This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 188

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 188

Toby was more worried by the thought of Tina getting scammed than feeling distressed about the money.

“Tom,” he called his assistant into the office.

After making his way in, Tom stood still in front of Toby’s desk and asked, “President Fuller, how may I assist you?”

“Check where Tina has been today and her purchases,” Toby instructed as he massaged his temples.

“Yes, sir,” Tom replied before making his way out of the office. Very quickly, he returned with the results of his investigation. “Sir, Miss Gray has gone to the mall and bought more than twenty dresses.”

“What? More than twenty dresses?” The corners of Toby’s eyes twitched. He knew that she had gone shopping for dresses today, but why did she have to buy so many?

Adjusting his glasses, Tom replied, “Yes. More than twenty dresses.” In truth, he was also shocked to hear this when his subordinates reported it to him.

Toby bit his lip before asking, “Did you look into the reason why she bought so many?”

Lowering his head, Tom answered, “Miss Reed tricked her.”

Upon hearing this, Toby squinted. “Tricked by Sonia? What’s going on?”

“According to what I’ve found, Miss Reed was with Miss Gray when she was shopping for dresses. Every time Miss Reed chose a dress, Miss Gray would snatch it from her. What Miss Gray didn’t know was that Miss Reed had let her do so on purpose, so that was how the dresses came about,” Tom explained.

This time, Tina had thoroughly embarrassed herself. Failing to give Sonia a hard time, she got tricked instead. That was why Tina should not have messed around if she was not smart enough. However, Tom did not dare to say this out loud and could only complain to himself.

Right then, Toby had a nasty look plastered on his face, and his body gave out a cold and brooding aura. He was unsure if it was Tina or her second personality that snatched those dresses. Nevertheless, it did not matter who it was because such behavior was tacky and foolish. Moreover, it showed how narrow-minded she was.

“So, did Sonia manage to buy any dresses?” he questioned lightly.

Shaking his head, Tom said, “No. She left Wanika, but I don’t know if she would go to another boutique.”

After acknowledging what Tom had said, Toby instructed, “Ask the manager of the mall to take note of this. Tell him not to charge Sonia and send the bill directly to me if she visits another boutique to pick out dresses. ”

“Yes, sir.” Tom nodded. Then, he turned around and went to do as instructed.

Just then, Toby stopped him. “Hold on.”

“Do you have any other orders, sir?” Tom turned to ask.

As Toby rubbed between his eyebrows, he stressed, “Don’t let Sonia know that I’m paying for her.”

“Understood.” Tom nodded.

At the mall, after Sonia and Rebecca left Wanika, they still could not find a suitable dress even after visiting several boutiques. At that moment, both of them stood at the entrance of the last boutique left in the mall.

As Rebecca bent forward to massage her calves, she asked, “What should we do if we still can’t find a nice dress from this boutique?”

To be honest, Sonia was also feeling a little tired already. She took a deep breath and responded, “Don’t worry. I’m sure we’ll be able to find one. Worse comes to worst, we’ll just have to make do.”

“I guess that’s all we can do.” Rebecca nodded her head in agreement before heading into the boutique with Sonia.

Though this boutique was not as popular as Wanika, it was the oldest haute couture brand. The dresses there were mostly vintage-styled. Because of that, the boutique was less popular among the younger generation as not many of them could relate to its retro feel.

However, Sonia felt that the dress fit her very well even after only trying it once. In that instance, Rebecca’s eyes brightened. “This one looks good!”

Looking at herself in the mirror, Sonia nodded with satisfaction. “Indeed.”

The shop assistant also nodded in approval. “Miss, would you be fine if I took a few photos of you? No one would buy this dress since it arrived at our boutique because nobody was able to bring out its feel except for you, so I would like to take a few photos and send it to the designer.”

Seeing the excited look on the shop assistant’s face, Sonia could not bring herself to refuse. So, she smiled and agreed, “Sure.”

Upon hearing this, the shop assistant was ecstatic. “Thank you!”

“You’re most welcome. Do I have to pose?” Sonia inquired.

The shop assistant concurred. Lifting the dress a little, Sonia put on a nice pose. “Let’s start shooting.”

Quickly, the shop assistant fished out her phone and took a few photos of Sonia. Then, Rebecca leaned over to take a look. “You look so beautiful! President Reed, you should see this.”

“Alright.” Sonia made her way over. As she looked at the photo on the phone, she smiled. “You’re right. Send them to me as well, will you?”

“Of course,” the shop assistant answered.

With that, Sonia unlocked her phone and handed it to the shop assistant. Right away, the shop assistant sent the photos to Sonia. After saving the photos, Sonia kept her phone before saying, “Wrap this up for me. I’ll take this dress.”

“Yes, miss,” the shop assistant grinned as she responded.

Right after, Sonia went back into the changing room to take the dress off. Then, the shop assistant took the dress and headed to the counter to pack it.

Later on, Sonia and Rebecca headed toward the counter. As soon as the dress was packed, Sonia handed the shop assistant her credit card. However, the shop assistant returned the card to Sonia. “Miss, we’re giving you the dress for free.”

“What? You’re giving it to us for free?” Rebecca exclaimed.

At that moment, Sonia was also surprised. “Why?”

“I sent the photos of you in the dress to the designer, and he said that only you could bring out the impression of the dress that he had intended. Hence, he decided to gift it to you,” the shop assistant explained.

Right then, Rebecca’s eyes filled with admiration, “How nice! You just got a dress for free!”

“I know, right? I guess I’m pretty lucky. Well then, thank you very much.” The corners of Sonia’s mouth lifted. Without thinking much, she reached out to take the dress.

To be honest, it was not unheard of for things like this to happen. There were indeed many designers who were delighted to gift their designs to customers simply because they looked good in them. However, she did not expect that such a thing would happen to her.

“You’re most welcome, miss. Please come again.” The shop assistant escorted Sonia and Rebecca to the entrance of the boutique.

As soon as the two ladies were a distance away, the shop assistant turned to walk back into the boutique. Just then, a middle-aged man came out of the lounge. “You didn’t let them know, right?”

Handing over the phone, she reassured him, “No, sir.”

“Very well. I’ll transfer the bonus to your account later,” the man said as he took the phone.

Overjoyed, she bowed and expressed her gratitude, “Thank you, sir!”

“You may go.” He waved.

Happily, she walked away. After that, he unlocked the phone to find Sonia’s photos and sent them directly to Tom.

Almost immediately, Tom knocked on Toby’s office door. “President Fuller, the matter regarding Miss Reed’s dress has been taken care of. She didn’t suspect a thing.”

With his chin lifted, Toby acknowledged, “Okay.”

As Tom handed over his phone to Toby, he noted, “And here are Miss Reed’s photos.”

“Photos?” Toby put down his pen instantaneously and took over the phone. On the screen, the photos showed Sonia wearing a vintage halter dress with a gentle smile on her face. Standing under the lights, it was as if she was glowing. Anyone who saw this would not be able to take their eyes off her.

Toby’s heart raced as he saw how beautiful she was for the first time. He couldn’t help but stroke her cheek on the screen. Then, his eyes darkened. “Who took these?”

“The shop assistant did,” Tom stated.

“I don’t remember asking for photos, did I?” Toby bit his lip.

“Yes, the manager had decided to do so without consulting with us beforehand because he thought that you and Miss Reed had a special relationship since you wanted him to put the purchase of the dress under your name. I’ll delete the photos if you don’t like them,” Tom clarified.

With his brows furrowed, Toby declined, “It’s alright. Send them to me, and I’ll delete them myself!”

As soon as Tom heard this, the corners of his mouth twitched. He wanted to roll his eyes so badly at that moment. Delete them himself?

Tom reckoned Toby must have wanted to keep it secretly instead.

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