This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 129

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 129

“Is that so?” Sonia raised her eyebrows. “Zane wants to ruin Toby and Tina’s gateway?”

“That’s right.” Rebecca nodded before Sonia and Charles gave each other a look. “Charles, what you said on the call previously was right. Since the Gray Family offended the Coleman Family, there’s no way that Zane would let Tina off the hook, so that’s why he’s here too.”

Charles laughed before clapping his hands together. “Isn’t that a good thing? We’ll let Zane help us to deal with Tina.”

Sonia raised her head. “You’re right.”

Then, Charles changed the topic. “Alright, baby, let’s head over to the racecourse.”

“Sure.” Sonia nodded and agreed before the three of them headed toward the racecourse.

She could already see three horses racing on the track when they got to the entrance of the racecourse. Although the men on the horse were wearing protective gear and had their faces covered, Sonia could still recognize who they were with just one look.

It was the Fuller brothers and Zane.

Tina wasn’t there as she was at the lounge at the side of the racecourse, watching them as they rode their horses.

When she noticed Sonia and the others walking toward her, she smiled and stood up. “Miss Reed, you guys are here!”

However, Sonia acted as if she didn’t hear Tina and went to sit down on the other side, to which Charles and Rebecca followed suit. The three of them came together and seeing as Sonia ignored Tina, they, too, gave her the cold shoulder.

After being ignored by those three, the smile on Tina’s face disappeared before a glint of darkness flashed past her eyes. However, it disappeared in the blink of an eye as a smile reappeared on her face as if nothing had happened.

Then, Tina started walking toward them. “Miss Reed, are you guys not going to race?”

However, Sonia frowned in annoyance. “Miss Gray, has anyone ever told you that you’re very annoying?”

“Huh?” Tina was taken aback before her face flushed red. “A-Am I really that annoying?”

“Are you not? Why would you come all over us when we obviously don’t want to talk to you? Are you shameless?” Charles harrumphed coldly.

Rebecca chimed in as well. “Exactly. Don’t you have self-respect?”

“You…” Tina’s eyes became red as her body trembled. She looked as if she was about to cry.

From afar, Toby frowned when he noticed Sonia and the others coming over and Tina going toward them. His eyes narrowed when he saw Tina looking as if she was about to cry before he pulled onto the horse’s saddle and rode over to her.

Upon seeing that, Tyler and Zane followed as well.

“Stop!” Toby stopped the horse and got off with a jump, his actions swift and clean.

Glancing at him, Sonia couldn’t help but admit that Toby was a really outstanding man, be it in the business field or when he was merely having fun.

Still, being outstanding doesn’t matter since he is still blinded.

At the thought of that, Sonia looked away from him.

“Tina.” Toby removed his helmet before placing it by the side.

Upon hearing his voice, Tina immediately turned around before running into his embrace and started bawling. “Toby! Sobs, sobs…”

Sonia and the others rolled their eyes.

What did they even do to her for her to cry like this?

Those who didn’t know might even think that someone close to her passed away.

“What’s wrong?” Zane rode over and asked when he was still sitting high on the horse while Tyler didn’t say anything. Since Zane already asked, why should he still ask?

Instead of asking, Tyler didn’t even spare Tina any second glances but was looking at Sonia with glistening eyes. “Hey, Sonia.”

However, Sonia only glanced at him and didn’t say anything.

Immediately, the light in Tyler’s eyes diminished.

Although it had been a long time since that discussion, Sonia still refused to talk to Tyler.

“What happened, Tina?” Toby patted Tina by her back before asking in a low voice.

Then, Tina shook her head and wept before she answered in a stuttering voice. “I-It’s nothing. Miss Reed and the others didn’t do anything to me. It’s just my problem…”

“Hold on.” Rebecca chuckled. “Miss Gray, what do you mean by Miss Reed and the others didn’t do anything to me? Do you even speak English? It’s as if you’re trying to imply that you’re crying because we did something to you.”

“No! I’m not…” Tina quickly motioned her hands.

However, Rebecca rolled her eyes. “No? Are you not? Who would even believe that? Just because President Fuller might be a fool doesn’t mean that we are fools too. All of us could understand what you’re trying to imply.”

Immediately, Toby’s face darkened.

Am I a fool?

“Haha!” Sonia couldn’t help herself and chuckle.

The moment she laughed, it seemed like a switch had been turned before Zane, Charles and Tyler started laughing as well.

“Toby, it looks like you’re really a fool,” Tyler said before laughing while Toby looked at him coldly.

Immediately, Tyler shivered and didn’t dare to laugh anymore.

“I was wrong, Toby.” His face fell before he shut his mouth.

Finally, Toby let him off the hook before he lowered his head to look at Tina, who was in his embrace. “Tell me honestly, Tina. What happened?”

“Come on, President Fuller, the only thing she’s going to tell you is ‘I didn’t’ and ‘it’s not related to them’. So, please let me have the honor of retelling the story.” Then, Charles stood up and explained everything that had happened.

After hearing everything, Zane caressed his chin. “I feel like President Lane and the others are not wrong, though. Tina’s the one who forced herself onto them even when they made it clear that they didn’t like her, and she ended up crying when they merely told her the truth. Not trying to be rude, but you’re too fragile, Tina.”

While Tyler didn’t say anything, he couldn’t help but agree to it secretly. Even Toby couldn’t accuse Sonia and the others of being in the wrong, since Tina was the one who went to them after all.

Sighing tiredly, Toby hugged Tina before saying to Sonia and the others, “I’m sorry. This is indeed Tina’s fault, so I’ll apologize to all of you on behalf of her.”

Tina’s eyes widened. “Toby…”

Nevertheless, Toby squeezed her shoulder and motioned for her to stop talking.

Right then, Sonia looked up at the couple with a hint of a smile on her face. “Looks like you’re getting more used to apologizing to the point that it’s so heartbreaking to see. Fine. Seeing that you’re being sincere, I’ll accept your apology.”

“Thank you.” There was no way that Toby couldn’t tell that Sonia was sneering at him for constantly apologizing on behalf of Tina, but he couldn’t care less. Lowering his gaze, he thanked her.

“Toby…” Tina looked at him with reddish eyes. “I’m sorry for getting into trouble again.”

However, Toby reached out to wipe away the tears from the corner of her eyes. “It’s fine. Just stay away from them, and go wash your face.”

“Alright.” Tina nodded before heading toward the washroom.

“Sigh, let’s get back to horse racing now that the drama has ended.” Zane stretched while Tyler nodded along. “Zane, why don’t we compete to see who can finish one lap faster?”

“Sure.” Zane’s eyes brightened, while Charles and Rebecca looked tempted to join as well.

“I’m joining, too.” Rebecca raised her hand up.

At the same time, Charles turned toward Sonia. “Darling, didn’t you say that you wanted to ride a horse previously? Why don’t we join as well?”

However, right when Sonia was about to reply, Toby suddenly interrupted them. “No! She can’t get on a horse!”

Since Sonia was pregnant, it was risky for her to be on a horse, since it would be shaky.

Immediately, everyone quieted down and stared at Toby in confusion.

“Why can’t Sonia ride a horse?” Charles stared at Toby in anger. “Who are you to not let Sonia on a horse when you’re not the one who owns this facility?”

“Exactly.” Rebecca gave Toby an annoyed look as well. In fact, even Tyler and Zane felt like Toby was overstepping his boundaries.

Nevertheless, only Sonia sensed something wrong before her gaze shifted slightly.

It seems like Toby didn’t want me to get on the horse, not because he’s being possessive but because of other reasons.

At the thought of that, Sonia turned toward Toby. “President Fuller, please enlighten me on why I shouldn’t go horseback riding.”

She wanted to know why he was stopping her.

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