This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 191

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 191

It’s already so late, so why are Zane and Sonia here together? And who’s the child between them? Toby thought.

“President Fuller, shall we go over and say hi?” Tom suggested cautiously after seeing them as well.

With a disappointed look, Toby replied, “There’s no need.”

Upon hearing this, Tom shrugged. Let’s leave then if there’s no need. Why bother staying to watch and make yourself upset?

Then, Tom adjusted his glasses and sighed. “The sight of Miss Reed and Mr. Coleman carrying the child makes them look like a family.”

A family. This deeply irritated Toby. Instantaneously, his face darkened and his voice turned cold. “No, they don’t.”

Sensing the jealousy in Toby’s tone of voice, Tom smiled faintly. “They look very much like one to me.”

Toby pressed his lips into a thin line. “I think you need to get a new pair of glasses.”

Tom pretended to not hear what Toby had said. “This has nothing to do with my glasses. I’m just speaking my thoughts. Besides, it’s already so late. Could they be on a date?” Tom coughed.

Hearing this, Toby narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists tightly. When Tom saw this, he adjusted his glasses again. “Oh, look. Miss Reed and Mr. Coleman are heading in. Looks like they’re really here on a date.”

“Shut up!” Toby frowned and scolded Tom. Then, he started walking in Sonia and Zane’s direction.

Right then, Tom chuckled as he watched Toby from behind. Didn’t you say that you didn’t want to go? It seems like all you needed was just a little provocation, Tom thought. With that, he followed.

In truth, Tom knew that Toby loved Sonia very much; that was why Toby got jealous when she was being so close with another man. However, Toby was still unaware of his feelings and did not know what his position or excuse was to forbid her from seeing other men. And that was why Tom helped Toby by provoking him.

Besides, he hoped that they would get back together because Tina was not worthy of Toby. Not because of her ancestry, but her character. He really did not want to see Toby and Tina together. Who knew what kinds of trouble she would cause Toby?

Just as Zane was about to tell Sonia about Douglas’ funny stories, he noticed a man walking toward them behind her. Confused, he raised his eyebrows. “Toby?”

As Sonia turned her head to look, she was surprised to see Toby standing there. It’s so late already. Why’s he here? Is he on a date with Tina?

Glancing at her, Toby nodded slightly in response to Zane’s greeting. Then, Zane carried Douglas out of Sonia’s arms. “Why are you here?”

“This amusement park was developed by the Fullers, and we recently plan on building an observatory here, so I came to inspect the surrounding night view to see if it’s a suitable expansion. You guys…” He squinted.

Before Sonia and Zane could reply, Douglas wrapped his arms around Zane’s neck and said, “Uncle Zane and Aunt Sonia are here on a date!”

Immediately, Toby’s face twisted into an ugly expression. Uncle Zane and Aunt Sonia? On a date? They’re really dating? He stared at Zane and Sonia in disbelief.

Puzzled by the astonished expression in his eyes, Sonia tilted her head in curiosity. Meanwhile, Zane understood very well. So, he explained, “No, don’t listen to the kid. He’s just spewing nonsense. Sonia and I came here to discuss something.”

He couldn’t just blurt out the fact that he was pursuing Sonia to him. What if she was frightened after knowing how he felt about her and refused to see him again?

When Toby heard this, his eyelids drooped to hide the storm that was in his eyes. Discuss? Who comes here late at night to discuss matters?

“Alright, Zane. Let’s go in and play with Douglas for a while before we discuss our matter,” Sonia told Zane after checking the time, ignoring Toby.

In truth, Zane was eager to get away from Toby, so he nodded and smiled. “Okay. Well then, we won’t interrupt your inspection. We’ll be on our way now. Let’s go, Sonia.” With that, they headed toward the amusement park entrance.

As Toby watched the two adults and the child from behind, he could not help but admit that they really looked like a happy family. Nevertheless, he felt greatly disturbed by that. How he wished that he was by her side instead of Zane, and that the baby in her belly was with them instead of Douglas.

“Should we head in as well?” Tom, who was silent all this while, suddenly questioned. Ugh, President Fuller’s hopeless! He thought that Toby would be able to tear Zane and Sonia apart. Yet, he did not do anything.

The biggest reason was that Toby still had not realized that the person he loved was Sonia. Regarding other issues, the man was so quick-witted and decisive that the old foxes on the board of directors of Fuller Group could not compete. Yet, when it came to love, he was constantly confused and could not tell who he was in love with.

Tom could guarantee that all of Toby’s friends could see that he loved Sonia, and only Toby was too blind to see that for himself. Tom wanted to tell Toby the truth, but he was afraid that Tina might make his life miserable after that. After all, he was just an assistant, he couldn’t fight head-on with Tina, who had the Grays and Triforce Enterprise behind her. Hence, he decided to keep quiet and wait for Toby to realize his true feelings. However, he did not know when Toby would come to realize it himself.

“Let’s head in,” Toby muttered.

In the meantime, Sonia and Zane had brought Douglas to the Ferris wheel. Though Douglas was not interested in the amusement park as a whole, he was greatly fascinated by the Ferris wheel and even wanted to ride it alone.

Douglas even rejected Sonia and Zane who wanted to accompany him, saying that he did not want to be a third wheel between the two. So, they watched as Douglas entered the pod accompanied by a ride attendant.

My love for him is not in vain. What a qualified assistant! he thought. Though he was thinking so, he still looked embarrassed. “I’m so sorry, Sonia. Looks like Douglas really thinks we’re on a date.”

“It’s okay. He’s just a kid.” She waved and smiled, expressing that she did not mind. After that, she pointed to the bench on the right and suggested, “Let’s wait there for Douglas.”

He agreed with her. “Sure.”

With that, the two walked over. Halfway there, he noticed a milkshake shop nearby. So, he told her to head toward the bench to wait for him while he bought some milkshakes. After waiting for a few minutes, Sonia saw that he came back with two cups of milkshake.

“Here you go. A cup of warm milk. I didn’t know if other beverages were suitable for pregnant women, so I got you this just to be safe. I hope you don’t mind.” He passed one of the cups to her.

“No, I think that you’re really considerate. It must be the training from dating many girls, right?” she joked.

As he sat down beside her, he explained quickly, “Actually, I didn’t have many girlfriends, just two. I might look like I’m quite popular with the girls, but I promise there’s nothing between me and them. Those who say that I’ve dated many girls are just spreading rumors. You have to believe me!” he vowed with a serious expression on his face.

Finding this a little funny, she asked, “Why are you being so serious? I never said that I didn’t believe you.”

“I just don’t want you to misunderstand me.” He sipped his coffee.

Surprised, she asked, “Why?”

“You’ll know next time.” He turned to her and gave her a gentle smile.

Hearing this, she raised her eyebrows. Unsure if it was just an illusion, she felt as if he was hiding something behind that smile.

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