This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 112

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 112

Sonia could already tell that she had ruffled his feathers. As she looked away, she had a faint smile. “Oh, my apologies, President Fuller. This is my real side. I always show my blunt side to my enemies.”

Her enemy? Toby clenched his fists as he was shocked after learning that she saw him as an enemy.

The only question that bothered him was the reason behind her hostility. Is she unfriendly to me solely because of my behavior, or is she angry because of Tina?

“I will not kick you out of the candidate list. Didn’t I reassure everyone that there shall be no favoritism in this partnership?” he questioned as he rubbed his forehead.

She flicked her hair. “Oh, is that so? I feel at ease then, but why are you waiting for me?”

“I’m bringing you to visit Grandma at the hospital,” Toby answered.

Sonia was slightly taken aback at the reason he offered.

“I’m sorry. I will not go with you. I came here in my car and I can drive there on my own,” she rejected him coolly.

Toby frowned at her and was about to reply when the elevator chimed before the doors slid open. A cart full of overflowing cardboard boxes suddenly appeared from within the elevator. Since the boxes were stacked high, one could not see the person wheeling it. Similarly, the said person could not see the road ahead and almost rammed into Sonia.

“Look out!” Toby’s eyes flickered and he sternly warned her.

As Sonia was confused by the situation, she only came to the realization when a great force knocked into her from behind in the next second, causing her to lurch to the front.

Toby was standing right in front of her.

“Get out of the way!” She yelled at him in terror, but he seemed not to have heard her at all, for he stood there like a rock.

Had it not been the calm expression on his face, she would have suspected that he was stunned by fear.

“Um…” She fell right into his arms before he caught her in a tight embrace.

Still, due to the sheer impact from her weight, he was thrown off and stumbled backward to steady himself; he only came to a stop when his back slammed into the wall.

Sonia let out a relieved sigh and quickly wriggled out of his embrace. “Are you okay?”

Toby gently nodded his head and replied in a hoarse voice, “I’m fine.”

“What’s wrong with your voice?” She furrowed her soft-angled brows and asked with concern, “Are you hurt?”

Toby’s Adam’s apple had slightly rolled, but he gave no reply. Instead, he awkwardly shifted his gaze away from her and silently calmed his racing heart.

Every time he looked at her, he would be reminded of the tenderness of her breasts when they were pressed against his chest.

Mistaking his silence as him suffering from an injury, Sonia felt her chest tightening and she could not stop stealing glances at his back. “Did you hurt yourself at the old place? You know, the area where you were hit by a basketball last time?”

“No, that has healed.” After Toby calmed himself down, he stared at her again. He noticed the nervous look that appeared briefly in her eyes, a discovery that brightened his eyes. He answered her concerned question with a warm and gentle voice. Is she worrying about me? It seems like she is not as heartless as she described herself to be; she might still have some feelings for me.

That thought had brought joy to him for some unknown reason.

She gazed at him for a while to make sure that he was not hurt anywhere before she sighed in relief. “That’s good then.”

After that, he had knocked his back into the wall all because he wanted to protect her.

If Toby was hurt, Sonia would feel guilty.

At that moment, a staff member wearing a yellow uniform shuffled up to them with an apologetic look. He repeatedly bowed to them and apologized, “I am really, really sorry. I did not do that on purpose; I did not see anyone in front of me. Are the both of you alright?”

By taking a quick look at their outfits, he knew that the two victims were rich. If they were hurt because of him, he could never afford to compensate them given his paltry pay.

Sonia merely waved her hand. “It’s okay, we are not hurt. You may leave.”

The employee was a little surprised by her benevolence. “Miss, don’t you blame me at all?”

She smiled. “You said you did not run into us on purpose. It’s true that I was blocking the elevators and stood in your way. There is no reason why I should blame you. So, you are free to go.”

“Yes; thank you, Miss! Thank you, Sir.” The relieved staff gratefully bowed to them again and wheeled the cart away.

With a slight pout, Sonia growled,“It was me who forgave him and allowed him to leave. Why did he thank you as well?”

A smile crept up Toby’s face after hearing her envious tone. He thought that she was adorable.

“Oh, right.” She suddenly thought of something and looked at him, at which point his smile disappeared. “What is it?”

“You shielded me from a flying basketball at the stadium last time. If we count today’s incident, you have saved me twice in total.” She gestured the number two with her fingers.

Toby lifted a brow in amusement. “And?”

“Plus, I forgave you for your cold attitude toward me in the past six years. Now, I won’t treat you in a hostile manner. We will see each other as an acquaintance.” She looked up at him. “What do you think?”

His eyes narrowed. “Acquaintances?”

“Yes, do you have an issue with that?” Sonia tilted her head quizzically.

Indeed, Toby was rather upset and bummed.

He would only be her ‘acquaintance’. He wasn’t even good enough to be a friend. For some reason, he strongly rejected the idea in his mind.

Unfortunately, he also understood that her suggestion was the best way forward for their relationship.

At that thought, Toby cast his glance downward and replied in a dull tone, “Okay then.”

“If that’s the case, President Fuller, I shall excuse myself now to visit Grandma at the hospital.”

Sonia flashed a restrained smile and turned around to leave. Without giving up anything, I have returned two favors he has done for me. What a nice feeling! I feel… light and relaxed.

Toby, who was behind her, stared at her with pursed lips. Is she glad to label us as acquaintances?

“President Fuller.” Tom’s presence distracted Toby from his sadness.

As Toby’s eyes flickered, he suppressed the frustration in him and turned around to address Tom, “What’s the matter?”

“I received a call earlier about an emergency at our subsidiary in the Republic of Mesania. They need you to host a meeting back at the office to deal with this matter,” Tom informed.

Toby frowned and said, “Got it.”

It looked like he could only visit Rose at the hospital after the emergency meeting.


The moment Sonia arrived at the hospital, she went straight to the VIP ward and soon found her way to the door of Rose’s room.

While she held a bouquet of flowers and a bag of health products in her left hand, she lifted her right hand to knock on the door.

The door was opened from within. Mary had wanted to ask about the guest, but the moment she saw Sonia, she dropped her question and looked pleasantly shocked. “It’s Young Mistress!”

“Mary!” Sonia greeted her with a smile and did not forget to correct her, “I am not the Young Mistress anymore.”

“Well, you will always be the Young Mistress in my heart.” Mary gave an affectionate gaze.

Sonia was immensely touched by Mary’s treatment and she felt tears swimming in her eyes. “Mary, thank you for treating me well. Anyway, now that I have divorced President Fuller, it might be a little disrespectful for you to call me Young Mistress when Miss Gray is his new partner. Why don’t you call me by my name?”

Mary sighed. “Sure, I will call you Sonia then.”

“Okay.” Sonia nodded and handed her the flowers. “Mary, is Grandma awake?”

“Yes, she is.” Mary accepted the flowers and they both heard Rose’s voice. “Mary, who is that?”

“It’s Sonia,” Mary turned to answer.

Upon hearing that, Rose hurriedly urged, “Let her in right away.”

“Sure!” Mary replied and invited Sonia to Rose’s private room.

While staring at the old lady in the bed, Sonia’s eyes welled up in tears. “Grandma.”

“Sonia!” Rose beamed at Sonia with love and was secretly cheered up by her visit.

Sonia placed the items on the table before she took a seat by the bed. While taking Rose’s hand, she inquired, “Grandma, are you feeling better?”

“I am.” Rose nodded with a smile before she asked, “By the way, how did you know that I am hospitalized?”

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