This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 18

Everyone in her surroundings was intrigued, but Sonia turned a blind eye to it all.

With an enigmatic smile, she glanced at Toby, who was down on one knee. Then, she looked at Julia and said listlessly, “First of all, I’m sorry that I came here uninvited. Secondly, who can confirm that the video that’s trending is real? You want to settle the score from six years ago with me? I’ve truly been wrongly accused.”

As she spoke, her gaze landed on Tina.

Tina’s face paled, and she quickly hid behind Toby.

When everyone saw this, they began berating Sonia.

“This woman has a lot of guts. She ran into her car six years ago, yet she still has the audacity to come to the banquet!”

“Exactly. Look. Miss Gray is so frightened. She’s really overstepping.”

Julia noticed how scared her beloved daughter was, but she wasn’t in the mood to have nonsensical banter with Sonia. “What a sharp-tongued girl. Since you said you were wrongly accused, then go and explain to the police.”

Julia was about to make a phone call when Toby stopped her.

The man, who had been silent for a long time, finally spoke. “Sonia, you shouldn’t be here.”

Is he trying to intimidate me?

Sonia grinned without caring what others thought. Raising her eyebrows, she said somewhat sarcastically, “Then, where should I go? President Fuller, at any rate, we’d been married for six years. Although you weren’t very good to me, I never did anything to betray you, so how could you post a fake video on the Internet to slander me? Do you so desperately want me to die?”

Toby’s eyelids twitched, and his grip on the brocade box tightened slightly.

Tom was about to explain on behalf of his boss when Toby cut in.

Fixing her with a profound gaze, he answered, “Tina won’t look into the matter, so you should stop acting like this.”

Sonia felt as if she had just heard the biggest joke. “Are you kidding me?”

She glanced at all of them, then took her time taking a seat. “Carl, show them the gift I’m giving to Miss Gray.”

As everyone watched in surprise, Carl played the video on the projector on the wall screen.

The crowd was seeing a different scene from the one in the trending video.

At this moment, Titus spoke, and his eyes turned a little gloomy. “Miss Reed, how can you prove this is real? Now that technology is so advanced, everything can be faked.”

Sonia already expected him to say that, so she shot Carl a glance.

He made a call, and in no time, a person got out of the car at the entrance.

Most of the people knew the person who just came out. He was a well-known computer technologist in Seafield.

His words were more reliable than anyone else’s.

“I can testify that Miss Reed’s video is genuine, and that the video circulating on the Internet has been edited.”

As soon as he made this remark, everyone’s expressions changed. Toby, in particular, was simply dumbfounded.

Still gloomy, he asked, “Sonia, are you done making a scene?”

Crossing his arms across his chest, Charles sneered, “I’ll say, Toby, you’re really quite pitiful. Someone took you as a fool and deceived you! Let’s not talk about the video. About the car accident that year, you just needed to be more dedicated and look for the initial case officer to check, then you would’ve been able to know the truth.”

Toby’s expression was extremely cold, and he fixed his pair of emotionless eyes on Tina. Something strange was raging behind his eyes, making him look extremely dangerous.

Tina panicked.

She didn’t expect that Sonia would come up with evidence!

She shook her head, fear evident in her eyes. “I… I didn’t lie to you, Toby… I didn’t… Listen to me…”

Her current explanations were too weak.

With the truth presented before their very eyes, everything she said was useless!

Upon seeing this, Charles could finally work out his anger as he sniggered. “Toby, there’s one more thing you may not understand. During the several years when Tina was in a coma, my baby had been going to the hospital to give her blood. If she deliberately knocked into Tina, why would Sonia keep on transfusing blood to her? She did it for you. It’s pathetic that you, a man who thinks he’s very smart, are actually bloody blind!”

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