This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 190

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 190

“That’s right. I found out that Tina is also looking for Rina,” Zane told Sonia.

Raising her brow, she questioned, “What’s wrong with that? Isn’t that normal? Rina’s her sister after all, so her looking for Rina isn’t unusual at all.”

“No, no, no.” He waved his finger. “She’s not looking for Rina because she cares for her sister; she wants to make sure that Rina leaves and never returns to Seafield or appears before the Grays ever again.”

Filled with curiosity, she widened her eyes. “Why?”

Zane curled his lips. “She’s probably jealous. Why else? She’ll be the heir of the Grays and Triforce Enterprise if she becomes the only child. However, if Rina comes back, she won’t have that kind of power anymore.”

“I see… So, Rina is a threat to her.” She lifted her chin at the sudden realization.

In response, he snapped his fingers. “Bingo! That’s it. Besides, Titus Gray just disbanded an elite team. Guess what’s the team in charge of?”

“What?” She tilted her head.

Zane explained, “The elite team was specially prepared for Tina. Mr. Gray intends to hold another engagement banquet for her and Toby next year. Then, she’ll finally be able to join the Triforce Enterprise with the elite team being her subordinates. Yet, it’s been disbanded. Can you guess why?”

As soon as she heard this, her eyes flickered. “Mr. Gray doesn’t want Tina to take over Triforce anymore.”

“Yes, that’s the only plausible explanation to why he disbanded the elite team. I’m guessing that Tina is anxious to find Rina and get rid of her after finding out that Mr. Gray actually wants to groom Rina to be the heir instead,” Zane said as he stroked his chin.

With a sarcastic smile, she noted, “I believe that Tina would do the same even if it had nothing to do with inheriting the Grays and Triforce Enterprise. Think about it. Rina was separated from her parents at a young age, so they would definitely give her extra care to make it up to her if she’s found to the point that they might overlook Tina. How do you think Tina would feel?”

“That’s true.” He nodded in agreement. Then, there was a gleam in his eyes. “Sonia, I just thought of a good idea.”

This sparked her interest. “What good idea?”

“It’s hard to explain over the phone, so let’s meet and talk.” He coughed.

Looking at her wristwatch, she realized that it was almost six in the evening. She wanted to turn him down as the sky was almost dark.

On the other end of the phone, it seemed that Zane had guessed what she would say, so he spoke ahead of her. “I won’t be free tomorrow as I’ll be going abroad, so I can only discuss it with you today. Besides, what I’d like to discuss with you is something best not to be delayed. Otherwise, it would be meaningless.”

Upon hearing this, she bit her lip before finally agreeing to meet. “Alright. Where should we meet?”

As soon as she agreed, he squeezed his fists excitedly while trying to remain calm as he spoke, “How about First World Amusement Park?” Going on a date there seems to be a good idea since girls like going to places like that, he thought.

“The amusement park?” Her mouth twitched. “Can’t we just look for a simple café instead? Why do we have to meet in a place like that?”

Guilty, he looked away. “My cousins went on a business trip, so they asked me to take care of their son. He’s been pestering me to take him to the amusement park, so… Help me out, please?”

Listening to him pleading pitifully, she rubbed between her brows and said, “Fine. Let’s meet there then.”

At once, a victorious smile appeared on his face. “Okay, I’ll pick you up.”

“It’s alright. It’ll be quicker if I drive there myself. Let’s meet at the entrance of the amusement park.” She smiled. After agreeing to what he said, she ended the call.

Right after, Zane put down the phone and ran down the stairs to the living room to carry his nephew who was playing puzzle on the couch, then kissed him. “Come on, Douglas. Uncle Zane’s bringing you to the amusement park!”

With a disdained look, Douglas complained, “I don’t wanna go! What’s so fun about amusement parks? I’d rather stay home and play puzzles.”

At that moment, Zane hated Douglas as much as he was pleased with the little boy’s peace of mind. Forcefully, he carried the boy out the door. “No, you have to go. Sacrifice yourself for the sake of your uncle’s happiness.”

“Noo!” he wailed.

Meanwhile, Sonia did not know that Zane had an ulterior motive for asking her to meet. After hanging up the phone, she drove to the amusement park straight away. By the time she reached, it was almost eight at night.

After parking her car, she heard somebody knock on her window as she was unfastening her safety belt. As she wound down the window, a cute little face appeared in front of her. With a sweet voice, the child greeted her, “Hi, Auntie!”

Stunned, she caressed his cheek and smiled. “Hey, kiddo. You must have mistaken me for someone else. I’m not your aunt.”

“No, I didn’t. You’re my aunt!” The little boy held her hand.

Sonia blinked but did not pull her hand away. The main reason was that the little boy looked very cute. She liked how chubby and fair his skin was. Besides, his hand was soft like a piece of sponge. It was so comfortable that she was reluctant to let go.

I didn’t know little humans could be this cute. Will the child in my belly be as cute as this little guy here? she wondered while rubbing her belly. Quickly, she removed her hand from her belly. The worried look in her eyes started to fade away. No. I have to stop thinking about this. Otherwise, she might change her mind about the abortion.

She closed her eyes to take a deep breath before looking back at the little boy. “Hey, kiddo. Where’s your guardian?”

All of a sudden, a tall figure appeared behind the little boy. “Right here.” He knelt and gave her a bright smile.

At that moment, Sonia was slightly surprised. “Zane?”

“Uncle Zane!” The little boy let go of her hand and lifted his head to Zane who was just behind.

As soon as she heard this, she understood immediately. “Oh, he’s your nephew.”

“Yup! Adorable, right?” He carried his nephew up. “He’s Douglas.”

She nodded. “He’s adorable.”

Hugging Zane’s neck, Douglas complimented, “You’re really pretty too, Aunt Sonia.”

She squinted at Zane. “Did you tell him to call me that?”

“No, he decided to do so himself because he thought that you were my girlfriend since I asked you out. I tried correcting him, but he’s so stubborn. There’s nothing I can do, so I hope you don’t mind,” he explained embarrassingly.

Hearing this, Douglas laughed on the inside. Liar. It was Uncle Zane who asked me to call you that. Douglas would not have taken the fall for this if it was not for the limited edition Transformers action figure.

Shaking her head, she replied, “It’s fine.” Then, she opened the door and got out of the car. She smiled gently at Douglas, “I’m not your uncle’s girlfriend, so you can’t call me Aunt Sonia, okay? You should call me Miss Reed.”

“No, I want to call you Aunt Sonia! I want a hug!” Douglas let go of Zane’s neck immediately and stretched out his arms for a hug.

Dumbfounded, she grabbed the little boy by his armpits and carried him. Whatever. Call me Aunt Sonia then. After all, she had nothing to lose being addressed that way.

“Sonia, I think you’d better put him down. You’re pregnant,” he advised while glancing at her belly.

With a kiss on Douglas’ cheek, she reassured Zane, “It’s okay, he’s not heavy at all. I like him.”

As Toby watched from afar, he bit his lip.

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