This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 177

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 177

Toby narrowed his eyes.

As expected…

“Have you found out how Titus and the others got to know that his eldest daughter might still be alive?” Toby looked at Tom and asked.

Tom pushed his glasses up. “Yes. Apparently, Mrs. Gray was in DT Jewelry when she heard the manager talk about a girl with a daughter’s necklace. So, Mrs. Gray guessed that the girl might be her eldest daughter.”

So that’s why.

Back in Rose’s ward, Sonia mentioned that she found the necklace and went to DT jewelry to ask for more information about it.

Julia always wore jewelry by DT jewelry, and in addition with her identity, the store manager would usually personally serve her, so the manager must have seen the necklace on Julia’s neck and decided to tell her about Sonia bringing the daughter’s necklace to the store.

It was just that the manager didn’t tell Julia Sonia’s name, so Julia didn’t know that the person with the daughter’s necklace was Sonia and not her eldest daughter.

It all made sense now.

Toby waved to indicate that Tom was dismissed.

After Tom went out, Toby picked up his phone and sent the findings of their investigation to Sonia.

Sonia was discussing with Charles where they were going to celebrate in the evening when she heard her phone ring, so she quickly put their conversation on hold and brought her phone down to take a look.

Upon seeing that it was a text message from Toby, she pursed her red lips and opened it. ‘Your guess was indeed correct. Titus and the others are looking for Rina.’

Sonia squeezed her palm, then placed the phone back to her ear. “Charles, something came up. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay.” Charles didn’t think much of it and simply nodded in agreement.

After hanging up the phone, Sonia replied: ‘How can you be sure?’

At Fuller Group, Toby leaned against the back of his chair, then crossed his fingers on top of his abdomen and stared at the phone on the table.

It had been several minutes since he sent the message to Sonia.

Why hasn’t she replied? Is she busy?

Just as he was mulling it over, his phone notification tone sounded as the screen lit up.

Toby’s profound eyes lit up in an instant, then he separated his hands before moving forward and picking up the phone.

When he saw that it was indeed Sonia’s reply, his thin lips curled up slightly, and he immediately dialed her number.

Sonia was still earnestly waiting for Toby’s reply when her phone suddenly rang. It surprised her so much that she lost her grip, and the phone slipped from her hands.

Fortunately, there was a table below, so the phone didn’t fall to the ground, which made her breathe a sigh of relief.

Otherwise, she was going to have to get a new phone again even though she had just changed to the current one.

“Hello?” Sonia said in a slightly unpleasant tone.

Hearing the anger in her voice, Toby raised an eyebrow.

Did I anger her?

Without thinking much about it, Toby’s thin lips moved. “I asked Tom to look into it.”

He then told her about everything Tom had discovered.

After she was done listening, Sonia suddenly lifted her chin. “So that was what happened.”

She assumed that someone had told the Gray family that Rina might still be alive.

She didn’t expect that it was because she left a trace behind when she went to the store to ask about the necklace.

“I see. Thank you for telling me this, President Fuller,” Sonia said.

Toby grunted, then asked, “Are you going to look for Rina?”

“Yes. I still need to determine if she’s really alive.” Sonia nodded.

If Rina was still alive, Sonia figured she would know why her father asked her to look for Rina, but how to find her was still a problem.

Thinking about this, Sonia rubbed her temples, and she sounded a little tired when she spoke. “President Fuller, if there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up first.”

Toby’s thin lips moved; he still wanted to talk to her for a little while more.

However, he didn’t know what to say, so he eventually nodded. “Okay.”

After hanging up, Sonia didn’t put down her phone, but sent a message to Zane instead. She asked to meet with him, saying that she had something to tell him.

Naturally, when Zane saw the message, he agreed, then he went into the room to look for something to wear.

But after searching for a long time, he didn’t manage to find a suitable outfit.

The butler saw the clothes piled on his bed, and the corners of his mouth twitched. “Young Master Coleman, what are you going to wear?”

“I don’t know either.” Zane sat down on the bed dejectedly.

He just wanted to wear something special to meet with Sonia, but after rummaging through his entire wardrobe, he couldn’t find anything to his liking.

The butler picked up a few pieces of clothing. “Young Master Coleman, these are your usual favorites.”

“They’re not good enough.” Zane shook his head.

He wanted to change his style—preferably one that Sonia couldn’t forget after taking just one glance.

Seeing that Zane was at such a loss, the butler thought for a while before asking, “Young Master Coleman, you’re suddenly changing the way you dress. Who are you going to meet?”

“A friend,” Zane answered.

The butler pondered about it, then he continued asking, “Male or female?”

“A female,” Zane responded.

The butler’s eyes widened, and he was immediately gratified.

This is great. The young master is finally getting himself a girl. Otherwise, why would he worry about what to wear? If he were just meeting an ordinary friend, he would’ve just dressed casually. So, the young master must be going to see a girl he fancies.

The butler wiped away tears of excitement. “Young Master Fuller, who’s the young lady? Do you need me to prepare any gifts for her?”

Obviously, Zane understood that the butler noticed that he was in love, so he didn’t deny it. After thinking about it, he said, “Prepare a bouquet of flowers.”

Sonia still wasn’t aware of his intentions, so he couldn’t prepare too many gifts at once. He had to do it bit by bit so as not to scare her.

“Okay, I’ll go get it ready.” The butler left, feeling overjoyed.

Zane then had to face the pile of clothes alone again.

But soon, he thought of an idea and contacted the styling team.

Two hours later, Zane arrived at the place he was meeting Sonia; it was a quiet cafe.

After he entered, he looked around and saw Sonia in the corner.

She had her head down; she was playing with her phone, so she didn’t notice his arrival.

Feeling nervous, he tightened his grip on the bouquet in his arms. After taking a deep breath, he walked toward the corner.

As he walked over, his heartbeat sped up significantly, and even his footsteps became a little stiff.

After all, no one would feel calm when meeting someone they loved while holding a bouquet of flowers.

Not to mention, this scenario seemed like a blind date.

Finally, Zane stood in front of Sonia. Looking down at her, he said, “Sonia, I-I’m here.”

Sonia lifted her head. When she saw Zane’s current appearance, her mouth widened in surprise. “W-Why are you dressed like this?”

He was wearing a loose top, ripped jeans, and sneakers. With highlights in his messy hair, plus the flowers he was holding, he looked rather amusing.

Sonia couldn’t help laughing. “It doesn’t match you at all. What’s gotten into you?”

Zane was not surprised to see her laugh, because he had already anticipated it when the stylist finished working on him.

All he told the stylist was that he was going to meet the girl he loved; he didn’t expect the stylist to make him look like this. The stylist even said that girls nowadays liked this kind of style.

No matter how clueless he was, he knew that girls these days liked the style of the overbearing president.

If it weren’t because he was running out of time, he would definitely have argued with the stylist and asked him to change him back to his usual look.

“Don’t mention it. I don’t know what happened either.” Zane sighed, then handed over the flower in his arms.

Sonia pointed to herself in surprise. “Is this for me?”

“Yes. Do you like it?” Zane nodded and nervously clenched his fists.

Although the flowers were prepared by the butler, he was the one who decided to go with the white roses.

He wanted to give her red roses, but with their current relationship status, it was obviously not suitable.

“I like it, but why are you suddenly giving me flowers? I thought you brought flowers because you were going to meet a girl later. I didn’t expect them to be for me.” Sonia accepted the flowers, feeling rather flattered.

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