This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 138

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 138

Although Toby wasn’t thirsty, he somehow nodded and said, “Yeah, sure.”

Sonia replied with an affirmative hum and proceeded to pour him a glass of water, to which he took over. “Thanks.”

“Not at all.” Sonia waved her hand and kept her head down to drink her water. In the meantime, Toby didn’t take a single sip of water from his glass, but instead fixed his eyes on her without blinking.

After finishing the water, Sonia put down the glass and was about to tell the man that she would be returning to her room just when she heard a growling sound, only to realize it came from Toby’s stomach. Meanwhile, Toby didn’t expect his stomach to growl at that moment as an awkward look appeared on his glacial face.

Sonia curled her lips slightly upward, trying to keep a straight face as she just witnessed one of Toby’s rarest sides.

“Um…” Toby gulped, seemingly wanting to say something.

“What’s the matter?” Sonia looked at him.

“Do you mind making a little something for me to eat?” Toby kept his head down and asked.

Sonia raised her eyebrows in disbelief. “Did you just ask me to make you something to eat?”

“Yeah.” Toby nodded, as he was indeed hungry.

Sonia pursed her lips, finding his plea sarcastic. After all, she had learned to cook because she wanted to have his heart in the last six years. However, he never really showed any interest in her, neither did he ever cast an eye on her. Therefore, she couldn’t help but find it laughable now that Toby asked her to cook for him.

As Sonia didn’t answer his question, Toby felt overwhelmed by a pang of disappointment, his eyes darkening. However, he hid his feelings and tried to play it cool. “It’s okay. Just forget about it.”

“I’ll do it.” Sonia looked up and met his gaze.

Toby paused in a trance and met her eyes in surprise. “Do you agree with that?”

Sonia nodded. “Just think of it as a return of favor for shining the way for me. Let’s go to the kitchen.”

Toby smiled and responded with an affirmative hum, whereupon both of them entered the kitchen.

Soon, Sonia opened the refrigerator, only to realize nothing much was left inside besides some vegetables. Upon a short contemplation, she turned around before she was quickly surprised by Toby, who was standing behind her and looking at the refrigerator with his back bent over. Then, her lips inevitably came into contact with his lips.

After both of them looked at each other in a trance, Toby was the first of the two to snap out of his trance and back away. Then, he stood straight and apologized with a deep voice. “I’m sorry.” After all, he didn’t think she would turn around so suddenly.

Sonia’s face blushed as she covered her mouth and awkwardly replied, “It’s not your fault. I’m the one who should apologize.” Deep down, she reckoned it was her fault to turn around and put both of them in such an awkward position.

In that instant, the spacious kitchen was shrouded in a strange silence without a word from either of them but only the sound of their breathing. A few moments later, Toby puckered his lips and broke the silence. “Were you trying to ask me something?”

Knowing that the man was trying to turn the awkward situation around, Sonia didn’t stay silent any longer as she nodded and said, “I was trying to tell you that there’s nothing much left in the refrigerator. So, do you mind if I make you some pasta instead?”

“Sure.” Toby agreed.

Sonia proceeded to take whatever was left in the refrigerator and headed to the sink while Toby followed right behind her to shine for her. Not long after that, the pasta was ready, whereupon both of them made their way to the dining area.

Then, Sonia placed the pasta on the table and said, “Enjoy.”

“Thanks.” Toby politely expressed his gratitude, his eyes fixed on the steaming and aromatic pasta.

On the other hand, Sonia yawned and wiped the tears that trickled down her cheeks, tiredly urging the man to finish his food. “Alright, hurry up. Walk me back to the third floor when you’re done.”

“Alright.” Toby somehow found Sonia’s impatient look adorable before he pulled out a chair and sat on it to enjoy his pasta. Meanwhile, Sonia sat beside him, propping her head with her arms while waiting for him to be done.

A few moments later, Sonia began to yawn more and more frequently as she struggled to keep her eyes peeled. At the same time, her head felt heavier and heavier with a sleepy look on her face. When Toby noticed her reaction, he unknowingly smiled and picked up his pace in finishing his pasta, but before he could finish it, Sonia eventually gave way to her sleepiness and dozed off on the table.

Toby was stunned by the sight of that before he laughed in amusement. Soon, he calmed himself down and put down his silverware, whereupon he walked closer to Sonia and gently nudged her. “Wake up, Sonia. Let’s get you upstairs.”

At that moment, Sonia was in a dream, in which she found herself caught by a monster. Thus, she knitted her eyebrows and mumbled in her sleep. “Don’t touch me! Stay away from me!”

Thinking he had woken her up, Toby took his hand off her. A few moments later, he realized Sonia was, in fact, still asleep when she continued to remain still. She must be murmuring in her dream. As he helplessly rubbed his forehead, he gave up the idea of waking Sonia up. Instead, he decided to carry her in his arms and took her upstairs to her room.

When Toby arrived on the third floor, he immediately spotted the room with the door left open and surmised that it must be Sonia’s room. Thus, he walked inside while carrying the lady in his arms, barely finding his way with the dim flashlight from his phone. When he bent over to put her down on the bed, Sonia wrapped her arms around his neck and refused to let go. Unable to stand straight, Toby found himself bending over as he said with a deep voice, “Let go, Sonia.”

“Please don’t go,” Sonia suddenly blurted out with a fearful look on her face, which looked like she was having a bad dream.

While that was the first time he saw Sonia behave like that, he softened up and gently replied, “Alright, I’ll stay.”

Having seemingly heard his voice, Sonia seemed to be more relaxed and slowly curled her lips upward. At the same time, Toby fixed his eyes on her lips and recalled the moment they accidentally kissed each other in the kitchen. Although their lips barely touched each other’s, the soft sensation he felt on her lips was etched in his mind.

Therefore, Toby looked down and eyed her lips before planting a kiss on them. This feels just like the way I remember. So soft and sweet! I want more of it! In reality, he did exactly what was on his mind, getting on one knee while holding Sonia’s chin. The moment she opened her mouth, he slipped his tongue into it, only to hear her seductive and gentle moan. At that moment, his eyes seemed unfathomable as he kissed her even deeper.

Soon, Toby began to crave more and slid his wandering hands along Sonia’s body. In the meantime, he shifted his lips downward along her neck when Sonia called out a name. “Charles…”

Toby felt as if he had been splashed with a bucket of ice water while snapping out of his fantasy with a darkened look on his face. Then, he took his hands off Sonia and stood up, staring at her with a sinister glare. How could she call someone else’s name in the middle of our intimacy? Nonetheless, what frustrated Toby the most was the touchy-feely behavior that he failed to stop himself from doing to her once again, which was already the third time. At the thought of that, he unhappily left with a heavy heart.

Sonia turned around and hugged her blanket, mumbling in an unsatisfactory voice. “Charles, don’t take Bucky away from me.”

Later that night, Toby couldn’t fall asleep as he kept dwelling on the inappropriate action he did to Sonia. Why does that ruin my mood so much? I don’t feel like myself right now. Because of that, he woke up with a tired look the next day, with some faint dark circles around his eyes.

When Tina saw him, she quickly expressed her concern and asked, “What’s wrong, Toby? Did you have a rough night last night?”

Before Toby could answer her, Zane came closer with a glass of beer and said, “Wow, Toby! It looks like you had a pretty enjoyable night last night. You should take a look at your dark circles. Don’t worry. I’ll tell the cook to prepare some oysters to boost your libido. After all, Miss Gray mustn’t be stripped of the happiness she deserves.”

Tina understood what he was implying as her face blushed in bashfulness. While the lady kept her head down in embarrassment, Toby knitted his eyebrows and glacially told Zane off. “Get out of my face!”

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