This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 127

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 127

During the weekend, Sonia and Charles went to Alaric’s racecourse after being coerced by Grace to do so.

The racecourse was about the size of eight to nine football fields, which made it enormous, whereas on the other side was a golf course that was surrounded by mansions behind it.

Behind the mansions was a mountain that was about 700 to 800 meters above sea levels. There was an observation deck at the mountain peck and it was rumored to be a great place for stargazing and catching the sunrise.

On the way there, an excited Charles kept rambling about his plans for these two days while Sonia listlessly sat at the front seat with a pale face.

When he noticed that, he suppressed his excitement to ask in worry, “What’s wrong, Sonia? You look pale; are you feeling unwell?”

“Yeah. My chest feels a bit tight, but I’m guessing that it’s car sickness,” she answered weakly before she leaned against the car window to close her eyes.

Her response caused Charles to frown in suspicion. “Car sickness? I thought you didn’t suffer from those?”

At this moment, Sonia opened her eyes a little before a weird glint flashed past her eyes.

Indeed, she wasn’t suffering from car sickness.

However, as she was pregnant, she couldn’t stand the scent of many things. Even the stench of gas had made her extremely uncomfortable.

Still, she couldn’t tell Charles that.

“It’s fine. It could be the result of my flu too,” Sonia lied as she bit her lips.

Nevertheless, Charles didn’t doubt her answer as he nodded. “The temperature has been dipping recently, so it’s easy to catch a cold. I’ll ask a doctor to come and take a look at you after we arrive at the mansion.”

“No!” She immediately rejected him. “I’ll be fine once I have rested for a bit. I’ve taken my medicine with me as well.”

As she was afraid that he might not believe her, she even patted her bag slightly.

After noticing that Sonia was well-prepared, he stopped saying anything.

In a blink of an eye, they arrived at the mansion as Charles parked the car outside the chateau and went to the trunk to get their luggage while Sonia helped him out as well.

However, Charles stopped her immediately when she wanted to help him carry the luggages. “I can do it myself. Go ahead and rest in one of the rooms since you’re not feeling well. President Cunningham mentioned that since another couple had booked the room on the second floor, we’ll be staying on the third floor.”

“Alright.” Instead of rejecting him, Sonia nodded and started to head toward the mansion.

She was feeling really unwell, and she wanted to lay down for a while as she felt really dizzy.

After Sonia left, Charles started to move the luggages inside alone.

Fortunately, there wasn’t much luggage as the both of them had taken one each, so it only took Charles one journey to move everything in.

There were five bedrooms on the third floor and he had selected the room opposite Sonia.

Once he had brought all of the luggage into their respective rooms, Charles headed to the balcony and gave Grace a call.

At the same time, a black Maybach drove over from afar and it stopped in front of the mansion.

After he opened his car door, Toby stepped out of the car before he walked over to yank open the front passenger door.

Then, Tina bent a little to exit the car before she started to look around and exclaimed in surprise, “Wow! The air here is crisp!”

He hummed in response. “It’s not bad.”

“Toby, looks like we made the correct decision to come here.” She grabbed onto his arm cheerfully while he patted her hand. “Alright. Let go of me, Tina. I still have to grab the luggage.”

“Okay.” Tina obediently released Toby’s arm.

After that, he started heading toward the trunk at the back while she trailed behind him.

When they arrived at the trunk, Tina suddenly noticed the Benz next to them and pulled on Toby’s sleeve. “Toby, does that car belong to the other couple?”

“Probably.” He glanced at the car before turning away.

However, she felt uncomfortable and pouted. “I was really looking forward to spending some alone time with you, but it looks like that’s not possible.”

“They’re the younger family members of President Cunningham’s good friend, so you’ll have to be patient with them since we can’t be rude. President Cunningham also mentioned that the couple will be staying on the third floor, so they won’t disturb us.” Toby reached out to ruffle Tina’s hair while she grabbed his arm to swing it a little before she whined, “I’m just complaining a little and I don’t mean anything else.”

“I know. What about this—I’ll take you abroad for a vacation once we have our engagement ceremony later. How about that? It’ll be just us.” Toby gave Tina a gentle look before her eyes immediately started to glisten before she nodded. “Sure.”

At this moment, the sound of the car engine rang out and they looked over simultaneously.

At this moment, a six-seater multi purpose vehicle came from afar before it stopped next to them.

Tina frowned. “Toby, didn’t you say that there’ll only be one other couple? Why is there another car now? Moreover, look at this car. It seems like there are many people in it.”

Toby’s eyes narrowed as well. “I’m not sure either.”

“Why don’t you ask President Cummingham if he has brought more people with him?” she suggested.

His lips pursed together. Right when he was about to say something, the door to the multi-purpose vehicle opened before a figure in sportswear hopped out of the car with a basketball in hand.

When Tina finally saw the person’s face, her eyes widened. “Tyler?”

Toby looked surprised as well. “Why are you here?”

After Tyler waved his hand, he ran toward them. “Toby, Tina, I’m here to have fun with you guys!”

“Have fun with us?” Her lips twitched a little and her smile looked forced. Since when did we want you to come along with us?!

Upon noticing that Tina was upset, Toby frowned before he looked at Tyler. “How did you know that we’re coming here?”

Although Toby did mention that he was bringing her away to wind down, he had never mentioned where they were going.

“I’m the one who told him about it.” Another familiar figure then appeared in front of them.

Zane was giggling as he walked toward them with another figure behind him.

It was a woman whom Tina recognized—she was one of Sonia’s friends and her last name was Harper.

“You?” Toby narrowed his eyes at Zane while Zane nodded. “That’s right. I overheard you saying that you’re bringing Tina here for a vacation, so I noted it down. Toby, I can’t believe that you only brought your fiancée here without even asking us to tag along!”

Then, he draped his arm around Toby’s shoulder.

Tyler nodded as well. “I know, right? I can’t believe you prioritize your girlfriend over us.”

At the same time, Rebecca stood by the side and played with her phone while her head was lowered. She was behaving like she wasn’t involved in this at all.

Toby emotionlessly pushed Zane’s hand away from his shoulder. “Didn’t I tell you that I’m taking Tina out on a date?”

Nevertheless, Zane’s eyes glistened a little before he acted like he had forgotten about it. “Is that so? I guess I forgot about it. I’m so sorry for destroying your private moments, but still. Toby, since we are already here, it wouldn’t be nice for you to make us leave, right?”

“Exactly! I’ve been training so much recently. And now that I finally have the chance to be on a vacation, you wouldn’t make me come all the way here for nothing, right, Toby?” Tyler gave Toby an expectant look.

However, Toby’s face was as dark as charcoal and he ignored them before he turned toward Tina. “Tina, what’s your take on this?”

Tina bit her lip. “I—”

“Miss Gray, I’m sure you’re not that petty, aren’t you?” Zane narrowed his eyes and looked at her with a ghost of a smile on his face.

Tina’s facial expression was tense that moment because she knew that he was intentionally taunting her and trying to ruin her date with Toby.

If she refused to let them stay, they would surely label her as a petty person who wouldn’t allow Toby’s friends and younger brother to join them.

However, if she agreed to let them stay, their date would turn into platonic fun between a group of friends.

Tina really didn’t know what to do as everyone was staring at her now.

Finally, she sighed and agreed with a forceful smile. “Of course not. Since everyone is already here, let’s just enjoy the weekend together.”

“Yay!” Tyler jumped with joy.

Zane, on the other hand, smirked with knowledge. “I would like to thank you, Miss Gray. You’re more open-hearted than I imagined; more—”

“Alright. Stop nagging and grab your luggage.” Before he could finish what he wanted to say, Rebecca had rudely interrupted him as she hadn’t been speaking for the entire time.

He yelled in pain. “Hey! Why are you so short-tempered?!”

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