This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 182

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 182

“Who was it?” Toby asked.

Smiling, Tina replied, “A classmate from university, but she doesn’t recognize me anymore. All right, Toby. Let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s go to the psychiatric department.”

Toby didn’t think much of it and simply bobbed his chin in agreement.

Meanwhile, after Tim ended the call with Tina, he contacted the gynecologist again. “The woman I talked about last time has already gone to your side, so be careful not to reveal anything.”

“Understood, Director Lancaster,” the person on the other end replied with a nod.

Tim grunted, then hung up.

Accompanied by Charles, Sonia reached the outside of the consultation room at the Obstetrics and Gynecology department.

“Charles, you can wait for me outside,” Sonia said while turning to face Charles, who was beside her.

“I’ll follow you in.” He was a little worried about her.

However, Sonia shook her head in refusal. “No.”

Since she was so stubborn, Charles had no choice but to reluctantly agree. “Okay. I’ll be waiting for you here. Call me if anything happens. I’ll go in immediately.”

“Okay.” Sonia gave him a smile, then walked in.

The doctor in the consultation room set down the landline in his hand when he saw her coming in, and something flashed across his eyes.

“Miss Reed, we meet again.” The doctor smiled and greeted Sonia.

Sonia sat down opposite him, feeling a little surprised. “Doctor, you remember me?”

“Of course. The last time you came here, I was the doctor who assessed you. I’ve always had a good memory,” the doctor answered.

The corners of Sonia’s lips twitched. “I see.”

“Miss Reed, did you come here because there’s a problem with your baby?” the doctor asked after taking her registration form.

Sonia shook her head. “No. This time, I’m here because I want to get an abortion.”

“Abortion?” The doctor was visibly stunned.

Sonia nodded. “That’s right.”

The look on the doctor’s face was a mix of complicated emotions. “Are you sure?”

“Of course,” Sonia replied affirmatively.

All of a sudden, the doctor was silent.

Originally, he thought he was going to have to make up an excuse such as fetal malformation or the mother’s body being unsuitable for pregnancy to deceive her and get her to agree to getting an abortion.

To his surprise, she came this time to abort her baby, which saved him a lot of effort.

“Miss Reed, since you’ve given it careful consideration, then when do you plan to abort the child? I can ask the hospital to arrange the operation.” The doctor looked at her belly.

Sonia tightened the hand on her stomach, and instead of rushing to answer him, she lowered her gaze, seemingly thinking about something.

The entire time, the doctor observed her expression. Seeing her like this, he was a little afraid that she would regret it at the last minute and be reluctant to get rid of the baby in her belly.

Squinting, the doctor calmly persuaded her. “Miss Reed, things like this cannot be delayed. The more you delay it, the older the baby will get, which isn’t good for the mother’s body, so you have to decide earlier.”

“Then, get it done as soon as possible,” Sonia replied after taking a deep breath and closing her eyes.

In fact, when the doctor asked her when she planned to abort the child, she did feel a sense of reluctance, which was why it took her quite a while to answer the doctor.

But even though she was reluctant, she must be resolutely ruthless.

I’m sorry!

Sonia apologized to the child in her stomach, then signed the abortion consent form.

As the doctor watched her sign the document, he was relieved, and the smile on his face grew even wider.

“Miss Reed, I just checked the system. Many pregnant women’s surgeries have been scheduled for the next two days, so yours will be scheduled in the afternoon two days later,” the doctor said gently as he took the abortion consent form Sonia had just signed.

Sonia nodded. “All right. Then I’ll come back in two days.”

“Okay,” the doctor answered with a smile.

Standing up, Sonia walked out of the doctor’s office.

“Darling.” When Charles saw her coming out, he quickly took her hand. “When’s the operation?”

“In two days,” Sonia replied.

Charles rubbed his chin. “Two days later. Two days later is good too. At least there is a buffer period for you to adjust your mental state. Shall we go back now?”

“Let’s go back.” Sonia took a look at the time before the two of them walked toward the elevator.

Standing at the door, the doctor watched as their figures disappeared down the corner of the corridor. He closed the door, then turned back to his desk and picked up the landline on the desk to make a call.

The person on the other end of the line seemed to have been waiting for the call. As soon as the call was made, he answered, “What’s the situation?”

“Director Lancaster, the task is complete. She’s signed the abortion consent form,” replied the doctor.

Tim adjusted his posture. “Very well. When is the operation scheduled for?”

“In the afternoon two days from now.”

“I see.” With that, Tim hung up and gave Tina a call.

At this moment, Tina was sitting on the sofa in the psychiatric consultation room. Although the doctor had yet to arrive, she was still flustered and confused.

Even though Tim told her not to worry, she was still utterly afraid that she would expose herself later, because once Toby found out that she didn’t have dissociative identity disorder at all and was just using it as a front to unscrupulously deal with Sonia, Toby would certainly cut off all relations with her even if he still regarded her as the person he loved.

Therefore, she mustn’t expose herself.

Sensing how nervous the woman next to him was, Toby turned to look at her. “Tina, are you okay?”

Tina’s face was a little pale, but when she heard his question, she forced a smile. “I’m fine. It’s just that it’s my first time seeing a psychologist, so I’m a little nervous.”

“It’s okay. I’ll be with you the whole time.” Toby stroked her hair.

“Toby, you’re the best,” Tina replied softly, but deep down, she was rather agitated.

If possible, she would rather he didn’t accompany her.

It was precisely because he was here that she was even more afraid.

However, Tina dared not let her internal struggles show.

At this moment, her phone rang.

Upon taking a look, Tina saw that Tim was calling. Her gaze darkened, and she stood up all of a sudden. “Toby, my mother is calling. I’m going outside to answer the phone.”

“Okay.” Toby didn’t suspect that she was lying and simply gave a slight nod. “Go ahead.”

Opening the door, Tina left with her phone.

In order to not be heard, she walked a little farther before answering the call. “Tim, how did it go? Have you succeeded?”

“Yes, but the operation will be in two days,” Tim replied while pushing up his glasses.

Tina couldn’t conceal the excitement on her face. “That’s great. If it’s in two days, so be it. I’ve been waiting for so long, so what’s another two more days? Tim, for the operation in two days, you must—”

“Don’t worry. I’ll arrange it.” Tim cut her off.

Undoubtedly, Tina wasn’t worried about Tim’s ability. She knew that as long as she wanted something, he would make sure it was done, because he firmly believed that she was his savior, despite the fact that she didn’t know why he would think she saved him.

Nevertheless, so what if he did? Since that was what he thought, and he was willing to do things for her, why shouldn’t she accept it?

“All right. Then, I’ll leave this to you, Tim,” Tina replied while smiling.

After that, the two of them exchanged a few more words before ending the call.

Tina put away her phone and looked around. When she saw that no one was around, she went back into the clinic, pretending as if nothing had happened.

As soon as she entered, she found that there was another person inside—a foreign old man in a white coat.

Tina’s heart tightened. She immediately realized that this old man was the psychiatrist Toby had sought for her.

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