This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 14

In the office, Toby tapped his index finger rhythmically on his desk.

He seemed to be waiting for something.

After another five minutes or so, Tom came back. “Sir, although there were some obstacles, I found it in the end.”

Toby’s eyelids slowly raised upon hearing Tom’s words. “What obstacles?”

“The surveillance on Yellow Brick Road has long been taped over, and it wasn’t easy to find a surveillance video from six years ago. But a computer repair guy came and told me that he had it; he said that the car accident six years ago was very serious, so he saved the file and came to give it to me when he knew I was looking for the video.”

After Tom finished speaking, he looked at Toby carefully. “Ms. Gray’s car in the video was indeed hit by another blue car. Would you like to watch it?”

Sonia drove a blue Audi back then.

“No.” Toby was indifferent, and he continued to order Tom, “Give it to me, and then tell that person to not go out and talk nonsense.”


Tom had been with Toby for many years, so he naturally knew what he meant whenever he said something. Obviously, Toby did not intend to make this a matter public, nor did he want his former wife to go to jail for this.

Toby stared at the pen in his hand, lost in thought.

After a while, he picked up his coat and returned to the Fuller’s mansion.

As soon as he arrived in the hall, he heard cheers and laughter coming from inside.

Jean and Tina were talking about something funny, and the atmosphere was very harmonious. Even Tyler, who was usually naughty and mischievous, sat quietly at the side while playing with his mobile phone.

Jean noticed Toby by the door and quickly got up. “Toby, you are back!”

Tina also stood up, all gentle and dignified.

Toby nodded and handed the coat to the servant. “What are you laughing so cheerfully about?”

Tina glanced at Jean, pursed her lips, and smiled, “Aunt Jean was telling me about the stories when you were a kid. They sounded very interesting, so I couldn’t help but laugh.”

Jean pretended to be angry. “Tina, what ‘Aunt Jean’? You are my future daughter-in-law, so you should call me ‘mom’ from now on!”

Tina flushed and looked at Toby shyly. “It’s still too early for that.”

“We’re all a family, so don’t you be shy. Am I right, Toby?” Jean deliberately teased the two of them. Even Tyler, who was on the side, interjected at the same time, “It seems I can’t be calling her Tina anymore. I have to call her my sister-in-law instead!”

Hearing that, Tina’s face turned even redder.

Toby sighed. “Mom, stop teasing Tina. She’s very thin-skinned.”

Jean chuckled. “Oh, look at you, already all protective over your future wife before she officially joins the family. Okay, fine. I won’t tease the two of you anymore. I will go outside and chat with the other old ladies.”

Tyler also smiled knowingly with an ambiguous wink. “Well, I won’t stay and be a third-wheel here either.”

After they left, only the two of them remained.

Tina stepped forward and held Toby’s hand. She hesitated before she spoke. “Toby, my dad kept asking me about the car accident recently. Did you tell him anything?”

Toby shook his head. “No, I didn’t.”

“My father seems to know that it had something to do with Sonia, but I haven’t told him, though. That’s weird.” After a pause, she sighed. “I’ve forgiven Miss Reed, and I don’t want to pursue this matter.”

“Don’t you hate her?”

“No, I don’t. She is also a pitiful person. She must have loved you very much to have done such a crazy thing.” Tina was so considerate, which was very comforting to Toby.

Toby touched her hair, his gaze gentle as he glanced at her. “Tina, you are always so kind, just like when you were in college. I still remember that you mentioned in your letter that you saved a little mouse when you were young and put it on your bed. And when your father saw it, he almost passed out because of this.” Speaking of this, the corners of his mouth also twitched. “How interesting.”

Tina’s smile froze, but she quickly cleared up her expression. “Ah, what are you doing, bringing up the past? Those are all embarrassing histories. By the way, I heard from Tyler that Old Mrs. Fuller has not been in good health lately. Can I go visit her?”

Thinking of his grandmother’s indifference to him, Toby pondered for a moment. “I will take you tomorrow.”


After he went upstairs, Tina took out her mobile phone and dialed a number. “How’s it going?”

“Miss, everything has been settled. What should I do next?”

“The day before the banquet, I want to see this on trending topics.”


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