to find her.”

“That’s true.” Sonia nodded. Dad left the necklace behind so that I could find Rina, she thought. However, she had no idea what to do if she managed to find Rina. What a headache.

“We’ll look for a girl who resembles Mr. or Mrs. Gray to impersonate Rina and let her be our mole.” He squinted.

Staring at him, she confirmed, “So, you want her to collaborate with us from inside the Grays?”

“Exactly. I’ve already set a trap for the Grays ever since our last cooperation, but the effect is minimal. So, we need to find someone to help us from the inside. Then, we’ll be able to finish the Grays in a short time,” he stated seriously.

At that moment, her heart raced. There was no doubt that she was tempted. At the same time, she was also worried. Biting her lip, she asked, “The impersonator is not the real Rina after all. What if the Grays decide to do a paternity test?”

Gazing at her, he extended his hand toward her. “You don’t have to worry about that. I’ll settle it. Just tell me if you agree to this plan.”

After pausing for a few seconds, she smiled and extended her arm to shake his hand. “Fine. I’ll agree to it since you’re so confident that it’ll work.”

Feeling her small hand in his, he could not help but give it a little squeeze. Then, he coughed as if nothing had happened and said solemnly, “Leave it to me. I’ll find someone suitable to impersonate Rina within two days. By then, just hand me the necklace that you’re keeping.”

“Okay.” She nodded. Just as she agreed, a small figure ran toward her and hugged her leg. “Aunt Sonia!”

When Sonia heard his sweet voice, her heart melted. Putting down her milkshake, she bent forward to carry him and sat him on her lap. “You’re done?”

“Yes. Let’s go play that one!” He pointed at the spinning teacup ride.

She could not make the decision alone as Zane was Douglas’ uncle after all. So, she turned to look at Zane. But before she opened her mouth to speak, he already understood what she wanted to ask. “Let’s go then.” He smiled.

“Okay!” She carried Douglas and got up. With that, the three of them headed to the spinning teacup ride.

Zane had gone to get the tickets. Just when he came back and handed the tickets to Sonia, his phone rang. He frowned as he had a bad feeling about this. Which idiot decided to give me a call right now? Don’t they know that I’m spending time with the woman I love? Even so, he took out his phone and answered it.

“President Coleman, we have a problem.” His secretary’s voice sounded over the phone.

Immediately, his face darkened. “What happened?”

His secretary responded, “Somebody at the factory is causing a big fuss and the factory manager can hardly handle it anymore.”

It must be serious if the factory manager could not deal with it. He furrowed his brows. “Got it. I’ll be there soon.”

When he hung up, he turned to look at Sonia, “I’m afraid we’ll have to end our trip at the amusement park now.”

Nodding her head, Sonia conceded, “Okay, let’s stop here for today.” Though she did not hear the contents of the phone conversation, she understood that something serious must have happened when she noticed the grim expression on his face.

“Douglas, we…”

Before Zane could finish, Douglas wrapped his arms around Sonia’s neck. “No, I don’t want to go! I want to stay here and play with Aunt Sonia!”

Troubled, Zane questioned, “Where are you going to sleep tonight if you don’t go home now?”

“I’ll sleep at Aunt Sonia’s. Duh!” Douglas rolled his eyes.

Zane was stunned. “What?”

Similarly, Sonia was shocked as well.

“Let me sleep at your house, okay? I really like you.” Douglas held her face in his hands.

As the little boy pleaded, Sonia moved her lips, yet she could not bring herself to refuse. Finally, she nodded with a smile. “Okay then. Douglas will come home with me tonight.” Then, she gazed at Zane, “Go ahead and do your things. I’ll bring Douglas to my place later.”


Interrupting Zane once more, Douglas urged him, “Uncle Zane, you should go quickly. Just pick me up from Aunt Sonia’s house tomorrow. Go, go!” While urging Zane, Douglas kept winking at him.

Uncle Zane’s so dumb! Douglas thought. Here he was, trying to create a perfect opportunity for his stupid uncle to meet Sonia again, yet he could not get it. How hopeless, he sighed internally.

Finally, Zane’s eyes brightened as he understood what Douglas was trying to do. Good boy! My love for him certainly did not go to waste!

Taking a deep breath to suppress the urge to laugh, he cleared his throat and said embarrassedly, “Alright then. I’ll leave him to you and pick him up tomorrow.”

“Sure. Just give me a call then.” Sonia nodded.

Just before Zane left, he turned to Douglas and exchanged a knowing glance.

Not far away, Tom quickly took out his phone and called Toby when he saw Zane leave. “President Fuller.”

“What?” Toby, who was sitting in the lounge of the amusement park staff office questioned.

Tom rolled his eyes. Why does he have to ask when he already knows why I’m calling? When did he become such a hypocrite?

“Mr. Coleman just left the amusement park, but…” He adjusted his glasses.

“But what?” Toby frowned. Though it was not glorious to have ruined Zane and Sonia’s date, Toby had no regrets. Zane is at no advantage as there are too many men by her side. Seeing how we’re friends, I might as well help him now instead of letting him feel depressed later on.

“But his nephew has not left and is still with Miss Reed.” Troubled, Tom watched as Douglas held her hand and headed toward the spinning teacup ride entrance.

Initially, Tom had thought that Zane would bring his nephew along when he left, so Sonia would be alone. If so, their mission to ruin their date would have been successful. However, now…

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