This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 15

At about 1.00PM in the afternoon, Jean came back with a sullen face.

Tyler was playing a game, and upon seeing his mother, he asked casually, “Mom, who made you angry this time?”

Jean threw her bag on the sofa and sat down angrily. “It’s all that damn Sonia’s fault!”

“Who?” Tyler quickly put down the game console and came over. “Mom, did you go to see her?”

“Why would I meet her on purpose? I met her at the luxury brand square a while back. She and her two lovers ganged up and bullied me. I don’t know what they did, but when I went shopping with my friends today, the security didn’t let me in and said that I had been blacklisted!”

Jean almost broke her teeth in anger as she continued angrily, “There were five to six other ladies in total, and they let everyone else in except for me! How preposterous! You didn’t get to see the way the others looked at me, as if I was some inferior person. Gah! I hate that b*tch, Sonia, so much!”

Perhaps because her voice was too loud, Toby and Tina came down together.

“What’s wrong?”

Toby fastened the buttons on his wrists; he looked very dapper in his blue-gray shirt.

Tina was also well dressed. She was in a pure white skirt, making her look gentle as a lily.

Jean briefly told him the matter again.

Toby frowned slightly. “I’ve already divorced her, so you shouldn’t provoke her for no reason.”

Sonia was not as simple as people thought. He knew the character of his mother very well, and he only reminded her so she would stay away from trouble in the future.

Hearing this, Jean became more upset and curled her lips. “She was the one who provoked me first, okay?”

She paused. Seeing the two of them about to head out, she quickly looked at Tina and asked with a smile, “Tina, where are you going?”

Tina smiled slightly. “I heard that Old Mrs. Fuller got sick, so I wanted to go and pay her a visit.”

Jean rolled her eyes. “So what if she’s sick? Why even visit her? I mean—”

“Mom.” Toby interrupted her with a deep gaze, obviously displeased. “She is my grandmother.”

Jean knew that her son didn’t like her saying bad things about Rose, so she didn’t dare to continue speaking and laughed dismissively instead. “Then the both of you should come back soon. I’ll get the servant to make Tina’s favorite soup to revitalize her body.”

Tina thanked her and went out with Toby.

After all, Sonia was the only person who had taken care of Rose, and she had developed a strong relationship with her throughout the years.

Although Tina had her grandson’s heart, it couldn’t match Sonia’s position in her heart.

Evidently, Toby saw the old lady’s estrangement from Tina when they arrived.

He knew the reason, but he still brought Tina over.

It was nothing more than to let Tina get acquainted with the old lady. After all, Tina was his future wife.

“Grandma, here are some nutritional supplements I specially prepared for you. Please accept it.” Tina behaved like a well-knowing lady, as if her every move was designed to be perfect.

The old lady was lying on her side on the chaise longue, her expression unreadable. “It’s too early to call me ‘grandma’, and you shall only call me that after you get married. Also, I’m old and weak, so I don’t dare to drink just anything gifted by others. You should take it back.”

Tina was a little embarrassed, and she was biting her lip while looking at the man beside her, as if crying for help.

Seeing that, Toby helped her out. “Grandma, this is Tina’s kind gesture.”

After all, Rose was someone who had been through a lot in life. She took one glance at Tina, and she immediately knew what she was thinking. “Well, she is indeed thoughtful—to the point she forced my granddaughter-in-law out.”

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