This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 187

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 187

Before Sonia could accept the dress from Rebecca, Tina walked over and stretched out her hand to snatch it away. “I want this too.”

Sonia’s red lips pressed tightly.

Rebecca was even more furious now. She stared at Tina with her arms akimbo. “Are you deliberately trying to mess with us? You already took President Reed’s dress away just now, and now you want to do it again?”

Tina put the dress over her arm. “Yes, I am doing it purposely. Since you said that the previous dress was defective, go ahead and comment about this one. I doubt that every one of them here has defects.”

“How dare you—”

“Enough. Rebecca, just ignore her.” Sonia stopped Rebecca, who was about to get furious, and gave Tina a cold glance before walking forward.

Rebecca was a little unwilling. “President Reed, are we just going to let her get away with it?”

“Of course not. You’ll know later,” Sonia replied in a low voice, and then picked the most expensive one among the front row of dresses.

Although Rebecca didn’t know what she was going to do, she didn’t ask any more questions.

Sonia stood in front of the mirror with the dress in her hand and placed the dress in front of her body. With that, she whispered, “Five, four, three, two—”

Before she could even count to ‘one’, Tina’s voice rang. “I want that too.”

The dress in Sonia’s hand was indeed very beautiful. Although she hadn’t put it on, she could already see how beautiful she would look in it just from seeing how it looked in the mirror.

She knew the reason why Sonia was here—it was to choose a dress to attend the charity auction in a few days. She was determined to not let Sonia wear this dress and attract all of Toby’s attention.

“Well, if you really want it, then I’ll gladly give it to you.” Seeing Tina coming over, Sonia smiled and passed the dress over, whereupon Tina reached out and grabbed it.

In the next second, Sonia turned around, went to the next shelf, and continued to choose the most expensive dress.

Shortly after, Tina snatched that dress away again.

Sonia pretended to be angry and stared at her for a while, as if she wanted to get angry, but finally held back and went to the other shelves.

Seeing how angry Sonia was to her, Tina’s frustration just now was finally washed away and replaced with boastful pride.

Hmph! Continue choosing, then. No matter what you choose, I will snatch them all! she thought to herself.

Next, several more dresses were snatched by Tina. Rebecca was so angry that she could no longer bear it. However, as she looked over at Sonia and suddenly saw the arc on her lips, she instantly understood what was going on.

“President Reed, did you purposely pick the most expensive ones and let Tina snatch them?” Rebecca leaned into Sonia’s ear and whispered.

Sonia nodded. “Yes. Since she doesn’t want me to buy a dress for myself, she’ll be willing to grab whichever I like. If that’s the case, then why don’t I just choose the most expensive ones and let her purse bleed for once?”

“Genius! Genius move!” Rebecca gave Sonia a thumbs up.

Sonia smiled. “What’s more, the reason why Tina is here choosing a dress at this time must be to participate in the charity auction. Remember the cause of the charity auction that I told you about? It’s to protect wild animals.”

“That’s right.” Rebecca nodded.

Sonia squinted. “Then what do you think will happen if one were to wear accessories that were made out of wild animal fur at such a charity auction?”

Rebecca smiled. “I understand what you want to do now. Leave it all to me.”

She patted her chest, then put away the smile on her face and said angrily, “President Reed, she has grabbed so many dresses from you. How can you just tolerate her? Those dresses are so beautiful! It will be splendid should you accessorize it with a fur cape and a crocodile handbag, but she took them all!”

“Forget it. Let’s just choose another one. We can add accessories to the others too.” Sonia patted the back of Rebecca’s hand, motioning her to calm down.

Not far away, Tina heard the conversation between the two, whereupon her eyelids drooped in thought.

Pair it with a fur cape and a crocodile handbag?

Immediately, she turned to look at Cynthia behind her, who was holding a few dresses for her, then she took a dress from her arms to take a look. In fact, she thought that they would indeed look really good together.

These dresses were very exquisite. If she were to add a fur cape onto it, she would add an elegant feminine charm onto the outfit.

She wanted to try it out.

Rebecca, who was quietly watching Tina’s actions, saw the movement on Tina’s face and laughed. “Alas, she has taken the bait.”

“Since she is hooked, then we can stop. Hi, retail assistant!” Sonia raised her hand and called out.

The assistant walked over hurriedly. “Hello, miss.”

“Wrap these up for me please.” Sonia pointed to the row of dresses on her right.

The retail assistant was stunned, and it took a while before she came to her senses. “W-Wrap them all up?”

“That’s right. That lady will pay the bill. She wants to buy them all!” Sonia signaled at Tina, who was not far away.

As soon as Tina heard what Sonia said, she looked over at the row of at least a dozen dresses, and her face changed at the sight. “Sonia Reed, when did I say that I wanted to buy them all?”

“Well, you didn’t necessarily say it, but these were what President Reed liked. Didn’t you say you’d like to snatch whatever she fancied? If that’s the case, then these are yours—so you can go ahead and checkout.” Rebecca held Sonia’s arm as she smiled sarcastically.

Sonia also had a grin hanging on her face.

Only then did Tina realize what went wrong, and she began to tremble angrily. “Are you kidding me? Did you do this on purpose to fool me into buying all these?”

“When did we ever fool you? You were the one that jumped into our trap. If you hadn’t tried to snatch them all, we wouldn’t have let you buy them, but since you want to snatch them away so badly, then by all means, go ahead and buy them all,” Rebecca spread her hands and said. “So, Miss Money Bags, please go ahead and checkout. Don’t you even dare say that you don’t want them anymore; otherwise, we will look down on you, and as the future wife of the Fuller Group, you probably won’t care about such small amounts of money anyway, right?”

Small amounts?Are these small amounts of money?

Tina’s body was trembling severely.

The nearly 20 sets of high-quality custom-made dresses could total up to a few hundred million!

If she dared to spend this much money to buy dresses, her father would be furious.

“Now, now, Rebecca. Miss Gray will definitely buy them, or else it would be like a slap on her face. Am I right, Miss Gray?” Sonia looked over at Tina with a smile.

Seeing that, Tina was so close to clawing at her face right then and there.

“Yes. Of course I will buy them!” Tina clenched her fists tightly and said with a forced smile.

When she snatched the dress from Sonia just now, all the retail assistants in the store saw it.

If she didn’t buy it, and should the other ladies from her social circle come here to pick out dresses, these retail assistants would definitely tell them what they saw. Should that happen, she would be completely and utterly embarrassed.

Therefore, she had to buy the dresses even if she didn’t want to.

Thinking about it, Tina took a deep breath trying to suppress the anger in her heart as she looked at Sonia. “I’ll remember this.”

Sonia smiled. “Rebecca, let’s go.”

“Sure!” Rebecca responded.

After the two left, Tina looked at the bunch of dresses and wanted to throw them all on the ground, but she couldn’t bring herself to—they were worth a few hundred million, after all.

“Check out, please!” Tina took out the black card that Toby gave her and gritted her teeth while handing it to the retail assistant.

The retail assistant took it with a set of bright eyes. Resisting the ecstasy and excitement in her heart, she grabbed the pile of dresses and went to pack them all up.

Jackpot! the sales assistant thought. This young lady sure was a good person, seeing how she helped her earn so much commission, and now, she would have enough money to buy a house.

After getting off work, she would definitely go to the church to pray for the young lady.

Looking at the seething Tina, Cynthia asked in concern, “Tina, are you okay?”

Tina barely twitched the corners of her lips. “I’m fine.”

How could she be okay? She was furious to death.

How could Cynthia not remind me about this? She caused me to be trapped by Sonia.

Soon, the retail assistant finished swiping the card and returned the black card to Tina.

After Tina left her address and asked the retail assistant to send the dresses to the Gray Residence, she left angrily.

Meanwhile, at the Fuller Group, Toby was working on the documents when suddenly, his cell phone next to him buzzed.

He took a look and saw that it was a card deduction message.

After clicking on it, he frowned when he saw that the secondary card that he had given Tina had been charged a few hundred million.

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