This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 148

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 148

“No need for that,” Toby answered coolly. The plate was already filled with snacks, so he put his tongs down and was about to leave.

However, Charles stopped him, “Hold it, Mr. Fuller.”

Toby stopped and looked at him expressionlessly. “What else do you need?”

“I hope you haven’t forgotten what you said this morning. Now that Miss Gray’s awake, it’s time to settle this, I think.” Charles crossed his arms, smiling faintly. “We’re not going to ask for much. She just has to bow to Sonia and say she’s sorry. Fair, isn’t it?” Pfft. An apology won’t even cut it. If I had the evidence, I would have called the cops and send that b*tch behind bars.

Toby frowned. “You want her to apologize?”

“That is correct.” Charles nodded.

Toby sneered, then he looked at Sonia. “Is that what you want as well?”

Sonia put her juice down and smiled. “She had it out for me, so I think an apology is just fair.” Please. An apology won’t cut it. I wouldn’t even bat an eye if this costs her an arm and a leg, literally. That woman tried to kill me so many times. Sparing her life is already merciful enough.

Even Zane, Rebecca, and Tyler thought that was a reasonable demand.

Toby’s face fell. “I can get her to apologize, but on one condition. You have to apologize as well, Sonia.”

“What did you say?” Charles was flabbergasted.

Zane, Rebecca, and Tyler were incredulous as well.

A frown creased Sonia’s forehead. “Why should I apologize?”

“Yeah! Why should she apologize? She’s the victim here. Why should she apologize to that woman? That’s unreasonable!” Charles glared at him. “How the heck did Fuller Group survive when its boss is a nincompoop like you?” It’s a miracle the company didn’t go bust with this dumb*ss leading it.

Toby ignored Charles and only looked at Sonia. “You knew Tina has dissociative identity disorder, but still you triggered her,” Toby said coldly. “That’s why she tried to get the snake to attack you. Part of this is your fault.”

“I triggered her?” Sonia pointed at herself, laughing mirthlessly. Well, I didn’t know I triggered her. Does this mean I’m sick in the head as well? Heck, I didn’t even say anything to her by the brook.

Toby continued, “Yes, so you’ll have to apologize as well.” With that, he left the dining room.

Sonia saw him off with a mocking smile.

“Sonia.” Charles patted her shoulder. “Did you really say something to trigger Tina?”

“Is that a trick question? I don’t even care about her, much less talk to her.” She rolled her eyes in annoyance.

Zane grinned. “That woman lied to Toby, obviously. She said you triggered her, so that’s why she attacked you.”

“To make things worse, Toby actually believed her. Is he a dumb*ass or what?” Charles was bellowing with laughter.

Sonia stared into the air coldly. “Of course he believes her. Tina’s his sweetheart after all. Everyone trusts their lover.”

“Then that just makes Tina a triple btch!” Charles slammed the table. “Why triple? Cause two negatives make a positive, but that btch doesn’t have an ounce of goodness in her.”

Rebecca nodded. Tina was the worst woman she had ever seen, and that was saying something since she came across the women of the Hayes Family before.

Tyler stared downward in silent embarrassment. He used to think Tina was a much better woman than Sonia was, so he bullied Sonia for six years because he thought she took Tina’s rightful place as Toby’s girlfriend. Every time he thought of that, he wanted to kill himself.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Charles asked. He noticed Zane was going over to Tina’s seat and sealing the cup she used in a bag.

Everyone was curious as well.

“Zane, do you have a crush on Tina? Is that why you’re taking her cup back? So you can jack off to it?” Charles shot him a look of disgust.

Zane’s veins popped. “Shut up. I do not have a crush on that woman.”

“What are you doing then?”

“Oh, come on. I have my own reasons.” Zane winked at Sonia.

Sonia arched her eyebrow. This probably has something to do with me. But since Zane didn’t want to say anything, she kept quiet about it. I’ll find out eventually.

A short while later, Zane’s assistant came to retrieve the items Zane collected. He handed two waterproof bags to his assistant, one of which contained the bottle that held the musk pills, the other the cup Tina used. “Take these and see if the fingerprints on these items are the same,” Zane ordered.

If the fingerprints on both items were the same, that meant Tina stole the pills to cause that accident. If the fingerprints were different, he’d chalk it up as a misunderstanding.

“Understood.” The assistant nodded at him and left, while Zane went back to the villa.

While Sonia was lying in bed at midnight, she noticed her phone lighting up, so she picked it up to see who was texting her. ‘We’re starting right now, Sonia.’ That was a text from Charles.

Sonia looked at it for a moment before sitting up. She texted back, ‘Got it.’ Then, she wore her jacket and tiptoed out of her room. At the same time, Zane, Rebecca, and Charles had come out as well, so they looked at each other.

Charles whispered, “Tyler’s already gone ahead.”

“Good. Let’s move. Everything’s ready.” Zane whipped out a brown colored item, and he had an evil grin on his face. When they saw what it was, Charles and Rebecca grinned evilly too.

Noticing their excitement, Sonia couldn’t help but smile as well. “We should go now.”

They tiptoed downstairs.

At the same time, Tyler was dragging Tina to the staircase.

However, Tina flung his hand away, refusing to leave. “What do you want to say, Tyler? You can tell me right now.” She didn’t want to go down with him. He hates me, but now he has something urgent to tell me? And why did he drag me out of my room? Something’s wrong.

Tyler was starting to get nervous when he realized Tina was on high alert, but since he had a job to do, Tyler didn’t back off. “Tina, it’s—” Before he could finish, he saw someone appearing behind Tina, holding a towel in his hand. Tyler heaved a sigh of relief and smiled at Tina. “It’s nothing. Be careful.” Then, he retreated into the shadows, for his work was done.

Sh*t. Tina heard someone creeping up on her, and she wanted to see who it was. However, before she could do so, the man had already covered her lower face with a towel. A strong stench of medicinal fluids assailed her, and that was the last thing she smelled before passing out.

“Got her! Now get her into this sack,” Charles urged.

Zane opened the sack and covered Tina from head to toe. After that, he and Rebecca stuffed her into the sack before tying it up.

At the same time, Sonia was grinning at everyone while holding a big bottle of water.

As Zane and Charles carried Tina downstairs, the latter turned around to tell Tyler, “Hey, kid! Open the door!”

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