This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 158

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 158

“I feel much better,” the old woman replied with a smile.

Sonia nodded. “That’s good to hear.”

All of a sudden, Rose pointed toward the end of her bed as if she had just recalled something. “Mary’s son dropped by to visit her yesterday, Sonia. He brought Mary some pineapples from home. You like pineapples, don’t you? You should bring some home for yourself.”

Sonia turned toward the basketful of pineapples. She felt her mouth watering just at the sight of it. She was just about to nod and thank Rose when Toby spoke up. “No!”

Rose frowned immediately. The smile on Sonia’s face faltered as Rose shot Toby a rather disapproving stare. “Why not? I’m the one who’s giving it to Sonia. Do I need to ask for your permission?” I’ve never realized how stingy of a man my grandson is. Why is he being so selfish over a few pineapples!

On the other hand, Sonia kept her lips sealed. She didn’t feel angry at all. They were just pineapples, after all; she didn’t see the need to lose her temper just because he refused to give her some. Toby realized how the two other women must have misunderstood him when he saw the grim looks on both their faces. “She’s not supposed to eat pineapples,” he muttered as he lowered his gaze.

For some reason, Toby found himself doing research on things that pregnant women had to watch out for after he heard the news of Sonia’s pregnancy. He went through the list of foods that pregnant women weren’t supposed to eat, and pineapples were one of the items listed there. “Why not?!” Rose shifted her cold glare toward Toby. It was evident that she was going to bicker with him until he provided her with a reasonable explanation for his words.

Sonia turned to look at Toby as well. She didn’t understand why he would say that she couldn’t eat pineapples. Toby pressed his thin lips together as he thought about how he should explain himself. Sonia hadn’t told the public about her pregnancy, so he was in no position to reveal such information about her.

After some thought, Toby’s eyes lit up as he came up with an answer. “Mary was the one who gave this to you. How could you offer it to someone else? What would Mary think? You should get Mary to blend it into pineapple juice for you or something.”

Rose’s hands were trembling with fury at that point. “Is this the reason you won’t allow Sonia to take some pineapples? Great, Toby. Great job! You must have been spending a lot of time with Jean—that would explain why you’re acting as stingy as she is. Look at how much of a miser you are! I should have never allowed Jean to take care of you while you were growing up.”

The corner of Toby’s lips twitched a little as he listened to his grandmother criticizing him for being a selfish person. His gaze shifted to look at Sonia before he realized what he was doing. He didn’t want her to think of him as that sort of person.

“You can bring some pineapples home, Sonia. Please just ignore him. These are my pineapples; he has no say in my decision.” Rose gave Toby another angry stare as she spoke in a stern and uncompromising tone.

Sonia nodded. “Okay.” The more Toby didn’t want her to have the pineapples, the more she wanted to get some for herself. She felt happy whenever Toby was unhappy. She didn’t even bother to hide the mockery in her eyes as she glanced toward Toby.

Toby felt like laughing when he noticed the way she looked at him. Whatever. She can take it if she wants to. I’ll just find a way to get rid of the pineapples after that. I can’t allow her to eat any of it.

“Why are you just standing around? Why aren’t you pouring Sonia some water?” Rose continued to pick on Toby when she saw him standing as still as a stick by the side of the room. After the incident that had just occurred, Rose felt displeased by her grandson. He used to be such a smart and good kid; what happened to him?

Toby simply let out a grunt before he got a paper cup and filled it with water from the water dispenser. Once the cup was full, he walked over to Sonia and handed it to her.

“Thank you,” Sonia replied politely as she took the cup from him.

“Watch out. It’s hot,” he mumbled a reminder.

Rose shot him a puzzled look once she heard what he said. Is he showing care toward Sonia right now?

Meanwhile, Sonia didn’t recognize anything out of the ordinary. She was used to receiving such reminders, after all. She would have given someone else the same reminder if she were placed in his position, so she didn’t sense anything odd about the situation. After blowing the water to cool it down, Sonia took a sip of it. She let out a confused cry right after that.

“What is it, Sonia?” Rose asked concernedly.

Sonia shot Toby a puzzled expression. “Did you put honey in here, President Fuller?”

“Mhm.” Toby nodded. “Do you not like it?” He didn’t realize the hint of nervousness that coated his voice as he spoke.

Rose, on the other hand, jolted with surprise as she sensed something that Sonia didn’t; she was experienced and wise—Sonia was no match for her. She had suspected that Toby was caring for Sonia ever since their earlier conversations. Once she heard that Toby had added honey into Sonia’s drink, and once she heard his voice as he asked Sonia if she liked it, things were much clearer to her. I’m sure that Toby still has feelings for Sonia! But that silly boy doesn’t know it himself! Rose grew increasingly annoyed at the young man as she thought about his cluelessness.

Meanwhile, Sonia responded to him with a polite smile. “I do. I was just a little surprised. Thanks, President Fuller.”

Toby lifted his chin up as he secretly let out a sigh of relief. “No worries.” It seemed like she wasn’t angry, although he had made the decision to add honey on his own. Toby curled his lips into a lopsided smile as he thought about it happily.

“You idiot!” Rose glanced at Toby through the corner of her eye.

He raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Are you talking about me, Grandma?” What did I do? How am I an idiot?

Even Sonia looked at Rose perplexedly.

The old woman let out a scoff. “Who else could I be talking about?” What else can you call someone who isn’t aware of his own feelings? He’s obviously an idiot!

Toby pressed his lips together as he felt rather hurt. He was just about to question his grandmother’s words when his phone rang. He knitted his brows and pulled his phone out. A series of complicated emotions flashed across his eyes when he saw that it was Tina who was calling him.

“Why aren’t you picking it up?” Rose asked.

Toby parted his lips to say something, but he remained silent in the end. He didn’t want to pick up the call, not in front of his grandmother and his… He then shot Sonia a glance.

Sonia pulled the corner of her lips downward. Weirdo! Why is he looking at me? She turned her head away.

Finally, Toby decided to pick up the call as he felt displeased by Sonia’s cold and heartless gestures. “Hello, Tina.” He held the phone against his ear and walked toward the balcony.

“It’s that woman again,” Rose grumbled with an unhappy look on her face.

Sonia smiled. “Miss Gray is President Fuller’s fiancée. Isn’t it normal for them to phone each other?”

“Well, that idiot walks around like a blind man. He can’t even tell that the woman has evil intentions.” Rose pouted as she spoke. She could tell that Toby didn’t genuinely like Tina. However, she didn’t understand why he seemed so stubborn about his relationship with Tina—he stubbornly believed that what they had was love. That was one of the reasons why he couldn’t tell that his true love was Sonia, and that was why Rose thought he was such an idiot.

“I think President Fuller is aware of that. He knows who Miss Gray truly is, but I don’t think he minds it,” Sonia said while brushing her hair aside.

Rose scoffed. “Forget about that woman. Let’s talk about you, Sonia.”

“Me?” Sonia pointed a finger toward herself.

The old woman let out a soft chuckle. “Yeah. I want you to be honest with me, Sonia. Do you still have any thoughts about Toby?” Rose decided that she would have to step up and do something about the situation if Sonia said yes to her question. Rose would do everything she could to chase Tina out and bring Sonia and Toby back together. The old lady wanted her grandson to recognize the truth—that Sonia was the one he loved.

Sonia shook her head. “I don’t have any feelings for Toby anymore, Grandma.”

The old lady’s face stiffened. “Are you sure?” She clearly didn’t trust Sonia.

“I am sure!” Sonia nodded furiously.

Rose let out a disappointed sigh when she saw how sincere and serious Sonia looked. “Forget it, then.”

“I’m sorry, Grandma. I…” Sonia started.

Rose gave her a warm smile at that point. “You have nothing to be sorry about. I was around to witness the way Toby treated you, and I think it’s only normal that you no longer have feelings for him. I just didn’t expect you to lose feelings so soon.”

Sonia lowered her gaze. “I didn’t take a long time to lose feelings because I was so disappointed by him,” she muttered.

“I understand.” Rose sighed.

On the balcony outside, Toby lowered his hand that had been about to push the sliding door open. His head was hung low so that no one could see the look on his face.

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