This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 175

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 175

And they’re looking for it right after Sonia got it. No, more importantly, the post specifically says they’re looking for a girl with the necklace. In other words, the Grays are looking for a person, not the necklace. “Find out why the Grays are looking for this girl.” Toby tapped his finger on the edge of the car’s window. They’re looking for Sonia, but they don’t know about it.

“Understood.” Tom nodded.

Toby stared down at his phone. He hesitated for a moment, but eventually, he made the call.

Back at Paradigm, Sonia was correcting a tricky document. Just when she had some idea about it, her train of thoughts was cut off by a call. Frustrated, she took the call without even looking at the caller. “Who is this?”

Toby kept quiet when he realized Sonia was being impatient. Even a phone call annoys her now?

Sonia pinched her forehead after she received no response. “I’m hanging up.”

Toby pursed his lips, then he finally said, “It’s me.”

Sonia was surprised to hear his voice, so she took a look at the caller’s name on the screen. When she confirmed it was him, she continued the call. “Hi, Mr. Fuller. Anything?” she asked calmly.

“Did you see Triforce’s latest news?” he asked her.

“News?” Sonia was confused. “What news?”

I’ll take that as a no. So that means I’m the first to tell her. Delighted, Toby coughed softly and said, “The Grays are looking for someone with a special necklace. That’s you.”

“What? They’re looking for me?” Sonia gripped her pen tightly.

Toby nodded. “Yes, but they don’t know it’s you they’re looking for, because they don’t know you have the necklace.”

“Hold on. Let me take a look.” Sonia put her pen down, cradled her phone on the shoulder, and typed away on the keyboard. A short while later, she saw Triforce’s latest post, and she frowned. “Weird. How did they know the necklace still exists?”

Just like Toby, she didn’t think the Grays knew that the necklace still existed. However, their latest post overturned that assumption, and now she knew they were looking for her.

Toby kept quiet for a while, then he hazarded a guess. “Not sure. But they posted this not long after you took the necklace, so I think they found out about it by chance.”

Sonia nodded. Apparently, she shared his sentiment. “But if they only found this out by chance, they should only be looking for the necklace, not the person. And specifically a girl. They can’t be thinking that Rina’s still alive, can they?”

Toby was surprised Sonia came to the same conclusion as he did. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe they do think she’s still alive.” For some reason, the Grays knew Rina’s necklace still exists, but they don’t know Sonia possesses it. All they know is that a girl has it. They think the girl is Rina, so they did all this.

“Impossible.” Sonia shot up, shocked. “Grandma told me my dad drowned Rina. She can’t still be alive.”

“Why not?” Toby interrupted her. “Your necklace is proof.”

My necklace? Sonia reflexively touched her necklace. She had been wearing it at all times recently in case it went missing.

“You’re telling me Rina still lives because this necklace exists? What’s the connection?” she asked.

Toby put his elbow against the window and leaned his head against his hand. “If your father did kill Rina, why did he take her necklace then? He shouldn’t have any use for it if Rina actually died.”

Sonia’s eyes widened in surprise. Yeah. Why did he keep this necklace? It’s stupid.

“Before your father passed away, he specifically told you to get the necklace. He told you there’s a story behind it. Your grandmother should have told you all about the story, but that doesn’t mean the necklace is useless now,” Toby added.

Sonia bit her lip. “I know. Dad left this for me not just because he wanted me to find out its secrets; he had a mission for me as well. If he only wanted me to know about the secrets, he could have asked Grandma to tell me the feud between the Reeds and the Grays.”

Toby nodded in approval after hearing her conjecture. She’s smarter than I thought. “Maybe your father left you the necklace because he wanted you to find Rina,” Toby said after some thought.

Surprisingly, Sonia wasn’t shocked, since she had a similar guess. “Maybe my dad didn’t drown Rina. That was probably just a toy or something, but it was enough to fool everyone. He probably relocated the real Rina somewhere else. If he did, she must be all grown up now,” Sonia mumbled, caressing her necklace.

Toby rubbed his fingers. “Do you need my help in the search,” he asked with subtle excitement.

“No.” Sonia refused his offer coolly, her lips pursed. “This is my business, so I don’t need your help. I can handle this myself. Besides, you should be helping Miss Gray. This is her sister we’re talking about.” But if Rina is still alive, I have to find out why Dad wanted me to look for her. Did he want me to give her back to the Grays? Or did he have something else in mind?

Even though he knew Sonia would refuse his help, hearing it straight from her still made him sore. “The Grays will look for her themselves. They don’t need my help.” He stared downward.

“Well, then why did you want to help me then?” Sonia rolled her eyes.

Toby did not have an answer for that.

Then, someone knocked on her door. “Mr. Fuller, I don’t know why you told me about this, but thank you. I have business to settle now, so see you next time. Bye.”

After she put her phone down, Sonia went back to her seat. “Come in.”

Daphne came in as told. “Mr. Dafoe is back, Miss Reed.”

A smile curled Sonia’s lips. “Good. Tell the top brass I’m calling a meeting.”

“Understood.” Daphne knew the meeting was going to be a fun one, so she nodded in excitement.

On the other hand, Asher scoffed after he received the notification. “Seems like she’s in a hurry to admit defeat.”

“How do you know that, Mr. Dafoe? What if she wins?” one of the top brass asked, worried.

Asher looked at him coldly, his voice filled with disdain as he spoke. “She won’t. She’s just an amateur. Not even us had the chance to venture into renewable energy sources, much less her. If we can’t come up with a great proposal, what makes you think she can? She failed. I just know it.”

“But she called for a meeting all of a sudden. I’m worried.”

“Ah, you’re reading into it too much. She failed, and that’s that. Let’s attend the meeting and see what she has to say.” With that, Asher went to the conference room without waiting for anyone.

The top brass knew they couldn’t change his stance, so they sighed and followed him.

When most of the top brass were already in the room, Sonia looked at the time. “Who’s still not here?” Her seat was the first one on the left of the main spot.

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