This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 121

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 121

“It’s nothing.” Sonia closed her eyes and answered coolly.

Upon seeing her reluctance to speak, Toby bit his lip in displeasure and reached in through the window.

“What are you doing?” She stared at him in surprise.

He didn’t reply; instead, he simply moved his hand to unlock the door before his other hand opened the door from outside.


“Get out,” Toby ordered in a low voice.

Sonia didn’t budge in her seat. “Do you think I’ll get out just because you asked me to? Why should I listen to you? What on earth are you trying to do?”

“Get into the backseat. I’ll take you to the hospital,” was Toby’s reply.

She blinked before she looked away. “No need. I can do that myself. Don’t even bother.”

“Do you seriously think you can drive in this condition?” he asked coldly, looking at her pale face and sweaty forehead. Does this woman even remotely care about her own body?

Sonia gripped her stomach and forced a smile. “Why should it matter to you whether I can drive or not? We’re not even related to each other.”

Toby was stunned and he couldn’t find any words to retort her statement—for it was true that he wasn’t related to her in any way. If anything, he was her ex-husband. And an ex-husband might as well be a stranger.

At that thought, he looked down and felt a little resigned. “Even if we’re not related to each other, seeing your condition now, even a stranger wouldn’t just stand by and watch.”

“You must be joking, President Fuller. If it were a total stranger, I wouldn’t even mind if they gave me a ride. Since it’s you who offered, I can only decline, though. Just focus on little Miss Gray, all right?” Sonia pouted and pushed him away before she closed the car door.

Toby’s dark expression betrayed his displeasure. She would rather have a total stranger take her to the hospital. Does she hate me this much?

“Oh, right.” As she was getting ready to drive away, she suddenly remembered something. Her expression was sour as she continued, “President Fuller, my bag was snatched by someone on a motorcycle earlier.”

“Snatched?” He frowned. So, she was chasing after the motorcycle?

“Yeah.” Sonia nodded and examined him. “My phone was in there and it contained the recording which proves that Tina had pushed me. However, right when I was about to enter the police station, my bag was snatched. Think about it. The recording was snatched before I could even submit it. Isn’t it obvious that the person wasn’t after the money but rather, the recording? President Fuller, are you involved in this?”

Toby understood what she meant and he bit his lip. “Are you suspecting that I asked someone to snatch your bag?”

Sonia withheld her answer. “You didn’t want me to file a report because you didn’t want any harm to befall Tina, so that makes you a suspect. Also, only the three of us know about the recording. If it wasn’t you, then it’s probably Tina. There couldn’t have been another person.”

“It wasn’t me,” he replied with clenched fists. There wasn’t even a need for him to resort to such underhanded methods to protect Tina.

Sonia raised her chin in realization. “Then, it could only be Miss Gray.”

Toby’s thin lips moved ever so slightly as he wanted to say that it might not be Tina either, but those words stayed on the tip of his tongue, for he couldn’t say them. Sonia had said that only three people in this world knew about the audio recording. If it wasn’t him, then it could only be Tina. However, he couldn’t be sure which Tina it was.

“What are you thinking about, President Fuller?” Sonia asked as she narrowed her eyes at Toby.

He dropped his gaze. “Nothing.”

Sonia chuckled. “President Fuller, I’m curious. When I first wanted to file a report, you supported me, but why did you change your mind a few hours later? Care to explain?”

Toby massaged his temples with his fingers. “Tina has a personality disorder.”

“Huh?” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

As a result, he repeated his words.

After confirming what Toby was saying, Sonia thought it was the biggest joke in the world. “And you believed her just like that?” To learn that you have a personality disorder right before getting into jail? How can there be such coincidences in this world?

“It is true.” Toby looked at Sonia in all seriousness. “Tina didn’t mean to pick on you; she was just affected by her secondary personality, which was also the culprit who pushed you.”

“Do you think I’m stupid?” She gave him a cold glare. “Do you think I’d fall for such a cheap excuse?”

“I’m serious. Tim Lancaster was the one who diagnosed her,” Toby responded in a low voice.

Sonia was slightly startled. “Tim Lancaster—the one who comes from a long line of doctors?”

“Correct.” He nodded in affirmation.

At that, she fell silent. Although she had never met Tim before, she had obviously heard of him. He was a rare prodigy skilled in the ways of medicine, obtaining his doctorate at the age of 18 before moving on to intern at the hospital owned by the Lancasters. It took Tim only 2 years before he was able to operate on patients alone. He was a real genius and people fought to establish connections with him.

However, for some reason, Tim took temporary leave from all his duties 6 years ago and went abroad to study neurology and psychology. He then rose to international fame, so if he had diagnosed Tina with a personality disorder, then it had to be true.

Sonia gripped the steering wheel. “So what if Tina really had a personality disorder? I still want her in jail.”

“She can’t be jailed; it would only worsen her condition.” Toby frowned.

Again, she glared at him. “So what? It doesn’t matter to me. I just want her to pay the price for her crimes!” With that, she rolled up the car window and drove away.

Toby remained standing where he was, sending a deep gaze toward the direction she went while his lips were pursed in silence.

While on the way back from the police station, Sonia had one hand on the steering wheel and the other paw on her stomach with a heart that was full of spite. She understood his intentions to protect Tina, for she knew he loved the woman. However, she had trouble coming to terms with it. If Toby wanted to protect Tina, she would have to be the one suffering and she refused to accept it.

Soon, Sonia arrived at the police station. She didn’t hurry out of the car. Instead, she sat in the car for a while and waited until the pain in her stomach dulled. Then, she got out of the car and walked through the doors of the police station before she proceeded to file a report in the hall. The report stated that her bag was snatched. She needed the police to send their men out to catch the thief and retrieve the bag in one piece.

Meanwhile, in the interrogation room, Julia held Tina in her arms as she wept, “I know you hate Sonia, but you can’t just try to murder her. You’re going overboard.”

Julia almost fainted when she received the call from the police claiming that her daughter had pushed Sonia down the steps.

Tina had bowed her head and her eyes were reddened. “Mom, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to do it, but I couldn’t control myself.”

“You…” Julia sighed. Then, she glanced at Titus, who was standing at the side. “Didn’t you two realize that Sonia isn’t someone whom you could mess with? She foiled all your plans to harm her and even had the both of you in the police station. This clearly means that you two can never beat her at plotting.”

Titus rubbed his temples. “That b*stard Henry really brought up a clever girl then.” When he said those words, he felt a certain envy and jealousy.

“I don’t give a damn. Please just stay away from Sonia from now on, unless you can find a way to throw her to the bottom of the pit and block all the exits. If not, then stay put. I don’t want to ever receive another call informing me that you were arrested again.” Julia buried her face in her hands and she sobbed as she spoke.

He took her into his embrace. “Don’t worry, I understand.”

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