This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 165

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 165

Upon hearing that the sounds of the footsteps were drawing nearer, the person outside the office looked around and turned around immediately. With quick steps, he darted toward the emergency staircase. After waiting for a couple of minutes, he heard the elevator doors closing, then he sneaked out of the emergency staircase. He stole a glance at Sonia’s office, whisked out his cell phone and made a call.

At Fuller Group, Tom was sorting out the documents on Toby’s desk when his cell phone rang. Stopping the work in his hands, he then said to Toby, “President Fuller, I’m going to pick up a call.”

Toby was typing something on his computer, and when he heard him, he grunted his approval without lifting his head.

With the permission given, Tom took out his cell phone, and his eyes sparkled when he saw the caller ID. “President Fuller, it’s Cooper.”

“Who?” Toby asked with a frown, not realizing whom he meant.

“That’s the assistant we bribed in Paradigm the last time,” Tom reminded him. “He’s always sending documents to Miss Reed’s office. That’s why we decided to bribe him so that he would look out for news about the child Miss Reed is pregnant with. He hasn’t called us previously, but he must be calling now because he has news about Miss Reed’s pregnancy.”

Upon hearing that, Toby jerked his head up. “Answer it,” he ordered without hiding the urgency in his voice.

“Alright,” Tom said and picked up the call.

“Hello, Mr. Brown.” Cooper greeted Tom politely over the phone.

While waving his hand, Tom answered, “Alright, tell me quickly. Do you have news regarding Miss Reed’s pregnancy?”

“Your guess is right. Earlier when I went over to deliver some documents, I overheard President Reed and President Lane speaking about the pregnancy again.”

Tom pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose as he turned to Toby. “Looks like President Lane already found out about Miss Reed’s pregnancy.”

Toby pursed his lips and said, “Ask him if he heard whether the child belongs to Charles.”

Tom nodded and passed the message. On the other end, Cooper answered very quickly, “It’s not President Lane’s child. I heard President Reed saying that the child belongs to a man she accidentally slept with on that night of President Lane’s birthday party.”

Immediately, Tom passed the information to Toby, whose pupils shrank at the news. A huge wave crashed over his heart. It’s mine! The baby in Sonia’s womb is my child!

He tightened his fists. Perhaps the news was so shocking to him that his fists were trembling from him holding it so tightly.

Upon seeing that, Tom understood the situation and he gulped. Suppressing the shock inside him, he said into the phone, “I got it. From now on, you don’t—”

“No, let him continue.” Toby interrupted him in a hoarse voice. “Let him keep an eye out. On top of that, have him watch her keenly. It will be best if he can find out her checkup appointment timings and the hospital she goes to. I’ll double his payout.”

Tom nodded and answered, “Understood.”

Then, he told Cooper about Toby’s offer, which made Cooper so happy that he tapped his chest and assured them that he wouldn’t let them down.

After hanging up the call, Tom turned to Toby. “President Fuller, does the child in Miss Reed belong to you?”

Lowering his eyes, Toby uttered, “Yeah.”

“What do you plan to do? Do you want to keep it or…”

“I’m not the one who can decide on that, but Sonia. If she wants to keep it, I’ll have everything arranged for her in the dark so that she can deliver the baby safely. If she doesn’t want to keep it, I’ll respect her decision as well,” Toby answered.

However, when he was saying “if she doesn’t want to keep it”, he felt a pain that pierced his chest, and he felt somewhat panicky.

“It makes sense now why you want Cooper to find out her checkup timings and the hospital she goes to. So that’s why.” Finally, Tom understood the reason behind Toby’s efforts.

Toby merely pursed his lips and didn’t say a thing while Tom glanced at Tina’s picture next to the computer. He looked as though he had something to say, but managed to stop himself in time. Toby caught that, so he narrowed his eyes and told Tom, “Just speak your mind.”

“Actually, I just want to say that if Miss Reed decides to keep the baby, then in the case that Miss Gray and her family find out about it, will they…” Tom trailed off, looking worried.

Based on his knowledge of Tina and her family’s petty personalities, they would definitely not allow the child in Sonia’s womb to live. Clearly, Toby knew about this as well, and he rubbed the spot between his eyebrows wearily. “Keep this from Tina and her family for now. As for everything else, I’ll decide again after Sonia has made her choice. Find out the next time and place where she will be going for a checkup and send someone there before her to give the hospital a notice. Tell the doctor to ask her if she wants to keep the baby or abort it.”

“Got it,” Tom said with a nod.

With a wave of his hand, Toby dismissed him. “Go out now.”

After he left the room, Toby leaned back into his chair, shut his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. What will be your decision, Sonia? Just then, his cell phone on the desk gave a short ring.

His eyes flew open and he sat up to look at it—it was a text from Sonia. Is she texting me now to tell me about her pregnancy? he wondered.

Reaching out his hand, he then grabbed his cell phone and opened the text. However, the content wasn’t what he imagined it to be; she was merely asking if he was in the country.

‘No.’ That was his reply.

At Paradigm Co., Sonia breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the reply. That’s great.

Then, he saw Z-H’s reply coming in. ‘What happened?’

After letting out another sigh, Sonia replied, ‘My friend is furious after he found out what happened between us on that night two months ago, so he went to ask Zane about your identity and wants to cause you some trouble. Therefore, it’s a good thing that you’re not in the country.’

After reading the text, Toby smirked. ‘I got it, but are you telling me all these because you’re worried about me?’

What a narcissist, Sonia thought while rolling her eyes. She shook her head and typed, ‘I just thought that there’s no need to blow up the matter since it had passed for such a long time. Moreover, even if I’m to be worried, it’ll be my friend whom I should be worried about.’

In other words, she meant that he had no place in her heart, so why would she worry about him?

Feeling a little upset, Toby pursed his lips and his expression turned sullen. ‘I understand. Is there anything else you would like to tell me?’

Sonia replied, ‘Nothing.’

‘Okay.’ Toby kept his eyes fixed on the screen of his cell phone after he hit the ‘send’ button, but there was no reply from Sonia after he waited for a couple of minutes. Knowing that she wasn’t going to reply, he couldn’t help but looked even more frustrated.

Even Charles had marched off to look for Zane to ask about him because of what happened that night, and she still didn’t even tell him what she planned to do with her pregnancy. In fact, he really wanted her to tell him about it, and even demand that he take responsibility for it. However, she didn’t do any of that and just shouldered everything by herself. Perhaps another man would have been happy about this, but all he felt was frustration.

Will it cost her her life if she just relied on me and let me take responsibility for just a little?! he thought in annoyance. He tugged his tie, a terrifying aura emanating from him.


At Zane’s place, Charles marched up angrily to knock on the door after hopping out of the car. The butler who opened the door asked, “Who are you, sir?”

“I’m looking for Zane!” Charles growled through clenched teeth.

Looking at him warily, the butler thought, Is this Young Master Zane’s enemy?

As though having read his mind, Charles took in a deep breath, suppressed the burning rage within him and forced out a smile. “I’m Zane’s friend, but I ran into an emergency, so I seemed a little fierce. Please let him know that I’m here because I have something important to ask him, please,” he said before bowing.

Seeing that he did seem to be in a hurry and didn’t look like he was lying, the butler nodded after a second of hesitation. “Alright, then. Please wait a while.” Then, he closed the door and went upstairs to look for Zane, who was on the phone.

When he heard the butler’s message, he lifted his brows and asked, “Someone is here to look for me? Who’s that?”

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