This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 169

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 169

The whole time, Toby was observing the changes in Sonia’s expressions, and for some unknown reason, he couldn’t bear it when he saw her looking disappointed. However, with the quality of her proposal, he couldn’t open up the back door for her no matter how much he couldn’t bear it.

Knowing that he had obtained the last partnership slot, Titus laughed happily. As he knew the level of his proposal, it would be impossible to obtain a spot in the partnership. However, he still got it in the end. Judging from this, it looks like Toby really threw out his principle of not engaging in insider business for Tina’s sake and opened up the back door for me, his father-in-law, he thought, the satisfaction growing in his eyes as he peered at Toby. He’s really my amazing son-in-law!

On the other hand, Toby merely furrowed his brows in confusion, wondering, What’s up with the look in Titus’ eyes? Without pondering over it further, he smacked his lips and said indifferently, “The five partners have been decided. At this same time tomorrow, you can go to Fuller Group to sign the contract. I’m going to disclose these five proposals and let those who didn’t make the cut have a look to see why they were not selected and where they lost.”

“Good idea,” someone agreed with a nod.

Sonia was also one of them who was in agreement with this idea, as she wanted to know as well how much different her proposal was from theirs. Despite that, she was paralyzed with shock when she saw the proposal Tom published on the public screen. “How could this happen?!” she gasped out loud subconsciously.

One after another, everyone turned their attention to her. “What happened, President Reed?” Mr. Lanster, who was seated next to her, asked in puzzlement.

Instead of answering him, Sonia was staring fixedly on the screen that was displaying Titus’ proposal. “President Fuller, can you please tell me why my proposal is stamped with President Gray’s name?”

What? Toby wondered, frowning and swirling around to look at the screen behind himself. After he peered at Titus’ proposal and couldn’t find anything amiss, he turned back again. “This is President Gray’s proposal.” This was the same proposal he went through yesterday that belonged to Titus.

However, a guilty look crept over Titus’ face. In fact, he already saw something amiss when his proposal was displayed on the screen—the proposal with his name written over it wasn’t even his proposal. Even though he was shocked, he didn’t voice it out because he could only let the wrong spiral down the wrong path. Furthermore, it had dawned on him that he obtained the partnership slot because of this proposal, and not because Toby had opened up the back door for him for Tina’s sake.

Therefore, all the more reason he couldn’t admit that this wasn’t his proposal. Despite that, it was beyond his imagination that this was actually that wretched girl’s proposal, and she even cried out loudly.

“That’s nonsense, Toby Fuller!” Sonia was so mad with rage when she heard Toby say that the proposal belonged to Titus that she was shaking all over from the fury and couldn’t care less to address him as ‘President Fuller,’ calling him by his full name instead. “This is my proposal. How dare you guys stamp Titus Gray’s name over my proposal and let him claim it as his?”

When everyone heard her accusing Toby of stamping Titus’ name over the proposal, they were all shocked. Narrowing his eyes, Toby asked, “So you’re saying that we are the ones who changed your proposal to President Gray’s?”

“Isn’t that what happened?” Sonia snapped, glaring at him coldly. “I really didn’t think that you guys could be so shameless,” she continued agitatedly. “Just to let him have a slot in the partnership spot, you guys used such underhand tactics.”

If her proposal was really terrible and was eliminated, she could naturally accept defeat with ease. However, the truth wasn’t the case. In contrast, her proposal was excellent. Otherwise, Titus wouldn’t have snatched it and obtained the partnership slot. Because of that, she would never let this matter rest so easily.

Looking at Sonia who was hopping mad with rage, Toby then turned to look at Titus, who was obviously looking guilty with his head lowered, and he realized that she was telling the truth—the proposal on the screen was really hers, and not Titus’. How could Titus steal somebody’s proposal and pass it off as his own! he thought.

His eyes squinted dangerously, and a layer of grim, somber air started to build up around him. From this, everyone could tell that he was mad.

“I’m not the one who stamped the name,” he said in a serious tone, looking at Sonia.

Seeing how serious he seemed, Sonia felt a little appeased and asked, “Is it really not you?”

“There’s no reason for me to do this,” he answered.

Sonia bit her lip. She could tell that he was telling the truth, and she concluded, So he really didn’t know that the name on the proposal had been changed. “President Gray, since President Fuller already said that this has nothing to do with him, it looks like the culprit can only be you. Please explain to me how my proposal became yours!” she questioned in a cold voice, her eyes fixed on Titus.

For the onlookers, they couldn’t be happier if this issue blew up, and they started speaking out in amusement.

“That’s right, President Gray. Tell us, is this really your proposal?”

“Yeah, give us an explanation.”

Listening to these people’s questions, Titus slammed the table and sprang up from his seat as the fire of fury ignited within him. “What else can I say? Of course this is my proposal!”

“But President Reed said it belongs to her,” someone chirped.

Titus turned to Sonia, and his eyes flashed. Trying his best to feign composure, he said, “Is this really yours just because you said so?”

“Do you think I can’t even recognize my own proposal?” Sonia retorted, chuckling from anger.

The guilt within Titus intensified, but admitting it publicly would be the last thing he did. “Fine, since you think it’s yours, then tell me how the signature on the proposal became mine in the end. Don’t accuse me of stealing it because I have been to neither Paradigm Co. nor Fuller Group. So how did I steal it?”

Stumped, Sonia was suddenly out of words to argue. He has a point, she thought. Titus hadn’t been to her company, and she would always either lock the proposal in a drawer or bring it straight home every time after she was finished with a part of it. There was no way he could have bribed someone in her company to steal it, either. In addition, Toby had said that he didn’t change the name on the proposal, but her proposal was now written under Titus’ name. Just what the hell is going on? she wondered.

Seeing that Sonia was at a loss for words, Titus turned gleeful and added, “You can’t answer me, can you? Since you have no answer for that, then you—”

“Tom,” Toby interjected suddenly.

Titus’ eyes darted to him, his heart fluttering with panic. Toby tapped his finger on the conference desk a couple of times and asked, “Are you the one who personally collected Miss Reed’s proposal?”

“Yes,” Tom answered, nodding.

Lifting his chin, Toby said, “Looks like the problem arose after you accepted the proposal.”

After hearing that, Sonia eyeballed Tom nervously, her eyes filled with suspicion.

Knowing that she was suspecting whether he was bribed by Titus, Tom waved his hands hastily and explained, “Miss Reed, please believe that I didn’t do anything.”

As Toby’s special assistant, he was not an easy person to bribe. Moreover, Toby already promised him that he would give him 0.5 percent of the original shares once he finished working for ten years. Although it was a very small portion of shares, judging from the market value of Fuller Group, that 0.5 percent of shares was worth a few billions. Hence, why would he give up billions and settle for a few hundred of thousands from accepting someone’s bribe?

“If you didn’t do anything, then please tell me how my proposal became his,” Sonia demanded, pointing a finger at Titus. She had to get to the bottom of this issue no matter what.

Chuckling bitterly, Tom answered, “I’m sorry, Miss Reed, but I really don’t know. I personally sent your proposal to President Fuller’s office. On the way, I didn’t pass by…” As though something came into his mind at this point, he trailed off, and his eyes widened.

Seeing his face, Toby squinted his eyes. “Did you find out something?”

Tom’s mouth parted. “I thought of a possibility, but…” Then, he shifted his eyes, which was filled with a complicated look, to Titus.

Catching his eye, Titus felt his heart drop, and the expression on his face turned sullen. Clearly, he understood what had transpired.

“Mr. Brown, please say it!” Sonia pressed urgently, her eyes glued on him.

However, Tom turned to Toby instead, seeking his approval.

Toby nodded and said, “Just say it.”

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